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Prophetic Poetry 2021-11-09 Two ways to chose

Word -2021-11-09 9:00 (am)
I received the word while editing footages, images and videos, when I went up to go to the kitchen

If people here (on earth) would understand
that life on earth is not the end

It’s just the birth of the beginning
But instead they keep on sinning

The narrow path (to life) they don’t want to go
But instead they run and act in the devils show

The Autobahn that leads to death
They build it up until their very last breath

The roads like Hitler built to serve the destructive plans
While blind, deceived and programmed in illusion trance

Transformed into My image they don’t like to be
But continue walking far, so far away from Me

The day will come when everyone receive their bill
I gave them room to walk in freedom – their own will

The devil but will never like you to be free
If you continue walk with him, one day you will surely see

You have been lied, deceived so much, yes, every day
No word of him is true, never will, no matter what he say

Come, come to Me, the Father there in Heaven waits for you
I am the door, the Way that leads to life and this is true

It’s true, My life is pure, way more than silver and pure gold
As by My blood eternity of life is what was sold

I paid the price in full for each and every soul
All is written there since ancient times in the Holy Scroll