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Poetry 2022-03-02 The Temple is here, the end near

Prophetic word/ poetry, given March the 2nd around 9pm during prayer.

This word seem to have a style like the book of proverbs that flips around into different subjects and not a continuous flow like of a typical prophecy.
Please also notice the metaphorical elements – let the Holy Spirit give you insight into the deeper meaning of this word.

Nothing new under the sun
So many people run around with a gun

They say we fly high up into space
When there actually does not exist such a place

Not many people seek My glory
Most listen to the liars and their story

They say, let’s make a great new plan
Spread more of the worms out of the big fake can

Slaves they want to build up for themselves
As they create a way with empty shelves

The hungry and thirsty will finally come to us
The solution is ready to pack them all in one bus

Look at the beautiful road that leads straight to the camp
Especially for those who worship the (innocent) lamb

The lamb of Adonai is on the way
And this is the thing that He will say

My sheep, My children you won’t touch much longer
You know who I am and also that I am stronger

Who you think you are with blasphemous words
Even less than ants and beasts and birds

You don’t work, don’t love and can not fly
And don’t believe I was the One who painted blue the sky

The pastures so green you will not see
It’s (only) for the faithful ones for those who come to Me

Those who seek Me day and night
Those who shine in darkness through My light

The countdown coming close now to the end
Ready are the blowing angels I will send

Sounding loud the Shofar one by one
To declare the time of grace is gone

The temple is already here in place
You can see when you look into peoples face

Defiled deluded, so much polluted
Soon with the ax will it be uprooted

But who would believe it you may ask
Surely not the ones who hide behind their mask

Little by little I will open your eyes
When you turn away from watching the lies

The true truth is in My Name (Yeshua) alone
I rule and reign and sit on the Holy Throne

End of Word

Ecclesiastes 1:9
Revelation 13:6/ 16:9-11, 21
John 1:29, 36/ Revelation 7:10
Revelation 8:6
John 14:6

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