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Summer 2021

I’m a bit late with my updates – anyway, so it is…
Shavuot is over and we are heading into summer.
Things getting here a little bit more like the “normal” we were used to know.
Did I say normal?
Well, I just received a word the other day about it (at least partially) – you’ll find it on my site.


I was hoping I could be out of this communist country by the end of May.
But it looks like it might take a bit longer than expected.
Guess it’s similar to prophecies about Donald J. Trump returning as the legitimate President of the US.
And some people thought with Shavuot (Xians name it Pentecost) there will be this worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And then a great revival etc.
Year after year people claim this will be the year of the rapture… and we are still here.
Many people having dreams supposedly about the rapture.
We all are waiting for that… since centuries
Currently there are a lot of prophecies that speak of wealth transfer (from the wicked to gods people). Many people surely desire to receive millions or even billions of $$$.
I understand this with my roughly 100$ income per month.
However, personally with even half a million it would be more than enough for me and I might give away 50% to feed the poor.
And many more prophecies (which one of them is true I don’t know), but we are waiting for a lot of things to come to pass.

I heard people saying: it seems like God is working a bit slow these days.
Our desired timing is surely not His timing.
But that’s the thing with patience.
Not the easiest task in this world.
We live in a age where everything should be instantly, whether it’s a coffee, a meal, or something to get finished.

Do we know what will happen next?
Though we have the bible with the prophetic words about the future I doubt that anyone will have it correct.
I guess to understand revelation we need to ask someone who live like Yochanan 2000 years ago – without any knowledge of modern technology and society.
Just imagine when he saw like on a screen in front of him all the things that are going on.
Without knowing what a car, a plane, a vaccine, a missile, a computer, internet, trains and all the other things are…
How would you describe it?

I had dreams scanning over hundreds of years -and dreams about items I don’t know what they are.
Or dreams that were completely bizarre, like one I had with empty airports and empty tourist areas, including tons of symbols in there.
Many people would have put this dream as a pizza dreams.
But since over a year I realized this dream was literally speaking about all the Covid nonsense.
Without it I would never thought empty airports and empty tourist areas with people dying from an invisible enemy would be possible in that way.

I still pray, all the Pharma-sorcerer with the big evil wicked players behind the scene will get exposed.
But also I pray someone may come up with herbal remedies for real healing.
Surely also by prayers for healing that millions of millions of people get healed within seconds or a few minutes.
Herbal medicine is scriptural and I believe it can cure almost everything.
Only if a drunk driver kicks one off the road and break a lot of bones, then we need to add prayer so the angels can get some new bones or whatever needed from the heavenly body-part storage.

Enough the words.
Time for a big change is here, let us pray for the final harvest and the laborers that should be joining.