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Remain Holy

Toda Adonai

Piano Improvisations with singing

Remain Holy.
How will we be able to remain Holy?
Very hard in this world where wickedness, evil and madness is constantly increasing and attacking us.
I like the word that describes Holy which is “Set Apart”
Set apart from what?
I like the simple way, Yeshua describes it in several places in Scripture
Very much the same for me: I feel I am in this world but not of this world
So I am asking Him always to shape me to be Holy as He is holy – especially in the way that I remain Holy and not walk in the ways of the wicked.

Title: Remain Holy

This Album is actually not available on Pond5 (Many of the Songs of “Toda Adonai” are anyway longer than 10 minutes -and that’s the limit there) But feel free to look at other Music there: the link goes to all Music from Bindernowski

Toda Adonai