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Message 2024/07 Distractions and Deceptions

Message 2024/07 Distractions and Deceptions, Month 04

Well, just felt like to come up with another message, not a prophecy, though you never know it might contain some prophetic elements, as like my parody when I started to gathered together my ideas in April 2016 – though this massive work took quiet a long time to finish.
It was actually intended to describe all the madness in this world with a good amount of irony, but every once in a while when I am listening to it, surprisingly I see more and more fulfilled prophesy in these songs.

Message 2024-07 Distractions and deception

However, today something about distractions and a bit deception, though they often go hand in hand and by that, I say they are somehow interchangeable, deception might be a bit deeper, where the devil is in the details – and on deception he is indeed very deep.


Beginning of message:

But I reflect more on distractions and just jump now into a recent event – actually, I can’t say latest, because as soon it is put to words, the next distraction already knocks at the door.
Nevertheless, maybe except for those who live in that area are affected by it, but for the rest of the world, it’s outdated or old news (oh what a contradiction) and mainly disappeared from propaganda and people’s minds.

The Francis Scott Key bridge.
Interesting to watch the short clip that is available of that collision.
I thought, what a stupid sailor – lots of space between the pillars, but no, he just bumps into one of them?
It like a car driver along on a huge empty parking lot, and there one single light pole in the middle. And what? He just dash right into that one lonely lamp and knocks it off – or perhaps today there is rather a death tower there (though that would be a good thing to knock it off, though should be all of them).

However, as soon I saw the collapse of the bridge, I knew within a second, this was not an accident, but a controlled demolition, very precise.
If you think it was an accident, watch a video with boats or ships having collisions.
And especially look for those, when a big ship takes down container cranes.
Their steel construction is relatively similar to this bridge, with the style of the steel beams mounted together, yet the collapse, very differently.
In my view the bridge collapsed like the 9/11 twin towers, basically in free fall.
But this is just a small illustration how America and the monetary system (the dollar fist) will fall, though this is another can of worms, I will not open here.

Anyway, my opinion, just another distraction to draw peoples attention away from the wicked plans of the elites, and so the same with many other staged events (feel free to fill the blanks).

The next big distraction (or as well destruction) is surely the coming eclipse in a few days Apr.08 – already announced as something big, the major event of the century or whatever.
The warnings are absolutely hilarious.
It’s like this is the very first solar eclipse ever in human history.
Some schools close because of security reasons, warnings over warnings, phone communication might fail, special military forces (national guard or so? I don’t know) being deployed and so on and on…
This is an eclipse that happens regularly all the time somewhere, but now, it seem to be something different.
And even including with the demons lining up, oh, did I say demons, I wanted to say plants ehm, sorry, I mean the stuff that is labeled as planets… consider their names: you think this is coincidence?

Yes, there is definitely something weird with this eclipse but don’t be deceived as we know also the global players will use it for their agenda – of course they use every distraction to deceive as their father (the devil) does.
And who knows if they will fake a rapture with a big cross in the sky.
Welcome to Mister Bluebeam.
Of course in each nation their individual Christ.
For example: in most of Africa he will be black with curly short hair, in the Middle east olive skin with a long beard, where in Israel he might wear a black coat and a wheel on his head, or at least a Kippa, though the Kippa is only 800 years old (who cares), in Germany he is white and wearing a sleepy hat, in America and Sweden of course also white but well shaved and transgender, maybe waving a false rainbow flag in the sky, in Australia he might jump like a kangaroo, in China a bit yellowish with a smile and a red emblem on his t-shirt or his robe. Guess in North Korea it will be Kim. Or in Muslim countries it might be the Mahdi or Mohammad’s second arrival and bring some new news or some more virgins…

Yet, one little problem for the blue beam programmers might remain, all the millions legal and illegal black and brown migrants in America and Europe will surely wonder and claim, hey, that’s not our Messiah and call out for riots against him.
But… if the real rapture happens, then we get a problem with the post-tribulation gurus or the Niburu fans.
However, a fake rapture could become an opportunity for the believers to go out and tell the people about a real rapture (Harpazo) that will come soon and it’s better to be prepared and repent before its too late.

Big distractions are surely the endless wars (that’s no question) – though they are somehow real with too many people dying, but the true reason of war will never be in the front pages of the propaganda channels.
We know the first thing that dies in every war, even before the first shot is fired: it’s the truth and than, sooner or later after a lot of dead people there will be a winner and a loser.
The winner is always the same, which is the military industrial complex with their banks and the losers always the same: people, regardless on which side, the cannon fodder or how the elites name them, the useless eaters.
Only at Armageddon the groups will be very different; there will be separated the sheep and the goats, clear lines and a very short war. But that’s a complete different story – that’s not a distraction, that’s prophecy!

However, all in all, it is a deadly distraction and deception show.
It’s a show, it’s all planned from both sides, regardless how it gets presented and communicated to the people.

All things are carefully planned to focus the eyes of the sheeple away from the created issues, that they never question or figure out who is behind the plan of these things. Just think for example for America with the open southern border and surely almost all countries want to hide the truth about the Version 19 bioweapon, so they need a lot of new big distractions to hide them.

