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Message 2023-10a Israel and Chamas @ war

It’s (again) war in Israel – 2023-10-07

Guess everyone already knows…

Actually, I wanted to record this video already yesterday (day one of war), but in the evening is not enough light – silly enough with the sun shining through the shutters.
I think we might be bombarded for a while with news about the war in Israel because this does not look like a 6 day thing. So the question, why shall I throw my two cents into the scene?

Message 2023-10a Israel and Chamas at war


And especially since I live now not anymore only 200 miles away from Israel.
Well, I still have some friends there…
But listen to the end..
No, you won’t see horrible pictures where you see people get slaughtered and shred into pieces, and blood flowing all over the screen, which seem to be a modern trend.
Why is this?
Well, the more people are used to see horror, the more their conscious minds will be numbed down – and when things geet really bad, people might do the same, without qualms.

Here we have Chamas, a terror organization…
but when I look into this word in scripture,the meaning of this word means: violence, violent or cruelty.
First time it appears actually in Genesis 6:11 where it says, ″The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence″.
That was before the flood – if corruption and violence continues to grow, guess where and how all of this will end?

Yes, many people are like that.
Look into many cities in this world and how Chamas has become so rampant.
Violence on every corner – not really much a difference to these group of people in Gaza except the missiles.

The closest big city from where I grew up had about half a million people, but now there are meanwhile some no-go areas, where even police don’t like to go in anymore.
And I think this is only one of many cities where such violent corners have grown like cancer.
How far has the world gone down the drain? (the last 50 years)

When I was young, you could go anywhere in that city by day and night.
Yes, there have been here and there reports of local fights or even stabbing or whatever violent scenes, but that was usually limited within the drug scene or some clans who battle against each other over nothing.
Standing at a train station by night was never anything to be afraid of, but that changed and I never heard about no-go zones when I was young, like they have today.

And there in Israel now, in my view, there is war of violence against ignorance.
Amazing, the Mossad, supposedly the most brilliant (or whatever) secret service have completely missed it.
I don’t have a smile or a smirk on my face like certain high profile personalities when it comes to people dying.
I don’t know the proper term what to use, maybe it’s an oxymoron type of silliness, if it would not be so extremely sad you would think all of this is pure irony.
Think about just three years ago, the same prime minister went violently against his own citizens with useless mandates and forced them to take deadly injections, but now have to face violence aka Chamas against his own nation.
I wonder if in his panic mode or have to make stupid decisions according to the playbook.

I don’t hope but I would not wonder, if this might become a very devastating fight – also in the view that many soldiers have been physically weakened by the liquid in their bodies and many people are divided because of all his polytricks.

Then, that day when I went from the garden inside to drink something I heard about the war from the family I stay with – they have actually relatives living in Israel – then I looked a bit up if I can find something things that pop up about it.
Actually some footages about the first hours when it started.
I read about how a bunch of leaders, especially from the ones from the Evil Union and the UK.
Their lying mouth claims to condemn the violence – where they more condemn the attacks itself instead the Chamas Terrorists and what they do.

But first of all, why have they sent so many billions (Euros) into Gaza and supposedly not knowing where all the money disappears.
The situation for the people there never improved since decades.
I am old enough to know that.

Just considering if all money (only from the EU) would have truly gone into infrastructure and some sort of charity with food supply and building up their economy, Gaza could be some sort of a paradise with the best roads in the world and prosperity on every corner.
Only consider how much potential they could have along the coast just for tourism.
But instead…
People still live in poverty, except the ones who join the hate-army and the money goes down into weapons, ammo and tunnels more Chamas, more propaganda…

I heard the voices that say Gaza is so crowded and small, and that’s why they can never prosper and blah blah blah.
Compare it with Singapore for example (Monaco may not be the greatest comparison but also small and very packed).
They are very crowded but doing pretty well.
The only difference is, the people in Singapore don’t receive violence teachings by the EU sponsored schoolbooks and don’t drink hate with the mothers milk.

Wait I say.
Wait, until Israel have launched enough missiles and fighter jets into Gaza and torn down some buildings where the Chamas use to launch their rockets/ missiles – for the most collateral damage.
And then when the propaganda have gone out and went viral, listen to the words of these hypocrites in the EU nations plus America if they condemn the Chamas which they actually don’t do but they condemn only the attack and not the attackers…
if they start to condemn Israel to be too hard and it’s illegal to shoot against school buildings or hospitals (with killing ″innocent″ people and so on), when they know very well, this are the paces where the rocket launchers are strategically placed, including use children and women as living shields, to cause the maximum damage for the mainstream liars to present the Israelis as evil.
This happened over and over again and I never seen people learn anything from history.
The propaganda machinery, so-called lamestream liars will never truly stand for Israel.

