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Pessach in sight (2021)

Pessach (Feast of unleavened bread)

Most Christians may never heard about what this is really all about, nor celebrated it in any form.
The “Egg- and Bunny Feast”, with all it’s pegan rituals became their feast.
However, very soon we are heading into Pessach which is basically the start of the harvest season.
The barley is ready to be presented but are the people ready to go?
Where are the laborers of the harvest?
Do we have enough? Let’s pray for more…


Comparing with the original Pessach with the Exodus out of Egypt -. nothing new under the sun.
The modern Pharaohs also think they can keep the people all over the world locked up to implement their plan of a New World Order.
Many people are already conditioned to accept a totalitarian communist fascist regime maybe even with one world leader (shall I say Führer?).

We know now the word, the “New Normal” but what we are facing has nothing to do with a normal life.
This is pure diabolic, evil and wicked – straight from the pit of hell.

About 3500 years ago Pharaoh held the children of Israel also in some form of a “Lockdown” as slaves.
At the beginning when Israel came into Egypt they had a lot of favor and great freedom.
But after Josef died and another Pharaoh came, the pleasure and liberty shrinked little by little, while the pressure against them increased.

And how it is today?
The modern Industry did basically the same.
Over the years they tightened the screws of pressure for the workers more and more. It slowly increased but in my experience around the end of the 80’s it started to rise up exponentially. With the fall of the Berlin wall it boosted definitely.

Back in Israel, when Moshe came on stage the pressure for the Israelite’s became unbearable.
Pharaoh was not willing to let their slaves go, but held them in some form of a brutal Lockdown.

Back to modern days:
The Industry and the Elites behind were surely aware that they cannot increase the pressure much more before the people eventually would start to revolt. Also it was clear the bubbles of their greed sooner or later would burst.
So with the “Corona Plandemonic” the Elites found a powerful weapon to held the whole world population basically under control and feed their endless greed.
The weapon is actually based on lies and fear. Where fear is surely the greatest weapon of the devil.

But did they make their plans with the Elohim of Israel?
Definitely not – yet He allowed it.
Many who trust in God already given up and bow down voluntarily to the tyrannical rules.
I am not speaking for those who have no choice.
I myself have been trapped once by the Gestapo (police) and got fined – and this is hard for me. I am not able to pay every time – and many people are suffering and are not able just to ignore less they got also fined or even end up in jail.

Israel in Egypt cried out to their Elohim as they were beaten beyond measure.
So these days where many people lose their jobs and most small businesses closing down and wondering how they will be able to survive. Now being slaves to the system hoping they will get at least as much to have something to eat from the state.
Will they cry out? To whom?
I really don’t know how many believers crying out day and night but surely many more than 2 years ago and also millions of times harder than ever before.

Now the Elites, blinded by their satanic pride don’t believe the God of Israel will help and deliver the people and they can continue the game in controlling and oppressing the whole population.

So, will the Elohim of Avraham, Yzchak and Yaacov deliver His children again?
Or will it be the end now, or the thing called the big tribulation with billions of people dying?
God’s children today in every country seem to be at the point like Israel leaving Egypt. Or later, like standing at the red sea on one side and Pharaoh with all his army on the other side.
A complete hopeless situation.

Will Adonai part the red sea again?
I believe, if enough people will truly repent and turn from their wicked ways it will happen.
And if this happen I also believe it will go faster than we could ever imagine.

If we do not repent daily, pray and seek His face, the game is over and soon persecution will cover the entire world for those who trust in Yeshua as their Messiah.
It might be even way worse than in North Korea today.
And if YHWH would not spare the 144,000 there will be not a single believer/disciple left within a few years.

I don’t want to force anyone to believe YHWH will bring another red sea crossing with great deliverance, yet I do. And all modern day Pharaohs will be drowned when the water flows back.
I have no clue how this could even happen. Because it includes almost all the Tech-Giants, all the mainstream media and surely most the political leaders in every country. Besides that many NGO’s and most if not all the superwealthy main players. Then also the WHO, the secret services and many more of the deep state.

In my small perspective there is no way to imagine this.
If it will happen today, the red sea crossing was compared was tiny local event.
But if this will come to pass again, I am wondering how people will be able to ignore God anymore.
When more than hundred thousand doctors, scientists and lawyers being completely silenced in their warnings today there is no way even with millions will change anything. Only YHWH can do it.
And it shall be unto Him all the glory and honor.

If the rapture (taking of the bride) will happen as a symbol of the red sea crossing I will be even more happy to fly home.
There is nothing in this world that I am holding on to.

Matthew 16:26 / Mark 8:36
For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

One last thought (or question).
Before the Exodus of the children of Israel the last plague was the death of the firstborn.
I am really wondering, if the whole scene will repeat there might be a moment, will the angel of death will go around again in the same way?
I personally always paint my doorposts.
The doorposts of my heart I have the blood of Yeshua
But I also do it since years also on the doorposts of the place wherever I live

Though the blood of Yeshua is more important than anything else
And if you have not yet accepted Yeshua as the Lord and Savior in your life – if ever was a time to get saved than it is today. Right NOW!
Tomorrow can be too late. His blood is the most precious gift – by His blood our sins will be washed away and we can stand one day blameless before the throne of the Most High in Heaven.
Since months I always get the number 200 millions in my mind. If this is the number of people dying from the vac-sin. Would the people wake up? Maybe not.
I am sure the MSM will label it differently regardless of how clear it will be.
However, time will tell…

The only way to be safe no matter how things will turn out is to give your life to Yeshua (Jesus).
When you accept Yeshua as your Lord and Saviour it does not matter if you call yourself then a christian, a believer, a disciple or whatever. These are labels.
Important is to trust in Him that He will guide and lead you through this insane world by His Holy Spirit. So, make room inside your heart for Yeshua’s Holy Spirit – today!