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Psalm 98 תהילים

Banana Praise #1

Banana-Praise Chapter one – live, May 14, 2016: #6: “Psalm 98 – תהלים in Hebrew language” (my own composition):

Psalm 98 – תהילים

Psalm 98 is a joyful Praise, maybe a Banana-Praise that declares the glorious Majesty of YHWH, Elohim.

From this point on some people joined with some percussion.
Not always accurate in timing but… so it is

I vary sometimes on the name יהוה because of musical reasons to fit better into the melody.
So don’t get too confused or offended.

The song itself was a little bit of an experiment from a musical point of view – the original is composed for a whole band.
Not perfect but I managed to get through…

The Studio-Version you’ll find under the Psalms.


Banana Praise #1