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Message 2023/10b What’s in the Playbook? Israel @ war update

What’s in the Playbook? An update about the war in Israel – 2023/10/10

One thing is sure, that a couple of things with that war are simply very very odd and don’t add up by logic or common sense.

Lets look into the game a little bit

Message 2023-10b Israel at war update Oct.10

First of all, I know first hand that Israel have been on high alert since a while.
They have been expecting war at any time since months – or even years.


I know of one high rank military personnel who wanted to go on vacation already since months but he was never allowed because of the situation – smaller army people yes, they could go.

And then, consider, knowing it happened just around the 50 year anniversary of the Yom Kippur war 1973.
(You can search for yourself where you will find the number 50 in scripture, related to the Moadim).
Yes, they had also the end of Succoth and Shabat.
And then I have seen short videos of Chamas going into a military base and I could not see any soldiers there.
A military base where someone can walk in just like going in a supermarket – that is something very new to me?
I went in 2002 on a hike in the Negev.
But my map did not had a military base signed in that section.
I could not get very close to it before the first soldier came to me.
Okay, I was alone and with my blonde hair I don’t look very much like an Arab.
But I was told, better to keep distance.
And yes, these People at the attack were numerous, but without strong resistance could walk into a military base? Come on… maybe in a dream…

It is like 2 pirate boats with let’s say 4 people altogether having 4 riffles, would conquer a big military destroyer or something like that.
This is I would say somehow ridiculous and something does not add up.
Even labeled as a surprise attack did not convince me to stop questioning the whole thing.
Even before 2020 I was aware of many sinister plans and actions of wicked puppet players, but since 2020 I don’t trust any government anymore – and Media even long before.

However, I heard the speech of Netanyahu saying.
I call all citizens of Israel to strictly obey…. okay, once again in quotes: ″STRICTLY OBEY″
the instructions of the army and the instructions of the home command.
What is the home command?
The government? For Americans possible the DOD,
but I don’t know exactly, but these words sound to me ″follow orders″.
My dad surely heard such a sentence 1942 in Germany from the SS.
And don’t forget how the same Prime minister pushed the needle mandate.

Interesting was also the footage of the two towers that collapsed.
It looked to me more like as controlled demolition aka 9/11 than a bombing.
Oh yes, I had a unexpected vision about a month go where I saw the numbers 9/11 – is there something in it to connect to Israel?
As I looked at a footage of these buildings collapsing, I could see some faces in the clouds.
There appeared actually more than one faces in the smoke, I just pick the strongest here in this image.
Does it not look weird?
You make your own conclusions or watch the footage by yourself, maybe in slow motion and you may find more faces.
controlled demolition gaza reuters 1b

By the way: I have not noticed that in the video, but look at the empty roads.
Have there ever been anywhere in Gaza roads without people walking?
Though the Israeli military gives always warnings 10 to 20 minutes before they take down buildings for the people to leave, but in that distance still not a single person, just one single car parking?
And note: thiss picture is a bit cropped where you can’T ecen see the car, but on the full image you see more along the road and yes, no people.

But now something more sinister…
I bumped into an article that said:
Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant orders siege on Gaza: “There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel. We are fighting ″human animals″ and we will act accordingly.”

If you like to hear my approach on human animals, listen to the song Monkey Business – specifically verse 15

Or abut Damascus in the song BIG Brother, Verse 31

But is it not the globalists definition for 95% of the worlds population?
Where could we read about it – Does the Israeli defense minister also join the Georgia Guide club that lost their stones?
Is he one of the Jews of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9?
I heard someone with the name Harari saying similar things – in his case slightly different but his department for the hackable animals seem to point to the same mindset.

However, in addition to that how Bibi blustered against Hamas that this will be something like their ultimate destruction or to flatten Gaza, that made me think to connect some dots…

He also vowed to change the Middle East.
Listen to the wording: change the Middle East.
When now also the Evil Union consider to re-think their support for the Palestinians.
Is it not weird that suddenly all these puppets at the same time change their minds in that regard?
It looks to me, the final pages of biblical prophecy unfolding right in front of our eyes.
Just waiting for the Hezbollah joining, and the destruction of Damascus, that I already mentioned in the last message, and if this happens, we can surely start to count the last few years.
Perhaps a peace plan, that will bring the last pieces of the puzzle into place.

