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Message June 2022 – Shavuot 5782/ Pentecost 2022

Message June 2022 with a dream included (the Preacher and the King Cobra)


What is Shavuot some may ask
Well, the term Shavuot is not very common or, to most people in churchianity possibly more or less or even complete unknown.
It is the feast that is at the door, labeled Pentecost.

Message 2022-06 Shavuot


With a slang type of a wordplay maybe Pentecoast?
How much does the “Pente” cost?
Is it cheap or expensive?
Or, is there a nice beach at Pentecoast?

Interestingly indeed that Pentecost is very much accepted everywhere and most agree with it
but with the word Rapture there is a huge battle.

Well, the word Pentecost derives from the Greek word pentecostei where rapture only take another step through the latin word Raptura.
Maybe because of the turn over a third language Rapture is not accepted.
If the English would have adapted a word like Harpost, Whorepast, Hearpost, or whatever for the rendering of the Greek Harpazo… maybe the discussion about rapture would not be so wild.
Whether the original is truly Greek and not Aramaic or even Hebrew (yet this is another subject)

Shavuot is called the feast of weeks and this is related to Pessach (feast of unleavened bread), counting 50 days in a certain way.
The christian Pentecost on the other hand is related to the Bunny festival, Ishtar or whatever you name it.
And by that, Pentecost does not necessarily always line up always with the biblical Shavuot.
Well, this year, the western Pentecost matches somehow Shavuot.
Though as far as I know there is also in the Jewish community a day difference between the Orthodox counting and the Messianic counting.
Yet, where I live is Orthodox Christianity and they have also another counting, which is for Pentecost this year Pentecost a week later as western Christianity.
So you see the great “unity”…?
and all groups claim to refer to the same book.
Even though the bible is clear about the timing and everyone use their own style.

Never mind,
I go with the biblical feasts which is named Shavuot which is actually a Hebrew word and simply means “weeks”.
Back in my early walk with the Lord, I did not heard anything else but the Church doctrines I simply followed the crowds and did not look up for myself more detailed all the things in the Bible.
Okay, I read the bible several times from cover to cover, yet need to admit, reading was never my strength is still not, and hard study is even a greater challenge for me (my brain simply does not work that way like of other people who are able to memorize so much of scripture).
But tough many years and especially my years in Israel I understood that I missed a lot.

So, back in Church I heard on this feast only in connection with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on that day
and so I thought, yes, that’s the reason why we celebrate it (somehow).
I think during my school time when I had no idea about God, but I was glad for Pentecost for a different reason…
because we had holidays – but could not remember how long, maybe a week, too long ago.
Yet that style to celebrate was a very different reason as for Shavuot.

However, the original meaning of this feast is to celebrate the finishing of the wheat harvest.
It’s also called the “festival of the harvest”.
Today with the big machines with air condition humming over the fields are surely very different
compared to ancient times, where harvest was hard labor.
And, of course, the people in ancient times were glad to have somehow in some ways a summer break that gave them a great reason to rejoice and to relax and recover physically.

More or most details about it you’ll find also in Exodus 23, and Numbers 28 (and guess on other places).
However, the religious Jews on the other hand connect Shavuot mainly to the giving of Torah on Mount Sinai.
Interestingly one of my last prophecies speaks about Torah and Pentecost, stuff like that but by that time
I had not made any preparation for the subject of the June message at all.

With all different levels of Shavuot, the harvest festival, giving of Torah and outpouring of the Holy Spirit we can now go to sleep, right?
Oh no, better we wake up for the real awakening to come.

In Joel it is written that the Lord will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh (sounds great, right?).
Where are we here now?
Usually that verse is often is taken out of context because it says “after these things”.
So, what needs to come before?
The thing before the outpouring are abundant blessings with rejoicing and restoration.
That sounds amazing and I see often headlines about wealth transfer, breakthroughs, blessings and such stuff in the various video channels.
But the blessings does not come unconditionally on it’s own.
Not in the passage in the Joel’s Prophecy.

