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Poetry 2022-07-09 The world falls apart – re-start

Prophetic Poetry, given on July the 9th 2022 around 8:45 in the morning during prayer.

Please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word in understanding and for no misunderstanding, also because there is room for interpretation with the metaphors.

Interestingly to say when I edited the video I found another prophecy, guess because it’s also a poetry. This was given only a month ago on June the 5th with a similar beginning – check it out. HERE

Beginning of the Prophecy.

As the world falls apart
There will be a brand new start

The ones who call upon My name
Soon will never be the same

As birds they will fly away
While the world is running astray

For this little moment in time of birth pain
Obedience in Me is never in vain

If you are bound in heaven and in Me
You will not drown in the wicked sea

An ocean of deep undiscovered sin
Where perverted pleasure resides deep within

No more sorrows, anguish and pain
No darkness and hate of this world nothing that is insane

You will not remember when I make everything new
In a moment to come just out of the blue

Hiding places will become very rare
But a remnant for Myself I will spare

As Noach in midst all corruption and pride
I will lead and guide you if you stay by My side

Don’t be conform with the world that fades to dust
Be faithful and holy like I am, righteous and just

Time’s up for you oh wicked men, for you all
Your judgment is at the door for you to fall

You sacrifice is not what I require
It’s all your own diabolic desire

Nothing will be left the day you face My Glory
Before My throne to know the rest of your story

When you will find yourself in a dark fiery place
By knowing you could have escaped in light of My grace

Death and destruction was your free choice
So, don’t blame My children as you oppressed their voice

Silenced the truth of what will occur
Before My face your final trial is for sure

Darkness is coming, deeper than ever before
Babylon to fall and your firstborn will be no more

Tell the world, I will return so very soon
In any hour now, for some in midst the night for others at noon

Many will be deceived in this coming season
I wave warned you beforehand and told you the reason

When you wallow in sin and wickedness
You will reap what you have sown in lawlessness

While most people sleep so very, very deep
I take care of My beloved children, My sheep

The reaper is here, the last final harvest ahead
Come and follow Me, let the dead bury their dead

A monsoon of lies will flood the world, each land
To wash away the ones whose house built on sand

Go and tell MY people to be ready today
Life is in Me, the truth and the only way

No other gods you shall serve and love but only Me
I am the only one who died for your sins on the tree

End of Prophecy/ Poetry.

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