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Message 2024/04 And again… D.J.Trump

Message 2024/04 Month 02

Beginning of ″message″.

This is not a prophetic word!
And though I labeled it as a message, it’s even not really a message (don’t have a specific category for that).
It’s more like some thoughts that came to me – somewhere out of the blue, so to say.

Message 2024-04 Trump again


We know how the election show is spinning around in the US.
Though not being American, I hear a lot about it, as I also have a bunch of American friends.
I could never really understand actually this 2 party system where one can chose between evil and evil or which one thinks it might be the lesser evil.

Yes, there are more parties that run, but basically it’s the Republicans and the Democrats that play ping pong since ages there.
The table and the ball and even the paddle, always still the same, only the faces of those who are playing change from time to time and of course only millionaires or billionaires, those who have no clue about the real daily challenges of average people.
And at the end it’s anyway a circus or a Punch and Judy show – or whatever you label it.

However, I heard the rumors that (NATO) will try to trigger World war, and so they can postpone the elections or skip it and the current clown can continue.
I don’t say world war 3 because since there is no peace treaty with all the 54 nations on world war 2, so, technically world war 2 never finished, and therefore I simply name it world war 2.2, but that’s not important if it comes to war how you name it – war is war and people are dying.

The other idea I heard will be a economic collapse with civil unrest and marshal law or whatever… and then also, elections can be avoided.

Maybe there are other ways but clear is, in the polls Trump is far in front.
Though I don’t stand on any position, but can’t understand how anyone with a bit of a brain can vote for clown Biden. I cared for disabled people for several years and I guess most of them might be able to do it better than this actor.

Possibly the other idea is to rig again the elections – worked easy, just flip the votes and voila, Biden again the majority.
But I assume many more people will be on high alert and run surveillance, so that option may not work again.

However, now here comes the thought I had (a complete different approach):
Just imagine… I’m only speaking hypothetically… though it could be prophetic, but I declare it as non-prophetic.
BUT; What if… What IF…

Even after all the media spectacles and crooked anti-Trump trumpet sounds and all the crying and blaming and so on…
What if the globalist puppet-players decide to let Trump win. (not elections but selections, or name it whatever you want)

And then?
And then…
Release the virus X or Y or Z – oh no, Z doesn’t work, because that letter is already in use by the Russians in Ukraine, so that could cause some confusion.

But after the virus comes, another crooked traitor camouflaged as an medical expert and advisor may convince Trump again for the next warp-speed needle distribution, or maybe he will label it lightspeed distribution – or whatever is the fastest.
Basically 2020 and 2024 or more precise, the beginning of 2025 the same script… could it be?

Well, don’t let it be enough with that.
THEN: Collapse the economy and blame it on Trump after he promised to built the 5 billions Dollar wall.
Oh that money would have saved the economy, while they skip to mention all the hundred or who knows how many billions drowned in the sinkhole named Ukraine.

Or may on purpose completely lose the war in Ukraine and blame it also on Trump.
Surely there are more things that can be blamed on Trump.
You can spin for yourself many more and different scenarios, I just took these few.

Clear is, if Blackrock, Vanguard, Rockefeller and similar gangsters and banksters want to crush the economy anyway and if they want to crush the economy of any specific nation, they only need to press the button (because they have so much monetary power that they can do it on will) and the next day a nation is done (bankrupt ). Presidents are all just replaceable pawns, but they can blame it on Trump, that’s the ″good″ thing, even though he is not the real reason.

And remember, it’s all bread and circus since ancient times – nothing new under the sun.

Something else which was not in my thought, but anyway as I am already on that subject, I heard some people claim or believe Trump will be the Antichrist while others think it’s Obamalek. Personally I don’t point my finger into any directions except the bible… but Trump as the Antichrist? No, no way. (I can be wrong, but I just can’t see that).
Nor that I see him making America great again, though I would see him doing that rather than to be the Antichrist.
The only thing that can make nations great is repentance and turning to the Lord – Politics is just a smokescreen.

Besides that, the whole thing about the end times is possibly anyway more as a regional conflict with Israel and the middle east, though to some extend it will of course impact the whole world – some areas more, others a bit less but all severe.
And so my guess, if the Antichrist is truly a person, he might be either middle eastern, but perhaps not a person at all, or if so, a combination of a political-religious system like Islam together with a leader that may not be even human.
When the bible gives a hint that

But I don’t want to open that can of worms much at all.
I only wanted to point out the thought that came to me, if the globalists just decide to let Trump win they will have a bogeyman blaming everything bad on him – so simple.

With that we could have a bit more time for the harvest of souls and a little chance (personally) that I could finish my book.
Okay, this Trump scenario sounds bizarre, but time will tell how things will play out in this crazy world, where everything (crazy) seem to be possible in that regard.
Some might grab their popcorn bag and have fun with the show.
For the faith folks I would advice have your lamps ready with enough spare oil – whatever will happen.
Yeshua will return and we don’t need to guess anymore but have a real (righteous) king.

The rest I’ll leave up to you…

End of Message

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