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Message 2023-09b Yom Truah, Rosh HaShanah 5783 to 84

Message 2023-09b for Yom Truah, the Feast of the Trumpets or Rosh HaShanah 5783 to 5784

Yom Truah, translated as the feast of the Trumpets.
It is also labeled as Rosh HaShanah, which is the Jewish new year.

Message 2023-09b Yom Truah


According to the rabbinical counting it will start on the evening after sundown on the 15th of the 9th month according to the Gregorian counting 2023
If you take the sighting of the moon it might be one or two days later whenever the moon will be visible from Jerusalem.
Some folks claim it be the 17th a month later – I don’t see that because it would have needed a 13th month in springtime.
But this year 2023 the spring was even very early, and by that the connection to the harvest and firstfruits that points to Shavuoth would have been far out of the window.

Some other things I already covered already in the message last year or two years ago, but will give parts of it again.
Rabbis claim that day was the creation of Adam and Chavah.
They see it as the birthday of the universe and it is celebrated as the head of the Year.
Well, here comes the discussion about flat earth versus a floating ball somewhere in the universe into the game, but I will not go into it.
Yet with a stationary earth, the universe is not what it supposed to be.
I can’t prove both, only scripture gives the reference to a stationary flat earth (more or less flat).

However, on that day the Jews have their rules and customs when and how everything has to be done properly.
My memory is actually too small to remember all details, so I just blow the Shofar.
And as it falls on new moon, of course the Shofar has to be blown anyway.
Only on that day it shall be blown more than only during the daytime and not only during the appearance of the moon.

Leviticus 23:24 speaks about it. There it says:
On the first day of the seventh month you shall….

Oh, wait a minute:
New year in the seventh month?
Where is the logic here?
Did Elohim made a mistake or is it rather a man-made invention or idea?

On a day when the gregorionized western world has the middle of the 9th month of the year 2023 but the Jewish year flips from 5783 to 5784 which is from the month Elul to the month Tishrei.

I actually don’t know to what the beginning of the Gregorian year is related to, or why they chose that specific day.
If they would have depicted at least one of the equinoxes, that would have make somehow sense, but so….
I don’t have an answer and I am not eager to search the web a long time that I maybe… find some information about it – because it’s anyway not important.
Since 1582 we have the Gregorian counting in the westernized world which replaced the Julian Counting but both is anyway man-made.

I looked at the list of the many different calendars and the one Hindu calendar called Shaka Samvat has 1944/45.
I thought, I would not want to live in Germany of those years in Gregorian measures.
And I don’t want to live there anymore with all the rapidly rising crime, restrictions laws and whatever and the flood of migrants.
Well, soon maybe many countries might look like this if the psychopaths of NATO continue their game.

But now let’s look at the biblical word Yom Truah.
In Strongs H8643 we find some meanings, which are:
Shout, shouting, alarm, sound, blowing or blast.
In most translations where we find the word trumpet it is actually Shofar, which is a rams horn.

Some say it has to be blown 100 times on Yom Truah, but I could not find that in scripture.
If you’ll find it, let me know.
I would anyway need a counter or else I would certainly fail.
In the synagogues some say there are 3 different distinctive blows but others say there are only 2 different ways how to let it sound.
I don’t know who is right, who is wrong…

A gentile it’s actually not permitted to blow the Shofar in a synagogue.
Once I was blowing on Yom Truah in Gilo over Jerusalem when a bunch of Jewish friends were listening.
They said: we need to convert you, so you can blow the Shofar in our Synagogue.
By that time they did not had anyone in their congregation who could blow it and needed to hire someone for Yom Truah.
Well, they tried, but there is no reason for me to convert into Judaism yet more reasons against it.

First of all, I don’t have Jewish documents, though, who knows truly if I am Jewish or not.
Only Adonai, the Father in heaven knows.
But… IF I am Jewish, then… it’s impossible to convert.
There is no way to convert a banana to become a banana! Right?

And more I don’t want to convert is not about a conversion to become a Jew, though they might give you legal Jewish documents.
But it is a conversion into a religion and I am definitely not interested in that at all.
Religion can’t save anyone nor can religion take a single sin away.

Even though I am ″technically″ not a Jew I don’t care, I will keep the Biblical festivals of which one of it is Yom Truah.
The festivals as like the commandments are anyway meant for all people and not only for the Jews regardless of what other people say.

Back then in the wilderness when the feasts were given, there were the Children of Israel, the Hebrews together with a lot of foreigners and the festivals were made for all of them to keep, not only a selected elite or group.
Torah was and is and will be always for all people and not only for the Jews.
The mountains of rabbinical laws and rules are only for religious folks, who want to present themselves as someone special or perhaps super holy.
If they want to keep it, fine, that’s their choice, but all man-made laws are useless for sanctification, and this is only possible through the Word of Elohim.

Some pronounce it actually Yom Truah, others Yom Teruah but both versions are okay.
May you have seen or know Hebrew letters with all the dots, underlines and colons in between.
And the word Truah in Hebrew contains a vowel underneath, that looks like a colon.
It is a Shva and it can have a slight e-sound or is silent as it represents a stop.

But okay now, I don’t want to make this video too long.
You will see in the video that the scene will change, because I have to put the microphone and possibly also the camera a bit further away or else the sound will become very distorted.
The Shofar is much louder than my voice.

I actually was wondering if I would play two Shofar at the same time, if this is legitimate to blow both sounds at once?
That would safe a little time and be home earlier for dinner.
Though I think I would need a lot of practice because one sound is a permanent very long sound and the other are short intervals.
Ehm, Just a thought.

But before I finish it I want to mention that there are already claims out there that this coming Yom Truah, this feast of the trumpets will be the day of the Rapture.
I covered that subject already a bit in the introduction video I think.
But if the rapture will not happen, so what?
I am okay with that and will continue working for the Kingdom of Elohim as long as there is day, because the night will come where no-one can work anymore

And IF it will happen against all odds and deniers, I will rejoice and look forward to go home.
But if it happens and Adonai needs me urgently here on earth, during the time after the Bride is gone, I will not rejoice very much, but I am willing to drink the cup, even if this is very hard.
Then my body might go to heaven one day in two pieces, but up there it will be transformed anyway.

So, if you want to listen to the sound of the Shofar, go to the video.

Chag Sameach V’ Shalom Shalom

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