Some of the distractions might be only local, others worldwide yet through Internet and globalization at least the bigger ones very well affect all nations in one way or the other.
There is so much more that adds up daily, where I never be able to keep up as the amount is increasing rapidly.
And of course, the most distractions published by the Lamestream media are nothing but lies, but, not surprising at all, as they are nothing but the mouthpiece of the devil, who is the master deceiver, and the father of all lies.
Made for the purpose to instill fear in peoples minds, because people in fear can easily be controlled.

Why do I focus on distractions and less on deception even the scripture speaks not really about distractions but often about deception, or better say not to be deceived?
Well, most distractions I would say are designed to deceive people – and again in my opinion they are just one single package of evil.

And there is actually a great proof of the level of distractions and what grips the peoples attention.
Look in ChewTooth or whatever other video or socialist platform, and there analyze the headlines and see, which subjects gains the most attention, or the most clicks.
The more shocking perverse or seductive, the more views, the law of attraction guides people to the most evil, horrible or disgusting events, isn’t it?
Go through it and check it out for yourself.
Is just like with children or teenagers, the bullies always gets all the attraction and attention, though I don’t understand it.
For me it’s a clear indication of the moral decline of this world, that goes in warp speed down.
Then, look at good news and you’ll realize, hardly anyone pays attention to them anymore.

But why all the distractions?
Well, for example, the more distractions you have, the easier you can hide the skyrocketing excess mortality rate of the deadly injections and redirect the peoples minds, towards somewhere else.
The more shocking the events, the more people move their heads away from true life, and themselves .
Distractions are also ″helpful″ to hide war crimes and genocide from public (you know where I am pointing to).
And of course who wants to hear about things like the depopulation plans of the globalists?
Uuuuh, conspiracy…
Distraction like Superbowl, Olympic games, or bombshell scandals of celebrities and so on are perfect moments for wicked leaders to implement new tyrannical laws.
Their most important goal fro them is, to divert the eyes of believers away from the Lord Yeshua, and… eventually even away from their callings – which is, to share the good news of salvation and make disciples.
You know all the political movements in Churchianity…

One thing is sure, Yeshua is not distracted at all by anything.
His focus is still the same as it was yesterday and so it will be tomorrow.
He wants people to come to the knowledge of the truth, get saved and born again, roughly to say in a nutshell – He don’t want anyone to perish.

He who sits in heaven laughs about the foolishness of mankind – or probably rolling on the floor already from laughing so hard.
And indeed, it is ridiculous with how many things the people in this world are simply distracted.
Literally each one of us, just think about.
Let me just list some…

We have time for all nonsense and everything vain, but no time for the most important, our eternal future.
Sports is more important than the bible,
Internet and socialist media is more important than to meet with brethren face to face and pray together.
Yes, we can use internet to meet together, but to pray face to face is a different level, and the devil knows that.
Daily news seem to be more important than to study the scriptures and see the good news of salvation, that Yeshua came in the flesh and went to the cross to die for our sins and all that leads to the Father in heaven.
As like our daily bread and circus to be more important than our daily bread of life, the relationship with the Lord Yeshua.
Running after all distractions and share those spectacular events with the world (online) appears to be more important than to pick up our staff and follow Yeshua and share what He has done for us to our neighbor and even our own relatives.
Most people in this world love sin to forget about that they have to die one day and ignore the fact that something in our soul tells us that this life is not the end.
And with all the distractions they want to blend it out.

We fear of what could happen to us if another plandemic comes, or the world war extends from Ukraine and Gaza to all nations but how few fear YHWH and therefore the majority of the worlds population remain without wisdom.
People eat daily from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and stare and glorify the bite in the apple but don’t spend a second on the tree of life, even if it stands right next to each other.
You can add your own discoveries to this list – it’s almost endless.
All distractions and deceptions in this world it will end only at the end of this world.

However, I don’t exclude myself from this list, I am very well aware I do some of these distractive things, stupid things the typical time-eater.
Yes, I wish I would spend more time in intimate relationship with Yeshua.
My spirit is willing, but my flesh is very weak, but I don’t want to use this as an excuse – I wish I could be more pure and holy to be a sweet aroma for my king, who sits in heaven high above on the throne and yet He is very, very close and near to us.

Anyway, when I speak about distractions, I recognize it happens even often in prayer when my thoughts run astray.
Have you even realized that?
Let’s say in prayer or intercession for a certain person and then… the thoughts suddenly make a journey into whatever situations with or about this person and then moves along around, ending in all different places, completely distracted by memories.
You may come back to prayer, but at least it seems to me such distractions keep on coming over and over again.
Okay, for people who don’t pray, it doesn’t happen, or those who pray once a week it doesn’t happen very often, but if you pray daily, distractions in the thoughts in the mind might come.

But I don’t want to give you more distractions now and will finish this message.
I think there could be much more to say, but I’ll leave it with that

So, whether we fly home during the eclipse as some predict or nothing spectacular or at all will happen, just to name the two extreme opposite versions, sooner or later the days of our lives are numbered, whether you like it or not.
And then… and then… we will know when we stand before Yeshua and He speaks his judgment, and we will know if our hearts have been focused on Him or just on all the distractive and deceptive things or the new shiny toys of this world so to say… basically all the vain things of this world.
However, I hope I will see you all on the streets of gold one day.
The fear of YHWH is the beginning of wisdom. Seek Him instead foolish distractions of this world.

End of Message

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