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Toda Adonai

Piano Improvisation with fractions of HaTikva (Israeli National Anthem)

Actually I am not a good piano player … apologize a bunch of flaws!
And well, I even don’t have the notes of the Israeli Anthem and actually if I would have them I would possibly not able to read it well enough and play from the sheet.
The Music includes just fractions of it scattered around between the improvisations and not complete.
The anthem I only have roughly in my mind from the time when I used to live there (already 5 years passed since I have been there the last time).
Regardles of what I can remember, maybe you enjoy it anyway.

Title: Pianisranthimprovisation

This Album is actually not available on Pond5 (Many of the Songs of “Toda Adonai” are anyway longer than 10 minutes -and that’s the limit there) But feel free to look at other Music there: the link goes to all Music from Bindernowski

Toda Adonai