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Pessach 5782, Passover 2022 (Message April)

Pessach 5782, Passover 2022 (Message April)

so quickly time has passed by – again another Pessach

Let me go back to the year 2020
Guess everyone remember the big farce after the election fraud, when a dement clown entered the white house and still is there – or whoever is the actor behind and instead of him.
And then there have been many (prophetic) voices, claiming:
yes, by Pessach (springtime) 2020 God will turn it all around and put back the rightful legitimate president.
And tons of miracles following.

Well, Pessach 2020 passed and what happened?


Wickedness increased everywhere and especially in all governments – ALL, in each and every country.
And the only few presidents in Africa who stood up against it were assassinated.

But then a year later… the next Pessach in 2021…
Again many prophets saw a similar scenario coming with an overtaking, turnaround, or whatever glorious stuff like that.
And ??? what happened last year in the political circus, economy, society?
Well, more increasing wickedness and evil instead a turnaround…
Of course with the rollout and the aggressive push of the poisonous jabs containing the Josef Mengele liquid a massive increase in death.
But a turnaround to good?

Now… we write the year 2022 (of the Gregorian calendar)
And, maybe a bit less but again many prophetic voices claiming the same scenario for the THIRD TIME.
Proclaiming again the overturning of all the wicked, so they will be no more, and breakthrough, wealth transfer, and so on and forth – everything will be blessed and great.
And yes, as like the years before many even put dates on it – it will happen in April, some say in May…

Only the call for repentance I don’t hear often.
Of course, that’s not very popular.
Who needs to repent when the Lord just flips the switch and turns everything around.

Will evil disappear?
Will the many Pharaohs in this world drown again in the sea?
Of course, ″one day″ evil will (somehow) disappear, or rather it will end up in the lake of fire, but that’s still many years away in the future after the battle of Armageddon.

However, in a few weeks we will know if this coming Pessach will be some kind of a real visible turn as an Exodus – or not.

Pessach – translated in English as Passover:

The christian world actually does not really celebrate, remember or even know much at all about Passover.
The big thing they celebrate during that time of the year is the ″Bunny Festival″
But this is not a biblical festival though many believe and celebrate it as a high holiday, and name it Easter – Ishtar.
Yes, it’s very important to preach about the death and resurrection of Yeshua.
But that should not be a message for once a year on a certain day claimed to be a holiday given by men.
No, this should be preached EVERY DAY which the first disciples did!
And so we don’t need a certain holiday for that.
If the Lord would have desired it, He would have given us clear instructions about it.

However, the Bunny day vary on the calendar anyway from year to year.
And anyway, tell me, how can it be that Yeshua rise from the death every year on another day of the calendar?
Have anyone ever questioned that?

But… Ishtar was pegan, is pegan and will remain pegan – and we shall abstain from such things – period.
Okay, I know it’s not very popular to say such a thing but this is where I stand on and this is what scripture says.

I celebrate Pessach as a memory of how Adonai brought Israel out of Egypt with a mighty hand and outstretched arm.
The Jewish year is now 5782, though this is very likely not accurate but let it be as it is.
On the Gregorian counting we have 2022.

Well, I know I do celebrate or perform Pessach not properly according to the rabbinical instructions because I am simply not be able to do so.
And the sprinkling of the doorposts is another difficult task, though this is not in the rabbinical tradition, since the main entrance of the building does not have lintels but is basically a glass wall.
The side door has a very narrow plastic frame, also not really great… But as this is anyway only symbolical,
so I am fine with that.

More important is anyway to have the blood of Yeshua on the doorposts of our hearts.
He is the only source who can protect us from the angel of death and more important from eternal death.

To get rid of Chamez (leaven) is another task.
I guess only my tiny cave will be more or less leaven free but for the rest is basically impossible.
Other people might bring in some Chamez into the building, one day or the other.
Only 2020 it was Chamez free during one of the many lockdowns, as no-one else beside be entered the building – at least the first two stories.
The upper 2 stories of the building have another door on the other side of the building.
But I am not eager to see such a lockdown scene again.
Yet I would not wonder when we will get some climate lockdowns or other bioweapon plandemic lockdowns in the near future.
I assume as soon they turn on all the 5G, things might get pretty rough.
Together with the hundreds of new surveillance cameras what I can see they have installed and still continue to do, the signs are very clear.

Who knows anyway if and how the war Russia-Ukraine will intensify or even reach that country here.
Guess if the NATO or the Banksters decided for a huge world war, it will come – and all the brainless soldiers will be running into their own destruction.
They should go to their leaders and politricktians, etc., press their weapon into hands of the corrupot elite and say to them: Here, if you want war, go and fight on your own.
But as history tells us, this will not happen.
The banksters and similar terrorists will be laughing from a safe distance in the background at those loyal stupid brainwashed soldiers.

Back to Pessach:

When is the correct time to celebrate it?
Are the rabbinical counting correct?
Well, I could be wrong but I believe and sense the accurate timing is the way of the sighting of the moon from Jerusalem and not the mathematical counting (where the rabbis go for).
The moon and the priests are to be the 2 witnesses to declare the new months and so from there we can get the calculation of the feasts. On the mathematical counting the moon is not visible.
Usually the sighting is 1 or 2 days behind the mathematical counting.

Well, and the biblical style I may perform (this year) also a bit different as to the rabbinical tradition.
I am not saying the way they celebrate it is bad, no, not at all.
They go through every bit of the story, remembering what happened and why they celebrate it.
I can’t memorize all the details but there are books (or online) to help get through it step by step.

However, as I might be alone I will do it more like in the biblical style as the Israelites before they went out of Egypt.
I will eat the lamb and the Maza in haste, have my boots on the feet (well, I don’t have proper sandals), the belt around my waist and the staff in my hand – ready to run.
Actually I will see what I can do with the lamb.
Guess the Lord will forgive me if I will end up in my cooking more with charcoal than lamb.

And more questions about Pessach – now 5782 (2022):

What about Gods intervention this time?…

Yes, I do hope and pray we finally will see a great overturning of wickedness in a way to give Glory to Adonai.
Not that evil and wickedness will completely disappear but that there will be a separation between the sons of Pharaoh and the children of Israel.
And this is what it’s all about – to give Glory to Elohim.

Pessach, the Lamb of Elohim, slain before the foundation of this world.
His blood was poured out for the forgiveness of our sins.
What an amazing grace.

Make sure the blood of Yeshua is on the doorposts of your heart.
It’s no mistake or sin if you sprinkle the doorposts of your home physically symbolically
with Yeshuas blood (wine or grapejuice).
Even if you have as silly doors like I have here without real doorposts and lintels.
Let the angel of death know that we are covered by the Blood of the lamb, so this angel will pass by.

And if afterwards we will have the great exodus, so let it be.
May the difference between the Exodus of the children in Israel out of Egypt and the final exodus is only the direction.
The children of Israel went horizontally and the final Exodus is vertically – directly up.

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