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Roses for You

Album My Rose

Very long romantic lovesong, but at the same time also a real yet somehow unreal love story

Title: Roses for You

All instruments Version

Version without drums

Instrumental Version without Vocals

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My Rose


Ref 1
Some roses for you now straight from my heart
For this miracle story so far beyond words
These flowers are delicate passion and art
With a melody sweet as the songs of the birds

Ref 1a
Out from the wilderness the Rose of Sharon
So precious and rare in the desert alone
(Your love is so precious – your love so true
And more because out from the desert it grew)
This beautiful flower, the desert in me
Has sweetened and blossomed to harmony

Into my life unsuspected you came
The smile on your face I can never forget
And now I know I will be never the same
Because you “arose” on the day we met

That moment our hearts became as one
Just like the Father and the Son
A love from Heaven where it was made
This sweet sweet love was the gift He gave

I know that I know that this is real
Not only because of how I feel
But He has said we will be together
Eternally, now, and then, forever

Blossoming as the Son, a Rose
A Rose of Sharon you might suppose
It’s one of His Names my love, you know
Here are your flowers, I love you so

xtra – Sum…
Into my life unsuspected you came
Yet the Father and Son caused our love to grow
To become as one in their Holy Name
So here are your roses, I love you so