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Message 2023/09a The upcoming Moadim, Intro

Message 2023-09-a, The upcoming Biblical appointed feasts; Yom Truah, Yom Kippur and Succoth

We are heading towards some ″holidays″.
Some name it Jewish feasts or festivals, but literally they are the biblical appointed feasts – and this is for all people, not only for the Jews.
Here’s my introduction/ announcement:
Message - The coming Moadim


But you will not be cast into hell if you don’t keep them, but I try to do so whether it will be possible or not.
Some claim it to start on October the 17th (as I heard somewhere) or so, as far I have heard, yet the traditional rabbinical calendar goes to September the 15th.
Some say that will be very likely the day of the rapture, others say this is a lie and it will definitely not be on that day.
I am not going into the discussion about the word rapture where some hold on so tight this is false a teaching, because that word does not appear in the bible.
But I look at the word rapture as a typical way to describe the snatching away, where the English word derived from the Latin raptura which is basically the same as the Greek Harpazo, the snatching away.
Never mind, I say as written: no-one knows the day and the hour.
So by that it IS possible it can happen on exact that day, but it can also happen on any other day throughout the year.
However, I am ready anyway to go home, period and the sooner the better.

Interestingly that the American clown announced the next plandemic with mandates and possibly later on some lockdowns to start on September the 15th.
I found it very suspicious – why they always seem to pick such dates?
Of ourse, not a coincidence…
And maybe Mister Bluebeam will present a fake rapture on that day.

Oh yes, Yeshua will come like a thief in the night but I definitely don’t want to miss Him.
Surely I can’t stay awake 24/7 – just remember how often I fell asleep while writing or reading something.
I try to have my lamp filled with oil all the time.

The festival starts at new moon.
There is then the discussion about the accurate calculation when it is.
2 ways are possible. The one is the mathematical calculation and the other is by sighting the moon when he is visible as a small sliver.
Scripture more or less supports both versions and the people back then, thousand of years surely were able to calculate it mathematical.
But personally I think the sighting makes more sense and is very likely the way they did it in ancient days.
And the sighting of course from Jerusalem and not from America, China or the moon or wherever.

Now I want to share just some thoughts about the Moadim, the festival or say the introduction.
About the feasts themselves I will make separate videos.
However, IF the rapture WILL happen, then there will be no more videos about the festivals.
Though I think we have to go a little bit more into the coming storm.
If my videos got censored because it contains some truth that will be another subject.
In that case I can only recommend make yourself ready for the man of sin with the mark of the beast to arrive within a very short time.

So now to something about the festivals.
They got introduced when the children of Israel were on their 40 year journey through the wilderness.
So there was the camp with all the 12 tribes and in their midst was called the wilderness tabernacle.
In Hebrew we find there the word Mishkan Ohel Moed.
Mishkan can mean Tabernacle or dwelling/ dwelling place.
Ohel can also mean tabernacle and also tent, which is often a typical tent Bedouins use.
Moed can mean congregation but also can mean appointed or appointed meeting.
So together something like a ″dwelling place with the meeting place of the congregation″.

Oh, a meeting place?
Who meets there?
The Bilderberger to built back better on the backs of the sheeple?
Or the United Narcissists together with the Wicked Hell Organization?
Oh, maybe the Wicked Evil Forum with the BBSea and the SeeNN?
Or the clown who stumbles up the stairs on the Airforce one to meet a certain Russian Bear?
Oh sorry, the last one is banned from almost any place of this world, and as the clown anyway reads only from his prompter, they can post a picture of the Russian flag there and let an AI voice do the rest – he anyway won’t realize of who is speaking.
Well but what about a meeting with the two killaries, the one with the Gates at his end and the other from the pedo clingdom.
I guess the guest-list can go on and on on a 20.000 miles long toilet paper scroll.
At least, one day all sooner or later, of them will meet Yeshua.
And if they don’t repent, that meeting will be very, very short and extreme uncomfortable – and afterwards more uncomfortable.
(Sorry for this long section about the wicked psychopaths with a bit a cynic touch)

But in the wilderness with the children of Israel…
I read in Exodus Shemot chapter 39 verse 32
וַתֵּכֶל–כָּל-עֲבֹדַת, מִשְׁכַּן אֹהֶל מוֹעֵד

KJV translates it
Thus was all the work of the Tabernacle of the tent of the congregation finished

When we speak about appointed festivals, we can also say something like this:
″At the tabernacle of the assembly, Adonai wants to meet with us at His appointed times″.
Not that He likes to meet us every da y, but this is definitely want to meet with us on these special occasions the festivals He had set up for us – yes, something very special.