However, there are numerous Israeli now taken hostage by the Chamas.
No-one really knows where they are.
Actually I can only imagine that all the poor girls might get permanently raped, but this is another subject.
Interestingly one person who also found himself in the hands of the Chamas is General Nimrod Aloni – I find his name very interesting – Nimrod…. could it be something symbolic?
Nimrod, connecting with the tower of Babel – where we have some kind of a replica in Brussels.

let’s connect some dots together:
1st Obey Strictly the commands.
2nd Total destruction (not far from totalitarianism)
3rd and finally Human Animals

When they will bomb Gaza, and flatten them out, will they care about the kidnapped Israelis, or will they look at them (their own citizens) also as Human Animals?
Or will it just be collateral damage?

A friend in Israel told me that this dance festival that was attacked used to be every year and about 20 Kilometers away from Gaza, but this year surprisingly the first time just beside the border.
Think about if even this was planned for this purpose?

Since the plandemic it is clear that the Israeli government is no different than all other governments in the world (I am not talking about the common people, which are usually very nice). I speak about government, those behind and those who follow orders, and he did not care about if they will drop like flies because they were forced to take a poisonous liquid in their bodies, same like Castrudeao, Macronero, Hitlers Daughter or whoever.

I am not pro nor against anyone – I want all people to come to the knowledge of the Truth in Yeshua and be born again to find the way to the Father in Heaven.
I have been living in Israel several years and I love these people, and I have been working with Israelis and Arabs.
Yes, the Arabs were generally much more difficult to deal with, than the Israelis but some are very nice.
However, it’s not about Israel or Palestine it’s about people.
And on both sides too many are dying.
It’s no difference with the Ukraine thing.
There the same, I am not pro any of these countries (=geological locations) and the people there, because I have Ukrainean and Russian friends, but it’s horrible to know people are dying in proxy wars.
When I say proxy war and people think this is an American procy war, I say no, this is a Bankster war, rich against poor – Kissinger mentioned it very clear.

However, in that Israel Gaza thing, something does not add up and it’s just very, very weird or may I say MAGA fishy.
To me it looks that all groups are in the same boat, and we (the population) are being played – and also as whole energy of the world news being directed towards tiny Israel, the players behind the scene can re-arrange the rest – what they want to do and accomplish.

Or in other words, what is in the playbook?
Maybe it’s time to open the page for the white hats to overthrow and black hats – basically the good bad guys take over the bad bad guys.
Well, for the ordinary people I have no doubt, it will remain ″bread and circus″.

Someone commented: Demilitarize Israel and there will be peace on earth?
I say this is stupidness and total ignorance.
Almost 2000 years there have been no state of Israel but there have never been a time without war, throughout all history.
Whether with or without Jews, mankind is just not able to live in peace together.
Even look into many families, how much hate and violence within their homes, not to mention so many who don’t want to live in peace with their neighbors – for no reason.
And yet there is a reason, where the answer you’ll find in scripture.

It is a spiritual battle and it will go on until the devil, the accuser, liar, thief and murderer, the master deceiver is being cast into the lake of fire, period!

And by the way, I mentioned in the video I’ve made a day after the war broke out that the focus on Ukraine will be moved somehow into the background.
I usually don’t watch news, and definitely not the lamestream propaganda.
I only see the headlines on these video platforms where I post my videos or if someone send me a recommendation or an article or video, I look it up if it’s not too long.

But you can check it for yourself and decide if it that’s the case or not.
I was thinking about prophetic words, and so easily you can predict things and claim it as prophecy.
I don’t need to do that, because with common sense an knowledge of history and scripture you can just predict certain things and most it will happen.

How long will this war go on I can’t say – possibly it will last for a while and not be finished within 6 days.
Some claim it might be the beginning of World war III – time will tell.
Actually since there is no peace treaty of World war II with all the nations involved, we are technically still in World War II, so instead number 3 we may say it’s World war 2.2
But I am sure, Nuremberg 2.2 will not come because after that war it might be difficult to find enough wood for all the gallows.
What will definitely come is the rapture, the wrath of Elohim and after the Millenial reign of Yeshua a new heaven and a new earth.

This is what I am looking forward and waiting for and hope to see you all there.
Until that comes and there is day, I continue with my work I am gifted to do – speech is not really my thing – and I will anyway not be able to catch up with all the events of in this world, even not those in Israel alone.

End of Message

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