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New design

May those who visit this page every now and then notice a little change in the design.
Looks small, but in the background it is not a little change, it’s a major update.
Basically the whole design got re-worked from the scratch.


With the changes I hope to bring more artistic content in it – yet everything takes some time.
While this was in construction the progress of new Psalms were a bit behind.
But also because old songs were re-mixed – most of them just polished up, but some of them had to go into a thorough surgery.

Little by little I will now fill the music section with these songs
You find several Albums already posted since years yet never filled with any content – I will change that.
Surely the audio quality of these songs will be fairly low to safe web-space.
But there might be ways to purchase them in CD quality – will try to figure out how.
Either each song or a whole album