Who and where is the assembly today?
The synagogues?
Well, there are actually two very different ones.
The one is, where people meet to talk or hear about Adonai (more or less) and the other is mention in the book of Revelation chapter 2:9 and 3:9 as the Synagogue of HaSatan – wherever you find them here on earth.
I advise highly not to join the last one.
We might pray for these deluded people, that they will find the exit door but to join them will surely bring us into danger of hell’s fire.

The other Assembly I would say are for the gentiles, more commonly their meeting place translated as the church.
But also there are two very different places.
The one is the Kehila or in Greek the Koinonia which is not made of stone but of living hearts, and this is people who truly love each other.
That’s the real body of the Messiah.
The other church are the buildings or rather the institutions called church.
At the end I would say, they are roughly not much different as the Synagogue of HaSatan, just everything in different colors and variations.
With that I point out to the churches who agree with gay marriages or the girls who join there, dressed like prostitutes and a lot of other stuff that is not what scripture defines as holy.
Or the other churches are those who promote doctrines of Balaam or the lukewarm with Jezebel in their midst and so on.
I don’t have too much of an insight in all of this and how many they are, but I know these things exist.

If you see something not biblical in your church, you may speak to the pastor and point it out and if he does not listen and act according to the truth of scripture, get out if it right away and find an assembly that lives and teach repentance of sin, forgiveness and does everything according to Gods standards. Not to say they will be perfect in all things, but a big part if they are humble and so.
Guess you understand what I mean – I don’t know how to present this in English the best way.
A God fearing family is often better than any congregation that is contaminated with worldly filth.

Now, as being in the subject, before you shut down and say I am a false teacher:
I don’t have the calling to be a teacher, nor do I have any gifting to be one.
So by saying this, some things I say can appears as false.
You need to consider that English is not my native language, and by that I can sometimes miss things or word it very weak in a way that appears wrong.

You for yourself I want to encourage to examine everything like the Beroeans did, using the scripture.
May you see more details than I do and I am well aware but also glad there are other people around who can explain things much better than me.
I am simply a seer but want to paint some of the messages and point to things I see in there.

But back now to the tabernacle.
This tent was in the middle of the congregation.
All 12 tribes were around it, 3 on each side, North, South, East and West.
But before they had built the tabernacle, there was a tent of meeting.

Just shortly after they built the golden calf we read of another tent, Ohel Moed.
The Wilderness Tabernacle was not yet build.
The scene of Exodus happened after Moshe came down the mountain where he received the tablets with the 10 words, Adonai has written.
And there we read:
Now Moshe used to take a tent and pitch it outside the camp some distance away, calling it the “tent of meeting.”
This can mean either way, tent of meeting or tent of the congregation.

Looks like Moshe had enough of the stiff-neck people and went off, far away from them.
The laws he wrote down later, but I am sure he already knew them.
Usually they had the real health regulations to separate the sick people.
The unclean people had to go out of the camp, not to contaminate others.
Today the Mafia oppress the people to take useless drugs to cover the symptoms that does not protect other people around them.
However, that’s another subject.

But Moshe was outside the camp to meet Adonai personally.
Only Joshua the son of Nun was with him.
Now, how would it look like in almost every city in this world when the righteous will pitch their tent and then suddenly a cloudy pillar decent and stand at the entry.
I mean a cloud from heaven with the Glory of Adonai and not a fake cloud fabricated by any sort of technology.
Or a fire much larger than the 120 experienced with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit not a destructive D.E.W. claimed as conspiracy.
Actually I wrote a song about such a scenario in 2011.
I have it on my website called 10,000 sons.
This is of a dream or vision about a few righteous people in midst of a filthy city who are set apart and meet together to pray and seek Adonai, that many will come to the conviction of sin and find salvation.

I am wondering where in this world are the tents of the congregations to meet Adonai.
Where can we find Him?
I think most know that we can find Yeshua in His word and also can meet Him in prayer.
Sometimes He appears in dreams or visions or even in a visitation.
I know this is very rare but I encourage you to be open to it.

Never say never.
He said, those who are pure in heart will see Him.
Some people say these visitations are fake or only to draw attention.
I know people who had visitations, from Yeshua and from angels.
And these don’t boast about it in front of hundreds of thousands of subscribers but keep it for themselves and only a few friends have heard their stories.
And there is no reason these people should lie to me.
May the coming appointed feasts will become appointed meetings with Adonai for you and for me.

The first is Yom Truah, the feast of trumpets or also named as Rosh Hashana.
Then there will come Yom Kippur, the day of atonement.
The last will be Succoth, the feast of the tabernacles.

I will make videos for each of them or at least try to share with some thoughts.

I will not complain if the rapture against all odds and disputes will happen on Yom Truah.
And if we will not fly home on that day, you don’t need to comment on that and justify your viewpoint or blame me.
I don’t teach any specific day but would be very happy if we fly home in a few weeks or days.

more about the next Moadim in the video on Yom Truah
whether I put them all together as one or if I make a video on each of them I don’t know yet.

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