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Prophetic Word 2024/07/03 The secret puppet song

Prophetic Word, given on 2024-07-03 around 10AM

It’s not a song as the title suggests, and you won’t hear any music, because it’s a word where I felt this should be the title.
If I would still have the equipment, maybe I might be able to create an song as it comes in a poetic form and then record it – but more so, I even don’t have the time at the moment.

Before you listen or read this word, ask Abba for His Holy Spirit to guide you in wisdom and understanding, so you will not misunderstand the poetic language with all the metaphors and symbolic meanings including the parables, and being poetic, sentences sometimes are jumbled or (supposedly) half finished.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Presidents, rulers, some sort like a king
In unity the secret puppet song they sing

Not that they are united like My brethren who dwell together
With the dew of Mount Hermon while reading My love letter

A hate-love they have very much, and for people they don’t care
Selfishness in their hearts no compassion nothing to share

Emptiness from top to bottom with a deluded deceptive mind
Running fast into destruction as the blind lead the blind

Loud and louder with each passing day
The ones who refuse to join the choir be taken away

Their focus is always on the little children to remove them all
Just like Pharaoh, a hardened heart shall be their fall

If you think I call for repentance endlessly over and over again
You don’t know me and understand that I’m not a liar like men

No compromise is able to stand before My throne
All will bend their knees, sinners be shaken, each and every bone

True holiness I desire not only a religious hypocritical face
No pope no other way but Me alone can save you by grace

Consider where Pharaoh and all like him eternally end
In pain and horror into the abyss they descend

To uphold their evil laws, uniformed enforcement’s they use
Wicked agendas is all in their brain for the purpose to abuse

Creating laws to serve nothing but only themselves
While the people’s lives and My word gain dust on their shelves

Every nation with individual rulers kill, steal and destroy
But that’s not enough as they take away all people’s joy

Handcuffs shall be clicking for big liars some people say
But it won’t happen unless My people honestly pray

It includes humbling themselves and seek My holy face
Only then you shall see how your cry reach My place

But you need also stop worshiping idols, those around the golden buffet
Clowns and puppets self declared kings in the cabaret

If you continue, your wish shall come, but don’t complain
When tyrants drive your homeland more then ever insane

I see your hearts, every thought, against Me you can’t cheat
If you try than soon enough you shall hear My heart beat

Rulers hate each other but lawlessness commands them to play the game
Singing, we are the good, the others bad, vice versa, but all are the same

As it is known, none is good, not even one
Except the righteous king the holy son

The bear and the dragon never desired to take over your nest
But the eagle gave them no choice, it was the players request

The day will come soon when he will lose his proud evil wings
Including the Punch against Judy in the circus of fake kings

The small eagle too like Concorde his flight will be
Not like My design, the lady with the bug or a bumble bee

Another mustache painted colorful with sustainable green
Propaganda perfected the old song the same book shall be seen

Both eagles have forgotten My word so their flight have to end
My call to repent they ignored bye bye my old friend

The only ones who keep them still soaring are My remnant, My bride
Horror arrives the day when I snatch her out to be by My side

Souls you still can bring to Me but your nest shall be gone
It’s sure, the night arrives, and after the dark comes the dawn

But bright light will not shine in you, as often you rejected Me
The one who shed His precious blood in love on the hill on that tree

A heap of rubble is all of your former glory that will remain
Because by your sorceries and idolatry the world turned insane

Rulers counsel together how to part the world into kingdoms of ten
It’s not about peace or a certain ″if″, but just when

The word I speak today is the same I uttered yesterday
At the end of the song there is nothing more to say

End of Prophecy

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