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Message: “HELL… is a real place”

Message: “HELL… is a real place”

I’m sure you’ve heard of it.
Even in every day language.
“Oh, that was really hell !” or, “She went through hell with him.”

When anyone goes through a difficult, dangerous or painful situation – emotional, physical- or both, “Hell” is the metaphor of choice.
But the reality of how terrible Hell really is, I think most of us literally have no clue!

I am telling you, Hell is a REAL place; not just a metaphor or curse word for something bad..
It’s a place……. where all human senses and emotions experience a misery that is far beyond ALL our imagination!

One day you will die.
You surely know this.
You simply don’t know when or how it will happen.
All of our days are numbered – and then we have to go…

So I ask you this question: “Do you know what will happen after you die?”

Just even try to imagine the first couple of minutes after your last breath…
most of us carefully keep the subject far away from our thoughts.

Allow me to draw an analogy: you suddenly pop in to an office or a teenager’s bedroom where someone you know is alone at the computer
watching a “private” website.
Immediately he closes the page and tries not to act nervous.
His reaction is actually similar if and when you bring up the fact that he’s going to die.
Most likely he’ll nervously change the subject like using the remote
to change the TV channel.

People just don’t want to (talk or) think about death.
But even more, mentioning “Hell” will usually get people laughing,
joking, or mocking you if you take it seriously.

Nevertheless, Hell is a real place and deep in our soul we know it somehow, but we ignore or deny it, almost instinctively; or else (we) turn it into a childish or stupid religious idea.
But again I am letting you know: Hell is a real place!
But…you say, “How can you know – how can you be so sure?”
I will tell you:
Once a creature from Hell has touched you, you will know.
Or once you actually smell personal, physical death, you also may realize the truth of it.

You may not have much faith in dreams or visions, but I know from personal experience they can sometimes be more real than this physical reality.

And I believe some people have been given a view into Hell and how it looks and feels there.
I know because I’m one of them.
I have personally experienced these things and I know that Hell exists as a real physical place of torment.

You may say it’s all just fairy tales, dark fantasy stories spun from peoples’ imaginations because they watched too many horror movies.
But there are people who have actually gone into Hell and have returned to tell about it.
Read their accounts without prejudice and try to sense what your deepest self is telling you.
You may begin to realize that Hell exists,
and you also might begin to understand why it does.
(Incidentally, where do you think all those terrible ideas and horrible movie scenes really come from?)

But, in addition to these things, there is also the Scripture.
There, also, you’ll find details about Hell.

Whether you believe what’s written there or not, you should know some of what it says about the subject, so keep listening because you may never have heard how clearly Hell is described in the New Testament.
Then you can decide if you feel the words have the ring of truth.

If you want to look with me, Jesus also called Yeshua, in the Gospel of Luke describes a formerly rich man in Hades (Hell) in Chapter 16, verse 25,
Abraham, who was in Paradise, separated from the rich man who was tormented by the flames, responded to his plea for relief: “Son, Remember…”

Remember, while being TORMENTED by these flames!
Those are Yeshua’s words describing the afterlife of an unrepentant selfish soul.
He spoke explicitly of a literal place of judgment.
And He said clearly, that in Hell, there is memory.

Did you ever think that you would carry your memory into Hell?
Scientists, in fact, tell us we never really forget anything.
Hard to believe as we have surely forgotten many things, but in fact it’s understood that everything is stored in our brain or somewhere else in our body.

Yeshua is saying that this reality is even carried by the soul past the death of the body.
So we might not know how to access them, but somewhere inside us is stored every experience of our lives.

And the way Yeshua describes the experience in Hell is that all of our words and deeds will be brought to mind and made available to remember..

[Some illustrations of remembering in the Bible can be found in these verses; Mt.26:75, Mk11:21 ,John12:16, Rev.3:3. ] If you go to Hell…
and remembering, you will know why you’re there!

You will remember every crime you committed, every lie you ever told, every time you took God’s (YHWH) name in vain, every act of divination or occult practice, every pornographic image, dirty joke or perverse sexual act, every prideful and self centered attitude and word, every time you dishonored your father and mother, and all the unforgiveness stored against those who have hurt or wounded you…

in fact, all the listed experiences of your life which exist somewhere in your memory, these transgressions will be a part of your terrible experience in Hell because you rejected God’s way of forgiveness.
People who have visited Hell and returned, consistently give this account that the torment there (in hell) is connected to the sins here.

Once again, if you go to Hell, you will remember!

All the vain thoughts and deeds, the brief pleasures of sin, you will remember forever, and the demons who torment you without pity will remind you of all you have done against the word and character of God.
Even the memory of the possibility of Heaven is blotted out by the endless awareness of sins in this life and the remorse and misery in Hell.

And while they are tormented themselves, the demons will seek relief tormenting human souls which they have succeeded in drawing into judgment with them.
I have been told that those who suffer in Hell remember the people who testified and begged and pleaded with them to repent and to come to the Father in Heaven.
So part of the suffering in Hell is eternal regret for resisting the grace of God.

You will remember several, or even many warnings,
like this message, to wake up and return to your Father in Heaven.

He provided the way of forgiveness through Yeshua, His perfect Son.
He is the Way, the Truth and the Life
and apart from him there is no escape from Hell’s fire.
There is No other Way!

Now, who are the people that are on the road to Hell?
The answer may be difficult to hear: “The majority of mankind is on the road to Hell.”

