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Message 2023/04 Pessach 5783

Bindernowski’s message for month 04/2023 about Pessach – Chag Mazot

Verses to read in
Exodus 12:1-50
Exodus 13:1-16

Message 2022-04 Pessach

Pessach/ Chag Mazot, the feast of the unleavened bread.
As scripture said we shall celebrate it, so I do.


The way I do it might not be perfect according to the traditional way (instructions laid out), but with my limited possibilities and currently in midst a big transition with a big chaos I pray the Father in heaven understand and have mercy.
May some say, this is old testament and only for the Jews.
But no, Torah is for all people whether you agree or not.

No, I am not celebrating the egg and bunny festival because no-where in scripture it is commanded to do so – even though we are also in that season.
And beside that the roots of Ishtar is not good at all.
You can make your own research on that where it derives from.

As I am in a ″supposedly″ orthodox christian country, the eggs have a week delay compared to other nations like Scandinavia, England or America or other countries where they celebrate it.
They celebrate it here just a week later.
So how can that be?
Was Yeshua buried twice?
Or the one that was buried was Jesus and the other Yeshua or the other way around… or Iesus or whatever name?

And even when you remove the eggs and bunnies, still the good Fryday is nonsense that is left.
My math is surely not the greatest, but I can’t count three days and three nights from Fryday til Shunday.
Count for yourself: okay, it’s a bit tricky with the differences between the biblical and modern man-made counting when the one day begins at sunset and the other at midnight, but nevertheless it is not rocket science, trying to count three days and three nights (and see where you end when you start on Fryday).
I heard some teachings on these three days how they squeeze three days and three nights – very twisted to me.

Yeshua was not crucified on a Fryday but on the 14th of Nissan and was in the belly of the earth for 3 days and 3 nights.
Yes, His resurrection was at the first day of the week, which is on the Man-made calendar roughly the Shunday.
His resurrection could have been right after the end of Shabat, basically around sunset Shatterday evening or later during the night, but scripture does not give the exact hour or the minute on that.

In my early years in faith I have been taught the preparation day is before Shabat, but never heard high holidays can occur on any weekday of the Gregorian Calendar. And they are also called Shabat and therefore there are any other preparation days throughout the week possible.

Yes, Pessach, the feast of unleavened bread that shall be remembered throughout all our generations.
It’s the festival when the Children of Israel went out of Egypt by the mighty hand of Adonai in a hurry.

Will we see another Exodus now?
I don’t know if it will match together with the biblical Exodus, but according to some Apocrypha there will be another type of Exodus with lots of plagues and three days of darkness at the end of it.
And there are also some prophetic voices that speak about three days of darkness…
But there is no indication that it might fall together at the same time together with the biblical festivals.
And with three days of darkness before it, it’s already too late to happen.
Not enough time left before the 14th of Nissan.

Yes, I have some difficulty to remove all leaven out of my little cave.
I have most my stuff already packed for the upcoming journey.
Food I have in sealed bags and I don’t know what is in which bag.
They are separated and marked by months bot don’t know which ones might contain leaven.
I can shift them all into the boat, or outside somewhere so at least they are out of my little cave.
But since I am not alone using this building, I anyway just can’t toss other people’s food.
And some people might bring in some leaven during the week.

But more than the physical leaven it’s more important to remove all the leaven out of our hearts.
Leaven is all that puffs up, things like pride, arrogance, selfishness and so on.
If anyone thinks he is free from all of this, I think they should examine themselves twice or much deeper.
I am sure everyone has at least a little of leaven left in their hearts somewhere.

But I pray by Yeshuas help to get rid of all this rubbish whether it is a lot or just a few crumbs and pray for you too.

But enough for this message
Time is running out.
I assume the coming months will become very rough with the things we hear already, like the plan of the wicked ones with the implementation of the government controlled digital currency (CBDC), a possible bigger war – and who knows how the thing in Ukraine will continue.
Also a possible war in Israel, and beside all of that another pestilence or plague and so on and on.
The wicked puppet players are possibly not happy, as the injections have not killed already 90% of the population, so they will surely come up with more evil things – or at least as much as they get permission from our heavenly father.

And finally as the Israelites were called to put the blood of a lamb on the doorposts of their homes before the exodus, so will I.
Though the entrance to the place where I live does not have doorposts nor a lintel I will just sprinkle it around beside the door (basically virtual doorposts).
Not as a religious action, but as a sign for the devil and the angel of death that there is no permission to enter this place!
And more important to everyone I recommend to sprinkle Yeshuas blood on the doorposts of your heart, because there is where the real battle is going on.

I am looking forward to join the great exodus out of this world when the bride will go home to be with our beloved Lord and Savior for all eternity

How much time is left I don’t know, all I know every day we are 24 hours closer to that.
And I am looking forward with exceedingly joy.

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