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Message 2024/08 Superstition and Suspicion

Message 2024/08 Month 04

To see all the images, please watch the attached video (coming soon), I include here only a few.

Well, this is old stuff (what I am talking about), everyone already know that the sky and so we are being poisoned

The country with the smart city where I used to live was fairly decent in terms of the stripes in the sky.
But here, where I stay now it is absolutely crazy.

spraysky 1


But today (2024-04-12) a blue sky!
Meanwhile this is a bit an unusual view I am not really used to that anymore (a blue sky).
But when I look back, in my childhood this was the normal sky (of course when there were no clouds, like on a rainy day).
Yes, they have been manipulating the weather already in the 60’s and 70’s, from before that I don’t know because it was before I was born… but not in that intensity as today – well, silly ″Greta″ was not born back then.

However, a few interesting things
As today is blue sky and I have been working outside around the house, I was able to count the planes passing by.
When they spray the sky it’s hard to count, because at a certain point when everything is covered, then the counting becomes impossible.
But I was counting around 4 hours and in average I could see 10 to 12 planes per hour
All with a short trail, which used to be normal.

Not sure what is going on.
I was thinking, it is Friday, but it is the 12th and not the 13th.
I thought, if the spraypilots are superstitious it makes sense not to fly on F13.
Surely none of them who does these things have the fear of YHWH, because with that they would not do such things.
If you have the fear of the Lord, you won’t kill people, even on long term.

I took lately a couple of pictures of the painted sky and you can see how many are flying around.
You can say what you want, but I am not blind and my estimation is about 3 to 4 times as many airplanes like today when we had a nice blue sky.
Was there something wrong with the delivery of the chemicals, like delayed or a traffic jam or whatever, so that they could not deliver in time, or whatever happened?
I have no answer.

Interestingly when I went a bit out riding the bicycle around noon, there was one single aircraft with a line all across the sky and I thought, that doesn’t make sense.
When they claim, under certain conditions in the atmosphere the trails are short and other conditions the trails are short.
But when all planes produce short trails and one in between that paints a line all across the sky, where it stayed for a long time?
Maybe they found one plane standing around filled with the chemicals and they thought, okay, let’s go…

But the other day I thought, this is strange.
There were two jets flying parallel relatively close to each other and at one point they flew even above each other.

This is how it looks like is shown in the slightly modified contrast and brightness of the image below:

Do you see this? Slightly different colors!
Depends on your screen, the colors might turn out slightly different, but you can see these two lines are not the same.
With my eyes the right lane had a stronger pink color as you see on the photo (Auto white balance of the camera works usually great, but sometimes just not accurate ).
With the changed brightness and contrast, it’s more visible.

Parallel lines
Very suspicious indeed.
Whatever it is, if some say contrail, how can they have different colors?
Does the one fly with other fuel than the other or what?
Or one plane gets his fuel from Shell and the other from Exxon and they appear differently?

So, enough for this sky-paint now, I will see what tomorrow will bring.

Now as I post this, it is the next day Apr.14 and approved!
Again many more planes and the sky again painted
Not yet fully covered, but good a portion – might take a few days to fill the sky.

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