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Promikon 1996


This was my last concert as a drummer with a big set.
I played much of it similar to the drumsolo in Aidlingen 2 years earlier, yet a tiny bit modified and advanced.
However, it turned out to be quiet a mess.
It was freezing cold those days, and my electronic devices got troubled by it, so I could not perform the way as planned.
Program settings disappeared and all kind of stuff.
Also, while playing, behind me was an open door and I could hardly play due to the icy wind.
Finally they did not let me play the complete solo at once but I had to separate it in 3 different parts… instead go with one flow – maybe 2 hours between each (not good for the flow)
All in all the concert was just a big mess – at least for me.
Anyway, I cut two versions together, and you can listen if you like…

Title: Drumsolo Promikon 1996

Version 1

Version 2


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