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Message and Song – The “special” Christmas Tree 2023

Message and song – The Christmas Tree (2023)

Christmas… and the Tree…
Well, as I mentioned the last years that I am not celebrating this pagan festival but today I have not a message but as in the headline mentioned something ″special″.

Oh, actually…
I’m trying to find what God told in His word about Christmas…
Did he say something that we shall keep or celebrate it?

Message - Song - Christmas 2023

Note: The audio you’ll find before the lyrics and the video at the very bottom.


However, every page of scripture contains a gift, actually many gifts.

As a musician I have been playing many Christmas songs in my life, but never anything like this – not from the music, and less from the lyrics.
For time sake I was not able to make a fancy video, but just a very, very simple one.

Video and Lyrics below the explanation

First of all to say is this: I had only a few days to write, compose and record the song.
So everything in a big rush.
And about recording, I have currently not any appropriate equipment to record and mix this thing.
I have only this perhaps10 year old 13 inch laptop or I say dinosaur – it has been very faithful, but it’s simply not the fastest, so recording power is very limited, but… I would say by the skin of my teeth I could get it done or the computer made it.

But now some more words about how it came together:

Lately I came across a headline in one of the video platforms, I think on ChewTooth.
Someone with over 400.000 subscribers posted a message with the title:
Ready or Not. God Told Me It’s Coming By Christmas. Warning Prophecy.
I have not listening of what he said what supposedly might come by Christmas or what’s the warning.
One thing is sure, this song came by Christmas 2023 – unexpectedly – but I am not sure how to make a suitable interpretation that this song might be a warning – I’ll leave it up to you.

Well, beside this specific video I saw also other headlines with claims of the rapture during Christmas, as the raptures before Christmas failed (another chance).
Guess I will never read the headline that contains the word ″apologize″ if it will not happen.
We missed already many raptures, but I assume the next rides will be coming soon somewhere early 2024.

But I know for certain what will also come by Christmas!
And for this I don’t need to take Gods name in vain and claim God told me or pretend to be a prophet (or profit).

Sure is, many Christians will fill their homes with Christmas decorations.

However, that headline inspired me to write a song.
Well I did not had a lot of time to record, so the music is surely not perfect, but it was even not my intention to have it perfect at all.

However there is a message in the lyrics – where some may agree, some may not.
But as long free speech is available, I will not hold back all irony of this mad world.
One day free speech might be history, but I hope the chariots who will pick us up will arrive and take us home.
Christmas comes and goes, or perhaps this one is the last one before we fly home or the last that will named Christmas… and I would greatly rejoice to fly home, but I’ll leave it up to Abba, the Father in heaven.
I don’t celebrate Christmas since many years but will not argue with anyone who does about it.
I wish you all a happy Christmas tree and a great dance around Jeremiah 10.


Happy Christmas tree, joyful Christmas tree
People wandering ’round like a busy bee
Happy Christmas tree, joyful Christmas tree
Made from holly wood just for you and me

You and Santa Klaus fill the shopping cart
With technology you’re so very SMART

Gifts declared to be the most glamorous goods
Blessing businesses from the greedy woods

Down the chimney landing neath the tree
Triple vaccinated mostly gender-free

Bake the Lamb of God with His birthday cake
GMO’s the yeast all the flour’s fake

Happy Christmas tree, joyful Christmas tree
Where the bottom line’s all they want to see
Happy Christmas tree, joyful Christmas tree
Paid by holly wood just for you and me

Christmas holy was how it used to be
Now it’s hollow like a hollow tree

Someone worships the returning sun
Someone’s bored to death someone’s having fun

Holy baby in a manger lies
Holy angels fill the wondrous sky

In the winter when it’s very cold?
Can that be what the prophets told?

Happy Christmas tree, joyful Christmas tree
Jeremiah told us what God thinks of thee
Happy Christmas tree, joyful Christmas tree
Jeremiah chapter 10 verse 3

Good is turned to evil truth turned into lies
You’ll own nothing and be happy twice

All The globe goons spin their neat cocoon
And their next trick will be coming soon

It’s the feast of peace and a silent night
While the families and the nations fight

Suicides and pain growing everywhere
War and loneliness causing deep despair

Happy Christmas tree, joyful Christmas tree
Can you save the world can you make us free?
Happy Christmas tree, joyful Christmas tree
If you point me to that other Tree

Happy Christmas tree, joyful Christmas tree
Can you tell me who that child could be?
Can you feed me from the Living Tree?
Can you speak of what He promised me?
Do you know about the crystal sea?

Happy Christmas tree, joyful Christmas tree
If you can’t then stay away from me!

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