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Poetry 2021-12-31 Glory, Holiness, Virgins, Trumpets

Prophetic Poetry 2021-12-31 around 2:30 at night

Wait and see, what’s gonna be
Glorious days with My Ways

Hearts on fire and My desire
Holy ground, a joyful sound

Airstrikes, thunder and lightening
Things that will come, so very frightening

When My hand will reach out
And Angels gonna sing and shout

Not against My children, My bride
But against those who are not on My side.

Holy Holy Holy is My Name
I was and will be always the same

Worship praise within My Heart
Everything perfect, right from the start

Fire from heaven
One trumpet of seven

The sound you heard and still is there
Not only in one place but everywhere

Holy, Holy is He who comes down from heaven
Trumpets will sound together all seven

You would not believe if I told you the truth of Glory
Of that day, it will come, and all the story

Life will be no more as you know
All will change in the Punch and Judy show

My Spirit is here, My spirit is true the people say
Far away the wicked in their evil way

I rise up an army in this last final days
You’ve made your plans, I have My ways

Day and night, silver and gold
People refined as in the days of old

Separated for me to feed My sheep
Hearts undivided hearts of love so deep

Today, tomorrow I will speak once more
So clear as to Noach not to those who ignore

To those who love My commandments and joyful obey
Nothing new under the sun until this very day

The ark, the door is closing soon
The sun will be darkened and red the moon

For all who believe (me) I will be there
My life I gave them all the rest I will share

Sooner than later and quickly I come
Winter will pass and there will be some

Who remain in the snow, remain in dust
but never believe that I am righteous and just

For Glory is coming and is on the way
The last trumpets sound, you will hear one day

My Spirit is calling You to (be with) Me
(To) fly like an eagle the better you see

High in the clouds, high in the sky
The day will come and (then) you wonder why

Why everything so different as we thought it will be
It’s all because you don’t know the tree

The tree of life is coming soon to you
Right out of the blue and dreams (will) come true

Not the dreams of men, corrupt and defiled
But for My virgins a whirlwind so wild

That separate the sheep and goats the wheat from the chaff
My witnesses coming both with their staff

The staff of Aharon the blossom and sprout
The ones who know Me without any doubt

Will recognize the times and the season
They follow and know Me and that’s the reason

For My mark on their forehead as the (invisible) sign
Circumcised, committed to Me and want to align

Righteous as Noach and Avraham My friend
These are the ones who will stay til the (very) end

In all the metaphorical elements, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this prophecy for more understanding.

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