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Storm of Change, 2021/01/17

Word: Storm of Change, 2021/01/17

I received this word in a bit an unusual way:

It was literally a word that came unexpectedly out of my mouth.

So, what happened; I set up the microphones for recordings and before singing I spent some time to pray – and warm up a little bit my voice.
As outside was very windy I was proclaiming, or, somehow as singing “wind of change”.

But then, suddenly right after I spoke that, I found another word in my mouth saying:
“No, Storm of change”
Though it was very windy outside I felt actually, – compared to the “storm of change” that will come, the wind outside is only a fraction of a gentle breeze or a breath.

It seems to me the “storm of change” will come soon and very likely also unexpected like the word itself.
I don’t know how it will look like but I pray it will be a wind of blessings and restoration after all the devastation.
Maybe a storm of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit)