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Prophetic Drums Yeshua reigns high above

Prophetic Drums, Yeshua reigns high above – Deliverance is coming

Prophecy and Worship with Drums, Rain and Voice played on January 5th 2022
And again since I can only play occassionally and have not played regularly since years, the movements can be somehow “rusty”

Yeshua reigns from heaven above – and the modern Pharaohs will be coming down

Deliverance is coming

A unique way to do it with drums
Yes, there are some prophetic proclamation in the video.
the volume control is not so easy with Drums (very loud) Shofar (medium volume) and Vocals (very much behind).
For the Microphone I used a lavalier microphone that I mounted on a broken headset to have it as close as possible at the mouth.
Not the best construction as the headset is not really designed to carry such a relative heavy microphone, so it wobbles around a lot – but I think it’s clear enough to understand most the words.

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