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Message 2023/10c Israel, Gaza and EU-Hypocrisy

A test balloon?

I had actually another subject in mind, or thinking, to put all of them together in one message.
But I may separate it or else it might get a bit long.
Will surely see then, how many will watch this one and how many the other message – depending on the headlines.
But I will record and upload both shortly one after the other.
Due to the wish to have a faster internet, there will be a gap of a couple of hours.

Message 2023-10b Israel and EU Hypocrisy


However, I am wondering if anyone wants to hear anything else but of the war in Israel?
Seems like we are getting bombarded with all that propaganda.
Not sure how to start.

Beginning of Message:

But let’s go first to hypocrisy.
I have been living most my life in the center of Europe surrounded by that criminal organization of the Evil Union – currently I am out of it.
Yes, to say that it might put me in a target for disinformation or whatever they name this new illegal law of censorship.
Free speech is a human law whether someone agrees with the opinion of another or not – but that’s over.
Since decades I have been watching the puppets of that club like flags waving in the wind.
The best example is this person Von der Leyen, where the more appropriate name should be Von der Leiden, which means translated something like ″from / by the suffering″. And indeed, hearing her hot air poppycock cause only a lot of pain.
But I have seen often such people lifted up and , in high rank positions, because the puppet players in the background can use them perfectly for their benefits.
And if they don’t work anymore as expected they will get replaced, which I have seen often, when suddenly they disappear out of the blue from the political circus.
I’ve seen that over and over again throughout decades.

But I also remember how much the EU or at least most the EU countries have embraced the Palestinians year after year with support in word and finances.
And suddenly now they turned around 180 degrees.
How could this happen?
Government buildings lit up with Israeli flag colors and so on and banned are often pro-palestinian protests.
No, I don’t support nor admire what the Chamas is doing, nor their behavior – not at all.
It’s simply disgusting what they do.
And the reason for that is surely very complex, as we could explain it in a few sentences, but not surprising and I would not wonder if this was planned since a very long time.

But here comes the hypocrisy.
When Russia had (supposedly) cut off some towns or small areas in the Ukraine from water and electricity or even one if it they called it war crime (in big letters as headlines of the propaganda outlets).
But now as Israel cut off electricity, water and food supply and everything from Gaza and even named the people who live there human animals it is cherished.
Children and women also collectively now labeled the same (3 year old are now terrorists).
But since the EU received the Nobel poop price they can anyway do whatever they want.
Maybe Israel is the next, to receive that joke-price.
I don’t expect the lamestream propaganda machine to report anything else but what these globalist puppets or puppet players are telling them.

But now to the Gaza thing from another perspective.
Though the narrative changed, the EU used to call it always an open air prison, weeping so much, presenting little children with saucer eyes in tears, that they don’t have anything and the big suffering because of Israel being so rude, brutal and hu-huuuu baaah, blah blah blah.

But now, here comes my so called conspiracy theory (or truth?) if you want to name it like that.
I am not going into the discussion that the Israeli government and the Mossad must definitely have known and in my opinion had their hands deep in that swampy plot and let it happen.
The direction it will turn we don’t know yet.
No way, when even a fox could enter the fence without action being taken, but a rusty bulldozer pound for an hour to break the fence and thousands of armed Chamas people could launch Israeli territory and filming with their smart toys the whole scene – and all the other details – and no response for hours…
This is impossible!
Oh, where do they got these toys from?
And where does all the surveillance technology in Gaza came from?

Well, I want to bring another thought here.

Let’s assume that the territory of Gaza and everything what happened there, throughout all the years til today was planned very careful from the very beginning.
I have no doubt that secret services have been infiltrating the Chamas up into the leadership and possibly perfected the system that led to that disaster – maybe the last steps to re-arrange the middle east for the final chapters of the book of Revelation.
For what purpose?
All in all nothing less but to play a game!
Which game?
A test project of how much you can put on peoples back and what happens when you careful put the last straw on the camels back, and then stand back, pretending and promoting that it broke on it’s own!

Or in other words – here comes the conspiracy – a prototype of the 15 minutes cities.
A test, how much you can do against the people and to manipulate the behavior and minds of people and how far you can go – and what the result will be (if you put the last straw on their backs).
And I look at the broader picture here – from distance.
Finally, what should be done and reported by in the synchronized lamestream liars to bring all those, who are not yet in these secluded cities in alignment with the plans of the puppet players.
How to adjust the frequency of the death towers in order to make people mad and give a reason to implement martial law or similar rules.
Well, you can spin a lot of different hypothesis around it, this is just a small part of my take.

As long as I can remember, Gaza was always on the front pages of the news, sometimes more, sometimes less, and here in my thoughts, what is to be done to, and pointing to the (plans of the) 15 minutes cities, how far you can go until it explodes.

One thing is clear, propaganda and brainwashing works and has been going on since centuries.
But we see, might see the perfection of it now or what will come.

What I would suggest to be prepared for what is to come and how things will shift in this world.
And carefully watch it and be aligned with the Holy Spirit, that He will lead and guide you through all of this, to make the right decision to be at the right time at the right time.
Clear is, things have gone insane and people completely mad.
Some countries a bit more others less, but all in all what we see is scripture unfolding in front of our eyes.

Pray Psalm 91 and believe it, trust and obey Adonai and He will make a way until He comes back.
And one day if you seek closeness to Yeshua He will bring you home and wipe every tear from our eyes.

End of Message

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