Album The Almond Tree

Life story with nice suspense music

Title: Remember

Full version

Unplugged Version

Now also a live version, which actually belongs to the Banana-Praise.
I post it in here as well, yet feel free to listen to the Banana Praise as well (once done).

Video (Live version):

Do you remember?
Good things we may forget so easy, other things we eagerly try to forget and push them hardly away, trying to ignore.
But sometimes in our life is better never to forget specific things no matter how bad they have been – not to run into the same errors again.

This song is a personal story of my life.
Through rememberance I was able to find back to the creator, one who love me and care for me.
I pray you will remember important things to find inner healing and a deeper relationship with the creator, ישוע (Yeshua).

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The Almond Tree


Remember as a child with your dreams flying high
How you loved all the flowers and the butterflies
And the sparkling stars way up higher then the sky
Those were the innocent days of your life

Then time moved on you got wounded and hurt
And the wounds grew in numbers you were treated like dirt
Punched back and forth like a pinball at school
So all that you wanted was to just be cool

And they made you to wanna be just like them
A big strong Indian who feels no pain
You got tough and numb but there under your scars
You completely forgot who you truly are

And you totally lost your identity
And rejected your true personality
All the innocent wonder got buried in you
As you slipped yourself into a different shoe

Now for years someone else has been writing your book
And painting the cover of how you look
But it just isn’t you, not down in your core
Inside there’s a child needs to be restored

So look in the mirror deep down in your soul
Where your true self is shivering there in the cold
And stop playing games and putting on masks
Cause that cool identity is not gonna last

And there is someone who can make everything new
He can give you back the one true “you”
He’s the One who knows you deep inside
And He never wanted for you to hide

He turns caterpillars into butterflies
And He made those stars up there in the sky
And the beautiful flowers so free and wild
You can come to Him just like a little child

Music break (Refrain)

Remember as a child with your dreams flying high
You were wounded and hurt and you started to cry

Exchanged your identity became a fool
Destroyed your personality just to be cool

Locked the child away deep down in your soul
And put on a mask that was hard and cold

Well it’s time to put all that away from you
Like I said there is One who makes everything new

He’s the one who really knows and He loves your soul
And He knows just how to make you whole

And He’ll make you to shine like those stars in the sky
Be changed from a worm into a butterfly

Repeat Refrain…