I already hear them (spiritually speaking), only time will tell if Kohelet 1 verse 9 will be right again – nothing new under the sun.
Guess I don’t need to waste my time to talk about a comment from Joe, the American Clown.
He might send a billion dollars and think with that thin air money does something.

But yes, it’s war and who knows, probably Chezballah might join one day from the north, because their hate against Israel and the Jewish people is just as much as their southern brethren (not to forget Iran in that club).
I remember the last conflict and the UN claim to protect Israel by a safety corridor at the northern border of Israel.
The UN defends Israel?
Are you serious?
Years back, I thought, they might erect a bunch or paper tigers and pretend to do something.
One day, yes, the UN army will come, but that will be the enforcement team for the triple six signature.
… all of this with their suspicious blue helmets.

The other thing about the north of Israel:
I am wondering, if they also attack, could it be the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 Verse 1?
And if so, then we can start to count (the last final few years).

How it will end?
I don’t know, but there is the potential it will end very bad on both sides.
And all of this just in time when Israel and Saudi Arabia came closer together – hmmmm, what a coincidence.

However, all of this started at the most joyful day at the last day of Succoth which is also a regular Shabat, heading into Simchat Torah, the joyful dance with Torah scrolls.
The joy of Torah is a lot reduced this year.
And also just 50 years from the Yom Kippur war in 1973.

Not a coincidence, not in the physical nor in the spiritual.

Again Israel did not turn to Adonai with the whole heart and keep His commandments instead they holding on somehow to the traditions of the elders.
Besides that they not only walked the same way as the world but have been a forerunner of wickedness and idolatry and followed Jezebel instead to be set apart as commanded.
They also never learned from history how it turned out if Israel went away from the Elohim of Avraham, Yzchak and Yaacov.
Just think about that Israel have learned absolutely nothing from history.
Each step what happened from 2020 is exactly the same that happened in Nazi Germany. And by this Bibi in Israel have literally acted no less than as an extended arm for Hitler.
Sounds harsh, and how do I know that?
My father could tell you everything in detail if he would still be alive. Step by step into totalitarianism, just a bit a different color (with the liquid).

So it could be a short war, but could go on for a while and could even turn out to be very bad for both sides – already very bad at the first day for Israel.

But unless Israel truly turns to Adonai and repent of their transgressions they will not see the mighty hand and outstretched arm of YHWH to deliver them out of the hands of Violence ( Chamas) as He did in Egypt from Pharaoh.

I heard first hand that Bibi have been warned more than once not to walk the same way as the heathen, but it appeared he have not followed it or at least not with his full heart.
May this war will be very short or it will go full scale and last for a couple of months, I can’t say.
If so, then maybe Ukraine will be moved somehow into the background and somehow forgotten.
And all nations will look into the middle east, which is actually that place where the bible talks about mostly.

Perhaps this will unite the Muslim world together then we can expect very, very bad times ahead, also in Europe and America.

Also I would not wonder if this will be the beginning of a peace plan to divide Israel and Jerusalem.
And for all the nations who are pushing it, they will not have fun, because they will have to deal with some severe judgment from above.

Scripture is clear and we shall be more aware when everything comes near Jerusalem.
It is written, in Matthew 24:6 we will hear of wars and rumors of wars, which also means revolutions, but this is not the end.
And yes, it points to the very end, to the near end.

I was in prayer this morning outside in the garden.
I focused more on the lost and the master of the harvest to send laborers into the harvest.
It was a bit sticky that prayer time.
Of course prayed for my own plans to write a book (if this will ever be done) and surely other things.
After I heard Israel is at war, how to continue with my prayer?

I continue to pray for laborers for the harvest, but also according to Psalm 122 for the peace of Jerusalem – and of course the will of Adonai to be done in Israel and for all the world.
May this war shall become a great opportunity for many to cry to Adonai (like the children of Israel did in Egypt) and find the Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach.

May many will find the truth, which is in Yeshua only.
He came in the flesh, died a horrible violent (Chamas) death on the cross.
He poured out His precious blood for all mankind to receive forgiveness of their sin and get saved and don’t perish for all eternity.
His blood has the power to wash away all our sins and through Him we can have access to the Father in heaven, the place, where there is no Chamas, no pain and suffering, nor any political hypocrisy – and vi don’t hav to eat ze bugs.

Heaven is a place of indescribable beauty, filled with joy, peace and endless love beyond comprehension.
If you have not asked Yeshua to come into your heart and become your personal Lord and Savior, do it now and don’t wait til tomorrow.
Who knows where Chamas or war will hit the next.
The future war is anyway in our minds with invisible weapons of mind control and we should pray to find protection under the shelter of the wings of the most high – Psalm 91 is a good start.

So I think now enough said.
We will see how this will turn.
In the place/ country I have been before I may could hear the missiles or the fighter jets as they are very loud or see some smoke rise up which I have seen before.

End of message

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