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Poetry 2022-04-28 Trump and the last final call

Prophetic Word/ Poetry 2022-04-28 5:45 in the morning

It’s highly recommended to pray before to get help from the Holy Spirit especially in this poetic form with sentences that seem to be incomplete (at least so it appears to me).
Additionally all the metaphorical elements…

Beginning of the Prophecy:

Yes, Trump will come back so soon
Singing and dancing all in tune

Where everyone will rejoice
But who can hear the hidden noise?

It’s coming, it’s coming just hold on a little bit
Just a tiny fraction in time when the news will be hit

A little more Ukraine, Musk and Twitter
Before sweet taste in the mouth in the stomach gets bitter

Freedom of speech, liberty, the wicked all taken down
Pharaoh and his army, yes, they all will drown

America be free, the rest of the world on it’s knee
Wait, when the last day is here in the Year of Jubilee

Does there anyone exist beside this once great nation?
Adjust your signal, maybe you’ll find another station

What you find in the news the blessings is for one nation alone
Is My Spirit with limits or not, that I will send from My throne

To pour it out all over the world not only one nation, a single one
You forgot where the blood was shed of the beloved son

So many re-write the scriptures to fit their own pleasures
But don’t see the glory the heavenly treasures

Wait til the day when I show you My face
The one who died on the cross all mercy and grace

Unlike in movies the man on the tree impossible to recognize
In love, all suffering more than 30 coins worthy the price

Yet most want to hold on to earthly freedom, prosperity and peace
But don’t see that all of this one day has to cease

No-one likes the fact that Babylon has to fall
No ears to hear the word of repentance the last final call

End of Prophecy

Revelation 10:9
Joel 2:28-29
Matthew 26:15, 27:3,9
Revelation 14:8, 16:19, 17:5, 18:2-21

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