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Message 2023/08 Arrival into rest to rest

Different country, different house, different environment, different couch, but the goofball is more or less the same.
The country I finished the trip was not on my radar.
I had a couple of options in pocket but definitely not this one.

Message 2023-02 Arrival


No more island now, but mainland.
From here I would not need a boat or ship to go to Africa, Europe, Middle east, Russia (may I am not permitted to mention Russia without censorship), India or even to far east like China – though I don’t think I will ever go there.

It has been 3 months of some form of trials and tribulation.
On this journey I encountered pleasant but also terrible moments – and almost everything in between.
But I’ve made it by the grace of Adonai safe and sound – and alive.

I will not make this message long because there are tons of other things to do.
How this season here will turn out I know as much as I don’t know the day and the hour of Yeshuas return, only the Father in heaven knows what will come – and when.

3 months disconnected from Internet or news and stuff like that is kinda weird as possibly 99% of the population I think it used to follow and watch all the useless, bad or a bit better news, whether through Göbbels perfected propaganda mainstream machine or via alternative sources – some more, some less lies between the tiny little truth.
There is only one truth and this can be found in one book named the bible.
However it was somehow very relaxing, not knowing what is going on in this world because the brain does not need to process the insanity of what all the psychopaths and megalomaniacs including all their puppets and parrots are doing – or planning.
Guess only another worldwide Plandemic with all nations shut down or the world war that would have spread into the area I am sailing but besides it… nothing…

During the trip I received a few prophetic words.
Some of them I managed to post on my website.

Actually I received more than those few but due to the circumstances on a rocking boat I was not able to write much at all, and was not always motivated to write much at all with wet fingers and paper.
However, the ones I have written down, slowly, one by one I will record and upload on the different video platforms.

Yes, I was not always happy along the way but I’m grateful to made it through this trip alive.
I am not sure for how long I will, or can stay at this place or if and when it is in Adonai’s timing to go to the next.
From the family that is hosting me I could stay as long as I want, but I want to be in Yeshuas will.

What I have to do now is to organize all my belongings – luckily not a lot, yet still many small bits and pieces that consumes quiet some time.
The space I have is definitely more than on the boat but still limited, so that takes a bit effort to clean up all the stuff.

And when this is done I will go on the journal I wrote on the way.
Some say I should write a book but I am definitely not a great writer and my grammar is far away from being anything – actually I don’t understand grammar at all.
But maybe it will become like a small book somewhere between 20 and 100 pages.
However, one thing is sure: this was not not a trip on a boat from one place to another but a spiritual journey into spiritual realms I have never been before.

Now I am back to the ministry in praise, worship and prophecy

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