What !! You say?

I’ll say it again: “The majority of the population, the inhabitants of the earth are walking straight toward Hell.”
How can I proclaim such a frightening thing?

Look at Mt. 7:13-14. Yeshua said: “Enter through the narrow gate.
For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.
But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”
He, Yeshua (not me) said: “Few”! ! !

What the final number will be, only God knows, but Yeshua gives the clear warning that a great majority of souls is in serious danger, and are headed for this place of indescribable suffering.
They are on the wide road.

[Another example from scripture: Only four People went out of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Lot, his wife and their two daughters – and, only 3 of them made it to final safety.
Lot’s wife looked back and lost her life.

And in another place we see that YHWH (God) destroyed the earth by a flood,
only eight souls were saved on the ark of Noah.
Eight people were saved from the entire population of the world!
Though we don’t know the exact population of the pre-flood days,
eight is certainly only a tiny fraction.]

In Mt. 24:38, Lk 17:26 Yeshua said that at the end of the age it will be like the days of Noah.
Look around with open eyes and see if we are already in those days – when you consider all the sin and evil in this world, does it not seem to confirm the time we are living in, and the judgment which will follow soon….and doesn’t it look like many are on the road to destruction?

Now some details about those who are going to Hell:
Take a look at Revelation 21:8:
“But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars”,
what will happen to them?
“…their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

Lots of people might say: “Well, all those people may deserve to go to Hell,- but I’m not like that; I am a good person….”

But if you’re really honest, are you that good?
If you really look at yourself, wouldn’t you have to admit
that you’ve been and done those things more than once in your life?
Would you be honest enough to try and count?
If so, you will find more of these dark moments in your life than you’d like to admit, and just how far you are from the perfection that God desires.

We do these things because we are by nature, self centered and sinful.
The more you look honestly, the more you’ll discover your real need of forgiveness and covering for your sins.

And do you know when you will die?
It could be today…
So, don’t wait. (Pause)

As you hear this message, feel that your life is not right before God, realize that you are a slave to your sins then now is the time to ask God for His forgiveness, and to understand that it’s based on the death of His Son Yeshua (Jesus).
He was not an ordinary man, but the only sinless human.
His death and resurrection are God’s way for all humans to return to Him by receiving Yeshua’s life through faith, and forgiveness for their sins.

I have thought a lot about this great mystery of Hell and realized
that I cannot get my little mind around it.
How can it be that a loving God created such a place?

It seems to have something to do with free will and the way
His creatures (creation) choose to relate to Him.
Mt.25:41 tells us that God prepared a place of judgment that was originally for the Devil and his angels who had rebelled against Him.
They had made their choice long ago.
It was sad enough that spiritual beings required a place of judgment,
so it could certainly not have been God’s desire that men go there,…
but we know it was His will to give His creatures (creation) the freedom of choice.
None of us were intended as puppets without any will of our own,
any desire, or capacity to choose.
He has given us free will.
And that makes me sincerely wonder why many people end up in Hell,
when in fact, they could choose Heaven.

[God is holy and He cannot accept sin in His presence.
And those people who will not repent and stay in their sins cannot be with Him.
They must depart from His presence. (and as result) Their destination is Hell.]

People who go to Hell will suffer unbelievable pain.
Every pain and horror here on earth is a pleasure compared to what’s there.
Everyone who claims to have been to Hell gives this (that) testimony.
The most terrible earthly sufferings from holocaust or war cannot even be compared with the pain and suffering one will experience in Hell.

The small personal revelation that God has given me, has convinced me also,
that the sufferings here on Earth are pointing to something much more terrible.
In the same way, the beauties and pleasures of this world point to an experience of joy and wonder which is also unimaginable, in heaven.

But the reality of terrible judgment for sin remains.
You can get a taste of it from horror movies.
The different kinds of evil creatures in them show absolutely no pity
while torturing and murdering their victims.

In the films, there is usually a hero or deliverer. In Hell, there is none.

The dreadful horror, stench, and suffering there are never ending.
The movies which show these terrible types of events are drawing on the true reality of evil.
They seem real because they are real, and their reality is consummated in Hell.
There is no wind that blows fresh air into that place.

Probably the worst pain in Hell is emotional.
Permanent loneliness; no hope, no love, no joy, no relief of any kind from the pain.
Yes, this important fact and truth is, that the pain in Hell will never end!

There are surely people who have suffered more then I have, yet I can say that I’ve experienced what felt like permanent physical and emotional pain in my life.
But it’s actually impossible to find words for the pain and suffering in Hell.

I had a dream in which I just began to taste of this.
I descended a dark hole and saw souls that seemed to still have bodies, and they were totally enslaved and tormented in ways which explicitly related to their earthly sins.
It was so much like what other people say, and also what the Scripture says, and is part of the reason I felt so strongly to warn others.

Make sure, you don’t go there!
You can decide only before you die.

When a plane takes off or a ship has departed there is no second chance,
no way to get on board after the departure…

The same with your life.
You can only make your decision for the afterlife while you’re alive here on this planet.
The moment you die, there is no more possibility to change your mind or decide where you will go.
It’s fixed and sealed for all eternity.
Yeshua warned about this over and over again.

So now is the time to make your choice.
Choose life, Choose faith in Yeshua.
He waits for your decision.
He longs to show you his love, and He will give you eternal life with Him,
and a permanent escape from the consequences of your sin,
which is eternity in Hell.

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