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Message 2023/12 The final countdown

The final countdown, Message 2023/12 (in warpspeed)

Today I want to share some thoughts about the Gregorian year 2023 as it is coming slowly/quickly to the end
First of all it is incredible how fast this year has passed by.
A lot of things happened.

Message 2023-12 The final countdown


Most people click on videos about politricks which in my opinion is a bit a waste of time – somehow…
But how many spend their time in intimate fellowship with the Lord Yeshua (compared to the time they spend watching politics) ?
However, a little bit about the vain foolishness I share also now.
Remember, this is message is not prophetic, just my personal thoughts.
If I would have spoken in a prophetic manner like Thus says God or THE LORD or something like that… claiming Trump being reinstated 5 or 10 times the last couple of years I may have 100.000 subscribers and many would still think I am a prophet when indeed it would be only about me and profit – the profit-prophet.
I guess we have seen many of them the last years.
Let them have their profit. I will continue to sit on the couch and bless the Lord for all the troubles, difficulties, frustration and a life without favor and success in most things that I face.
At the end it’s all about Yeshua and our names, mine and yours written in the lambs book of life.

But now anyway a bit about politics:
Enough to know that the next year we will possibly see a lot of mud flying back and forth in the American circus.
I mean, if Obiden will run for another term, then… the clown world is surely lost in hopelessness.

Okay, not so popular politics outside the US, Israel or China, but a few words about Europe.
In Italy and lately Holland at least in some countries seems like people are fed up with the socialist leftist agenda.
Or it’s time for the white hats to take over the black hats, basically the bad bad guys get removed by the good bad guys.
Great hope I might set actually in Germany.
If the insane green-left insane Government manage to take down the economy until there is nothing left… (oh what a connection). – go for left politics and soon nothing will be left.
Not that everything was bad in the eastern part of Germany before 1989 , before the opening or unification, but we know how things was broken there because of the socialist ideology.
Possibly all planned anyway.
I actually had long ago a dream where I challenged my brother with the possibility that even Daimler/ Mercedes might go down… then he responded (in the dream); no, this can never happen because of blah blah blah and so on (details of the dream not important).
I don’t hope it will be but if so, and I think it speaks about the whole automobile industry, and then, Germany is done – over.
The only good result might be at least that the Evil Union could also collapse because of that.
So, if they continue and the people continue to sleep, then, there might be no more (real) Germany left… or maybe it will be re-branded into For-many, basically a place for anyone in this world who likes to come, legal or illegally, get their citizenship and a smart phone for a 15 minute tracking and receive their monthly welfare.
Though if someone of the illegals commits a crime, the police make a notice with a smile and say bye bye, see you next week or the next day (for the next entry), because our judges are busy with the misinformation folks and they anyway will never judge poor migrants.
But enough with that now.

Was there something special in 2023 to mention?
For me surely a very interesting year.
Alone the journey out with a tiny boat, sailing a couple of months away from the Smart city to a place that I didn’t had on my radar – did not had radar anyway on my boat, but metaphorically speaking here…

And currently I am waiting to go to the next place.
I have an invitation to renovate a farm and a couple of buildings, yet need to wait a bit for some bureaucratic things to be clarified.
Not always easy everything in communist countries – may you wonder why I will go to a communist country?
Simple as that: As almost all nations have turned either Communism, Marxism, Fascism, Climatism or Whatever’ism, what choice do we have?

However, I will work there basically for free, or let’s say for food and accommodation.
Only I need to figure out how to carry my belongings there.
Russian roulette I think will be less dangerous than sailing across the ocean during winter.
So my prayer is that I can sell the boat asap and a few other things and look another way for transportation (no flying) – will be another 1000 miles or so.
Definitely I can’t carry everything, and so I need to leave a lot behind and then start once more at zero with almost nothing.
But when I think when people lost their houses and everything or even their family sometimes because of an earthquake, flood or war, I am doing pretty well compared to that.

Nevertheless, with that work, even without income, at least I can serve the Lord with the gifts, talents and skills He has given me in construction – and hope I can get back more into worship.
Okay, that location it not by the ocean anymore, which is a bit sad, but at least I will have nice mountains not so far away, which is also nice because I also love mountains, and a combination would be the best.
Hope I will be able to find an old cheap but useful grand piano, to re-start with worship in music or perhaps someone will cross my way who has an old grand piano that is technically still good to give away.
Have not been playing anything since 7 or 8 months but would love to resume with music.
Would like to record also some new songs I painted since I finished my journey.
Oh yes, beside new songs I also write on a book, which is a very hard one as I need tons of help in corrections from people who know real English – my native language is not English.
Not sure if it will ever get finished.
Even if I would translate it into my native language (not into my slang) I would need a lot of help.
But let’s see how this turns out.

