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Poetry 2021-09-22 At the end of the day…

Prophetic Poetry/ Words given on September 22. around 22:00 (10pm)

At the end of the day…
I think, there is not much to say.
The fire and the Glory
That’s another story.
All the people, one they blame
Since the beginning, always the same.

Nothing new under the dome
The waters above don’t flow to Rome.
Yerushalayim is the center of the world
the anchor of the King when he came and dwelt
Coming for his people the blind, the lame, not in fame
(not as) the ones the hypocrites who only (want to) play a game.

Where are you? Where are you My bride?
I want to meet you and more (for you) to be on My side
I am longing so much to be
with you, now and forever in all eternity
So beautiful holy adorned with gold
For you I gave myself, nothing that I withhold

My time is here, I’m coming soon
When the sun will be darkened and red the moon
Don’t look back as did Lot’s wife
because in this world you won’t find real life.
Glory, the crown is prepared for you
a precious pearl in silver, purple, red and blue

I am waiting for the last and final animals to enter the ark.
It’s closing up soon and then it will get really dark
darker as darkness can ever be
but those with Me forever free.

Open the seals, open the seals I hear them saying – yes, open, open the book.

The scroll is ready in front of My throne
the seals to be broken by the ancient stone.
Let me hear the Shofar one more time and two and three
and then it’s time for letting it be.

The signature on the foreheads of MY servants the children that belong to Me.
I see them, I know them and they, in My presence will look upon Me.
And they will see the sea of the ones who are here, calling My name.
The name (that) the wicked (people) want to erase and blame

But the day has arrived for them to run
because there is nothing hidden under the sun.
They hide at night, frightened by the light
The dawn is here the sun will shine bright.
The son of righteousness, the fire from heaven.
All seals will come together all seven.
One by one so quickly you twinkle your eye
people will come, people will go, some will live, others will die
Many, yes, many will fall and my tears will flow
Most of them in blindness to fall into the pit of dark below

My son, My daughter,
I want to see you at my wedding, you as My bride.
Oh wish all would be with Me where I am.
A place of beauty and freshness
Never-ending joy and glory in My presence.
My tears, My tears are flowing when I see so many
who stopped in the walk in righteousness, the narrow path that leads to life.

But then, the attraction of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll,
anything that is against My scroll,
captured their attention, and dragged them away
to the Autobahn of destruction that heads to it’s goal – the lake of fire, the second death.

So many young people prefer perversion over holiness.
Yes, I know all the temptation, I know it all.
But My heart grieves when I see so many turn their faces away from Me.
Falling away so great and greater to death.

When all the persecuted children in their mothers wombs cry for mercy but have no voice…
Soon the party is over and what is your choice?
Nothing is closer as life and death,
Just a step away from each other’s breath,
Will you turn left or right, step to death or come to Me?
Look and see where you will be.
In heaven or hell for all eternity!