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Prophetic Poetry 2021-11-01 Times and Seasons

Prophetic Poetry 2021-11-01

Received in the evening 5:45 while cooking
The words were dropping in one by one – switching between the spoon for the food in the pot and the pen to write.

The first two words are in German language (Deutschland = Germany)

Nazi Deutschland
And here we’re back in time, the clock of sand
Does men ever learn from history?
No, they learn the devils plan eat still
the tree of knowledge, oh what mystery

So you see how time is flowing back and forth,
high and low like waves roll to the shore
People coming, people going,
passing by and asking all what is it for

A season of prosperity
A season of big misery
A time of joy and freedom
A time of waste to whore as random
As they fornicate with the devil day and night
And forget My commandments to make it right

Like a flash in time that’s passing and a season
They forget my death and resurrection and the reason
People come and go while kings fall and rise
But forget about who paid the highest price
All on a journey either walking into life or death
But forget that I am the one who gives them every single breath

When a person dies they cry and mourn
But forget or twist the reason I was born
The spirit moves still to this very day
But who is there with Me to pray?

Now here we are 2000 years after once in flesh I came
And people, still the same, all they do is Me to blame
And mock at Me as they did back then by the cross.
Roll the dice once and twice and claim who is the boss

But that scene you won’t see again
I will not come back once more to carry pain
The same baby in a manger you will not see anymore
But the Lion of Yehuda that is about to roar

All over the world you will clearly/surely hear My voice
What men will do with it that is their own their final choice
The other lion he who roams around to kill and steal and to destroy
Those who run with him one day will cry Oy Va Voy

Why most people chose the road to death and destruction
Because of lust for worldly pleasure out of a heart full of corruption

If they would truly see the truth of hell it’s blazing fire
Not one of them would cling to any lie and even not on carnal desire
The end is near My dear, don’t fear but rejoice in Me
Not yesterday, today and not tomorrow but when it’s time to be
The greatest day in history will be when history (of men) will be no more
Now what is your desire, what is this you’re looking for

Why you keep on watching all the waves that are rolling to the land?
Are you waiting for the house to fall the one that’s built on sand?
Have you nothing else to do just look at all the filth here all day long?
And forget My mercy and to sing with Me the wedding song?

One day you will be standing outside if you follow men
No matter if they’re good or spell the phrase ″yes we can″
No matter if they black or white or blue or green
Or preach in churches greatest things you’ve never seen

All of them one day will stand before My Holy Throne
Trembling shaking to the core and even with their smallest bone

My tears are gushing when I think about that fearful day
The most I have to send away, you know the words that I will say
When those who will hear I never knew you depart from Me
You lawless son or daughter with your money and your fake degree

Awake My children so you won’t be deceived
The end will come and be way worse more than you ever have believed
But there’s a place that’s in The Rock, My mighty Hand
Make sure to come under the shelter of My wings that bring you to the promised land

My Word, the Truth, be ready when I speak and call your name
One day when all is finished you will never be the same
In Glory and in splendor in My perfect image you will be
No words that can describe the beauty how it will be with Me
One day all waves and winds will be calming down
And then… those who kept My testimony will receive their crown

Heaven and earth will pass away but My Word remain forever
And all the ones who trusted Me obedient will be with Me together
There is no end of days of each and every single soul
Yet only their desire to achieve My plan or their own goal

No matter if their bodies withered young or lasted very old
The difference of the sheep’s and goats will be if their hearts be either hot or cold
Both of them heard through their lives The Kings and the Devils voice
But decided differently to what will be their eternal choice
Some to life, some to death as what their hearts just have believed
A few like Noach kept My Word, the rest all went astray betrayed and deceived

My son, My daughter today you can make your eternal choice
To call upon My Name the path of life and I will hear your voice
And sign you in, into the book of life as there is lots of space
In heaven in My garden in My house can be your eternal place

For those who mock and laugh, the door is coming to a close
The burning lake as they desired in their hearts they chose
You will remember all My words, My servants all who begged and warned
They invited you to come to Me, day in day out they mourned
Too late, too late one day you (will) hear when you will start to drown and die
The voice inside the ark will not open the door once more when you will cry

Rejoice My children be glad for you will see the son
The son of righteousness when everything is done
Done in heaven, done on earth the trials gone
Deliverance from all afflictions is about to come

It’s on the narrow path of truth and righteousness
Not by might, not by your power but by the One who came to bless
The One who makes you righteous by His blood in mercy and by grace
Look upon Him Now as one day you will see Him face to face

I love you more than words can ever tell
I also want to make you whole and well
The well of living waters shall flow back and forth
As like the waves that come from east and west and south and north

A river that will never dry and stop to flow
Unlike the world when one day I will stop the show
Yes, there will be the last scene coming soon into the play
As Jonah you may watch it or Elijah near all false, the prophets start to pray
There be repentance, there will be fire
As every man chose his own small desire

Come up to Me and watch the world from here, look down below
All plain and clear not, nothing not the smallest secret thing that I don’t know
Come beside Me, come into My Heart and you will see it all
The day of the beginning the end of human history and Satan’s fall
No hidden thing exist for Me
Nothing that I can never see

The earth is mine and mine are you
Oh My beloved, don’t forget, My Word is true