Many things what happened in 2023 everyone surely know to some extend – the stuff that filled the headlines and distract all the world of what is going on behind closed doors of what the self anointed elites are planning.
But I don’t want to talk so much about the Israel-Chamas thing.
I definitely don’t stand behind Chamas, but also because of the way everything started I neither stand behind the Israeli Government.
Sad enough for the ordinary people on both sides and how they suffer.
Regardless of how everything will turn out at the end I pray for the peace of Jerusalem but keep my fingers out about the conflict itself.
As I have been living a number of years in Israel people of course asked me about my opinion.
I have been with Israelis, had many Arabs at work in care homes and hospital and also once I had a couple of good talks with a Palestinian woman who was there as a patient.
But that’s all I generally speak about that and I don’t share more about my opinion of that conflict or war or whatever you name it.

However, now we have only a month that is about to fly by in 2023.
Though it’s a short time, still a lot can happen.
One thing that will come is….? what?
Let’s say it this way:
M ake sure you have your chimney cleaned, so Santa Claus will not mess up his dress or the gifts.
And anyway for the sake of climate change don’t use a fire place to heat your home – too much smoke and too much CO.too
Use 5 or 6 jackets it it gets too cold.
Okay, when the water freezes in the pipes, then you just wait til springtime to take the next shower – that’s so much better for the climate hoax, ehm, or for Greta Thunderberg….
Maybe one tear I might shed here.
Because of the weak economic situation the gifts might be very small, or you even get empty boxes.
I think we are not yet in the year when the Robo-Santa-Claussies will come.
But if you receive nothing please make sure you will be happy – see the positive side: use it as an opportunity and training to own nothing and be happy.

I think this is related to the Jeremiah 10 festival.
About that I already spoke last year, that’s why I will not add anything new this year.
It’s a pagan festival but what you do it’s up to you.
You decide because there is anyway nothing new under the dome or under the sun – however you name that blue strange thing that is round with 4 corners where we dwell.

But now… something else here between.
The other day I was looking for the number of abortions for this year.
I think I haven’t opened that website with the abortion statistics since a very long time.
The data on abortions displayed on the Worldometer’s counter is based on the latest estimates on worldwide abortions published by various sources, including the WHO, the Wicked Hell Oligarchs.
And those numbers don’t include the normal and the genocidal miscarriages because or the well known needle therapy.
You can’t make this up – when I opened the website… here’s the screenshot.

The worldometer gives also any other numbers such as the debt or the cohoaxavirus and because of that you need to be careful with these ″official″ data numbers.
We know how much statistics are twisted – which depends on the way how to count.
One thing you surely may never find in the worldometer are the death from the Josef Mengele Serum.
However, every single abortion is one too much.
The women who have done it and repented will see their child in heaven reconciled back but those who don’t repent will regret for their murder in all eternity in pain and agony in hell.
Interesting was only the number when I opened the page – which shows something of the root, the one who is behind it.
I could almost say the ones WHO are behind it, WHO written in capital letters.

Now I have some great news:
I thought to say good news, but I will preserve that phrase for the gospel of eternal salvation – so I say great news.
According to numerous prophecies or maybe profit prophecies there will still remain at least 2 possibilities for another rapture in 2023.
We have missed a good amount of raptures already this year, but we are not yet in 2024.
So there are a few options to catch the next rapture bus.
The one I heard about from different headlines will be between the 7th and the 14th of this month.
And the second one will be during Chanukkah.
I thing this is really great news!?
It’s like waiting for the bus, train or rather the subway (as they come more frequently), when you miss it, shortly afterwards, comes the next.
So, nothing to worry.
Keep your eyes on the rapture profits….
Only, if the rapture will not come this last month of 2023, then….
I have no information on the schedule for the first rapture trip in 2024.
If you know something, let me know, and if I hear something, I may post it… a sticker on the fridge.

I was actually thinking to bring AI into the video or my thoughts about it.
But for the sake of time I will only bring a few questions instead a lot of theories – you can answer for yourself.
Why are these humanoids are build or designed either male or female when robots don’t have any gender – and even the modern leftists want to erase gender?
Or can female robots get pregnant and give birth to baby robots?
And if so, I spare the section of the ″intimate″ relationship between two robots (sperms, etc.).
But if so, how do robots grow in size?
Will they suck their milk from the robo-mothers breast?
How long and what type of diapers will they wear until they know where to go to litter-box?
…just from the perspective that they will not burst up in flames because of their lithium batteries.
Will the AI humanoids also have to wear masks or get vaccinated if something like this tyrannical nonsense comes back again?
Also will the babies get 30, 50 or 70 shots in the first half a year or so?
Or will they install a vaccination via the software?
Okay, maybe a bit too many questions… but perhaps AI can answer them.

And back to the Rapture:
…by the way, if you ask where to get the tickets for the rapture…
There is a book, called the bible. There you’ll find plenty of information how and where to get the ticket – which is actually for free..
I won’t be able to get for free to my next destination (here on earth), but the ticket for the rapture is for free.
There is only one limitation:
It’s only available as a one-way ticket.
But I’m sure, if you get one, and get there, you very likely don’t want to return into this mad world.

Anything related to 2024 I will try to post in the beginning of next year or perhaps at the end of 2023.
And if you don’t hear anything… the chariot arrived and took me home.
But I am sure you will realize that, as I will definitely not be the only one, rather I hope to see all of you who watch this video, flying home.

But that’s enough for now – time will tell if I will come up with more this month.

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