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Prophetic Poetry 2021-09-28 righteous and wicked

Prophetic Poetry 2021-09-28 11:11 while in the kitchen, opening the fridge.

Note on the first sentence:
I never drink beer and even don’t like the smell of it.

The day is here
but not to drink a beer
In holiness I like to see you growing
So My blessings can be flowing.

From My throne back and forth to you
Abundant blessings so much more, you have no clue.
My storage is without limit here up in My presence.
For all you have to do is to be with Me and praise My holy Name
Not like the tyrants of the world are asking
but free in Glory without masking

Precious pearls I have for you and even more,
than all the things on earth you can adore.
The world is falling, falling more apart
My arrows shooting like a dart.
I open up the house of treasures to whom you ask
The ones that have access are my righteous and their task.

The word I spoke from the beginning
before men started with the sinning.
The gates of heaven closed for those who drain
My children torture children (and) give them pain.

You have no clue how much I will look and scan the earth,
to see if I’ll find someone who (can) give me birth.
The ones who brings forth righteousness through my precious blood.
Poured out from heaven down to earth (to ) those who do good.
And keep My commandments as I did My fathers will.
When I went up to that … that hill.
The hill where earth and heaven met.
My life was given for your debt.

Come and do not be ignorant anymore,
as I am standing, knocking at your door.
Open now for me to enter and make room
To wipe out all your filth and dust and gloom
Gloom and doom is now so present everywhere
But My word is hard to find, who likes to share.
Not far away it’s not across the sea
It’s near your mouth, speak it out and let it be
Let it rise out of your heart and flowing out
to praise My name with Joy and shout.

The atmosphere will change if you will do it
All full power deep from your soul not just a little bit.
The fullness of My Grace and Mercy, it is Me
My Love for you makes you flying like a bumble bee.

A miracle you are, not just a stupid accident,
Look out around you where My word all went.
In all creation starting from My Garden.
The rivers down the valleys flowing as the Yarden.
Streams of love with fire mingled is My Word,
not soon from now all (the) world will have heard.

And then creation will be restored and new
Above the waters again the sky in blue.
I am waiting for many more to come
and listen as Miryam did, but more than only (a few) some.

Some few, no more than wicked people like to see
be snatched out of the mouth of the Abyss to me.
(In) A little while a shout, a sound from here above
The devil trembles when My Words will strike with Love.
On those that I have chosen and elected
Even before the image of the beast that got erected
No plans of evil can ever break My plan,
As wicked people boost and turned on their fan
My wind will blow them all away
these pedophiles, thieves and liars, each and every gay

Listen and be silent and watch My steps
close you eyes and be awake in prayer, knees and legs.
The rushing wind is about to roar I say
as like the lion t hat is on the way.

A few more weeks a few more months and days
The world will be no more as in (your) old ways
Holiness will be your crown the wicked crown no more
And like an eagle in the sky, high, so high (where) you will soar
Then one day even higher right up before My throne.
The wedding then the judgment to reap what you have sown.
Some will reap to death, others reap to life
Both eternal, some with, some without a wife.
(But) then for those with Me I will be their husband
As many they will be like as the number of the sand.

The wicked ones so many as the darkness can contain
They all with all their wealth and evil powered gain
The children they abused, My people they have slain
Not one for them to drink their blood – will not remain
the lake of fire will be their second death
No more air is there but sulfur will be in their breath.

The end is near, I’m coming soon
And faster as you can blow up a balloon.
Rejoice, rejoice for you will soon see your redeemer
As the day is heading to it’s end, the birth pangs even more extremer.
But see and look the baby child like Avraham
The promise (he saw) eternity that is to come.

Do not doubt as times and troubles are closing in
You know the end with Me that you will win
those who gain the world, the wicked people where their soul will be.
When all will finish their own race and afterwards Gehenna in eternity.

My child for you I have a better place
It’s in My Garden created by Amazing grace
There you will be for all eternity
No more suffering (and) no more pain
Nothing you have lost (on earth) but heaven is your gain.
(It’s there) Where I will wipe away each and every single tear.
A place of rest and peace and no more fear.