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Prophetic Poetry 2021-11-12 Yeshua reigns forever

Prophetic Word, Poetry 2021-11-12 6:15

I received it on November the 12th 2021 around 6:15 in the morning

Forever I will rule and reign
While the world is going mad and insane

All they’re running to and fro in vain
But I AM; and always be the same

Remember Job, his beginning and his end, My questions and his righteousness
Remember Lots beginning and the end of his wife in the world in wildest wickedness

Will you hold unto the same and all it’s evil pain
Or will you turn to Me where life eternal you will gain

Gates the Bill shows all the world the Gates of Hell
(But) people blind, deceived can’t hear the alarm the ringing bell

Leaders, rulers tyrants come and go
Driven by the devil, running to and fro

When Herod like old Pharaoh killed all the babies 2 years and below
Yet could not defeat My salvation but had to let My people go

Until the so-called modern age, there’s nothing new under the sun
But soon Herod and all Pharaohs the big and small all they will be gone

My arm was not too short to snatch my chosen out of Egypt land
Just wait for My deliverance, stand on the rock and not on sand

We’re almost there when you will see them all be drowning in the sea
Now you can walk with Me into the promised land and there to be

Do not rebel there on the way or else it takes another 40 years
And all day long you will cry and reap all you have sown with bitter tears

Without rebellion and in joy and peace you will be there in ease and fast
All wicked people they will drown in history their lives that will be past

Then books of history will be no more
When earthly life has passed the ancient door

The door is Me, the shepherd of all ages
And I will open other books all the different pages

Wicked rulers of this world almost all of them into destruction
Their paper money will not fall on them nor bits of bytes of deep corruption

But for you My children is you walk like Chanoch (with Me) all day
I will come and snatch you out then very soon without delay

But if you keep on playing like a hypocrite in sin
You will face more tribulation, way more as in days you’re living in

Let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you when you process this prophecy.

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