But before the blessing there is a great need of repentance.
A real repentance with fasting, weeping and mourning.
I don’t have a great insight or overview of this world.
But at least here at the moment nowhere here I can see a hint of true deep repentance.
Most people are happy to have the stupid tyrannical Covid restrictions lifted and everything looks more like the old normal or better say the old perverted normal.

How will people repent and turn to the living God?
The plandemic did not accomplish that on a broader scale – at least not here.
The only thing it accomplished was almost 90% of the people who took the injections.
What can we do to bring repentance?
Maybe Jonah need to come back… Or Yochanan (John) the baptist.
Personally I pray Adonai will send laborers into the harvest for the feast of the harvest.

Here I will come slowly to an end of this message with a dream I had last night where I thought, this is the type of preachers we really need.
So in this dream there was a preacher on a stage.
No clue who he was (unknown face), though I anyway don’t know many.

The only things I heard him preaching was about the blood of Yeshua and repentance.
I could not really identify the number of the audience, how many people were there, but it appeared to be a relative big crowd.
Could be thousand people but could be even a million people listening.
The people in front you can see, the more to the back the darker the area and by this not clear how far it went. And with this difficult to say how many have been there – but really a lot.

Somewhere while he was preaching a snake “came” on stage.
I actually looked up as I am not familiar with many snakes.
But clearly I found it was a King Cobra.
This one in the dream was maybe 1,5 – 2 meters (5-7ft) long.
So the viper bites him, but he kept on preaching completely ignoring the snake.
I could not remember on which part of the body as I did not pay so much attention on that…
However, then after maybe half a minute while the viper still hanging on him – suddenly dropped down, dead.
The preacher kept on preaching plain and clear the same simple message, completely ignoring the dead snake on stage.
Maybe half an hour later continue preaching, the same thing happened again with another King Cobra, similar size came along.
And again also the second snake dropped dead while he continued preaching.
The people where already the firsts time in a kind of a shock or awe with the question how can this happen, not only that the snake instead the preacher died but also that the preacher completely ignored this snake.
But the second time the people got really scared but also the fear of God came upon them.
The message was just preaching repentance and the blood of Yeshua.
No milk or sugarcoated message, no prosperity gospel, no itching ear sermon or whatever theology.
Plain and clear the blood and repentance.

Back to Joel and back to the book of acts.
When the Apostle Paul stranded in Melite (Malta) and got bit by a venomous snake, he just shook it off back into the fire and the people changed their minds about him.
What would happen if a snake literally would bite a preacher on stage even twice by a venomous snake?
How much might they change their minds and listen more careful of what this man is preaching?

Maybe this scene with the Apostle Paul looks also like a reflection that the accuser one day will be thrown into the lake of fire.

The early apostles preached boldly without fear of man, but in the fear of the Lord, plain and clear and surely most about repentance.
We read in Acts 5 how Chananyah and Sapphirah testified it.
Let us pray for a worldwide true repentance so the Lord will send His blessings and finally pour out His Spirit
upon all flesh in a way like never before.
But lukewarm Churchianity not be around and liars like Chananyah and Sapphirah will drop dead like the cobra in the dream.
That will be the real gospel to put the fear of the Lord into the people.

I am very aware, there is not much time left.
The enemy of course does not want the prophecies in scripture to be fulfilled.

But I just want to encourage you here to take all three aspects of Shavuot into account.
The giving of Torah, and please do not add or remove any letters from it.
Second, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
And also the last, a rejoicing with the festival of the Harvest.

Maybe this is a foreshadow of the taking of the bride (Harpazo).
I look forward to that beyond everything else.
There is nothing in this world that is worthy to hold on (not for me)but to hold on to Yeshua because with and in Him there is nothing to lose

So enough for now on this message.
Could be so much more to say about Shavuot, but I am not a teacher at all nor have I any teaching gift.
I’ll leave it up to you to study details on Shavuot directly from the Scriptures, the bible on your own with all the available resources like concordance, Strongs, and whatever.

Chag Sameach!

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