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Poetry 2022-04-24 Judgment, sheep and goats

Prophetic word/ Poetry, given on April 24th 2022 around 9:30pm

Enjoy the beauty of poetry with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to attain the best pieces of the glory-cake

Beginning of the Word:

I sit on the throne and reign
While the world goes down the drain
Not in the ways with Noach, the flood and rain
But a similar way as things gone completely insane

Wicked people will be washed away
The ones who remain are those on their knees and pray

Day by day, night by night
The spiritual battle so hard to fight

But the reward will remain til the glorious day
When you stand before Me and hear My final say

Dividing the sheep and the goats once and for all
Some will be lifted to Me, others will fall

The garden for those who believe and obey My will
Gehenna for those who lie deceive and kill

The day is so close you don’t need lots of math to count
You will know it by the heavenly trumpet sound

A trump before the trump all will rejoice and sing
But who will be waiting for the coming of the King?

The king of glory, Yeshua is My name
I never change I am always the same

The theater in this world always alter the stage, now new arranged
Today a pandemic a war but soon all things be changed

A change where I permit to occur
Get ready to live in Me to be secure

Under the shelter of My wings is the place
Where you find rest, find peace and love by My grace

Soon you can laugh in laughter and joy
When I will reveal the next evil ploy

Where the pope will stand naked and alone
In midst all the crowds by a word from My throne

The truth of lies will come tumbling down
Like Jericho’s walls or Ahab’s and Jezebel’s crown

The crown of self righteousness I will kick off the head
And cut all the strings, all the lies and their threads

Millstones so many are prepared for their necks
They think they can hide in their bunkers when I clear the decks

One by one all the rats, the sinking ship want to leave
When they realize all their plans will fail, they can’t achieve

My wrath is coming, not one of the wicked can escape
I saw it all their daily abuse, murder and continuous rape

Children so precious they abused like cheap plastic toys
They don’t even care the color of skin, girls or boys

Like vampires they suck the blood of those little ones
All those they have stolen and killed with their diabolic guns

The season of harvest is here and everyone will reap their seed
Small and great, rich and poor, whether love or greed

Churches and kings servants and slaves, young and old
Regardless the motives, the philosophy, either hot or cold

The harvest will be for the righteous and the wicked
Everyone’s deeds will receive the reward their individual ticket

The sheep on My right, the goats to My left
The generous widow to Me, away into darkness the ones with the theft

Like at the cross you will see the same picture again
When I show to the world, the lamb what was slain

Two sinners on each side died there with Me
But only one asked for forgiveness from the King on the tree

In this last and final harvest you will see the same
The ones who accept salvation, the others continue to blame

One ticket to paradise the other to hell
Hell for torment, the other where all is whole and well

Those who reject Me will burn forever
Those who love and obey Me, eternally with Me together

End of Prophetic Poetry

Psalm 47:8
Matthew 5:12, 10:41-42/ Luke 6:23
Daniel 7:23-26
Matthew 25:32-33
Hebrews 13:8/ Malachi 3:6/ James 1:17
Psalm 91:4
Matthew 18:6/ Mark 9:42/ Luke 17:2
Revelation 6:16-17; 15:7

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