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Message 2023/03 Stalingrad 2.0 + Nuremberg 2.0

Message 03 in the year 2023 about the mystery of history and the implication of Stalingrad and Nuremberg.

What I say here is not prophetic yet mainly my personal opinion, my own thoughts, except the bible verses.
Only time will tell if prophetic elements are included in this message.

Message 2023-03 Stalingrad

If you don’t know what Stalingrad stands for, please look it up.
And I am pointing to the catastrophe of Stalingrad or also the whole thing as the battle of Stalingrad.


Interestingly enough the link of Stalingrad with Josef Stalin
When all the world point their finger usually always towards Hitler (as the baaad dictator), they forgot that Stalin was actually worse than Hitler. Not to mention Mao Tsedong, who topped all.
But when we look at the modern young dictators like Trudeau or other young leaders who are only some sort of ultra-flexible rubber and Schwab-puppets, the old dictators at least had character and strength, regardless of their wickedness.
Well, with Stalin, who in the western nations is interested in all the genocide in big Russia back in history? And the west anyway got brainwashed with this anti Russia propaganda when they say, every dead Russian is a good Russian.
And China is anyway far away… Except for Made in China for the profit… but who cares about the lives of people there…(?)

Now before Stalingrad 1.0 and 2.0 I will go into Nuremberg 1.0 and Nuremberg 2.0.
Both are actually somehow related together.
And the same, if you don’t know what it is, look up for Nuremberg 1946/ 47.
By purpose I don’t say google it because I recommend to avoid Google as much as possible.

You may find the Nuremberg code also online. Please read it if you have not yet – short and clear.
Or better, print it out and carry it always with you, together with the UN declaration of human rights, the declaration of Helsinki and the Geneva convention – may I have forgotten something else, but these are good enough for most usage.
Well, I mean, in these last days like in the days of Noach we are living now, you might better print it on soft paper on a roll (maybe in a width of about 15cm/ what is this, 6 inch or so), to have an ″appropriate″ reminder how the tyrants of this world look at these mentioned documents and also on ordinary people.
At least that print can serve in emergency another purpose that… I guess, don’t need to explain it in details…

However, first I only want to go a little into the Nuremberg thing.
It is very obvious that the majority of the population possibly don’t really know what it is, or ignored it and additionally may not have much a clue about true history.
And I am not talking about the city Nuremberg itself, which has a good amount of old history.

Well, during the last 3 years, all those billions of people who have been forced to take a useless supposed ″test″ should have asked the medical gurus who stick the swabs into the noses or sometimes up to the brain to read the Nuremberg code.
Then, write down on the same document their names, ID number, and finally sign it and let them give you a declaration that they understood what is written there.

Similar later with those who gave the poisonous injection – while refusing yourself to take it of course – but to talk with them about their ″crime″.
Because according to the Nuremberg code is the right of every person to ask details about any medical treatment like the tests and injections as informed consent.
Which means to let them explain all the ingredients, each single one and what it does.
Also the possible side effects and so on, and beside that, the doctors and nurses HAVE to give alternative options – (a medical protocol given by politics is illegitimate and illegal, also according to the declaration of Helsinki).
There need to be a free and full informed consent without intimidation or any consequences.

But… out of ignorance, for financial greed or whatever reasons just to give an unknown injection is not informed consent, regardless of how many Media Monkeys claim that a concentrated snake venom with nanoparticles and unpronounceable toxins is supposed to be safe and effective.
I mean in some ways somehow it is true that it is safe and effective, only the question safe for what?
Definitely effective to kill, steal and destroy – and it’s very safe for gaining profit – only for a few.

However, if everyone would have insisted to get a complete true informed consent, I think the whole thing would have turned into a different direction.
But what can you do with the majority of sleeping sheeple.

Only imagine every person (woudl be awake) and needs one hour before they are allowed to stick the swab up the nose.
And this would mean for some people every day.
In a mathematical calculation:
One medical person could only proceed about maybe 10 people per day.
If only a thousand come every day you can calculate how much staff is needed.
Surely there would not be enough nurses and doctors available to handle that.
My math is not made for such a nonsense.

However by this the profit would go down the drain, except if all of the medicals would work for free which I am sure will definitely never happen – this planned-demic showed it clear enough how hospitals only look for profit and nothing else.
I saw the long lines here in some testing places, where people have been waiting sometimes one or two hours.
And by the way when I talk so much about this Covid plan’demic: before you stop reading and say: ″oh, this is old cold coffee″.
I say, not it’s not, because I see several places where still do this test nonsense.
And the continuation of this diabolic madness of genocide might be around the corner with another name.
But the show can only continue because of all the brainwashed people.
All medicals who still perform and comply are simply brain-dead and blind – and uninformed or ignorant programmed by the Big Liars and ″sponsored″ aka bribed by Big Pharma – or maybe including via 5G and AI.
If you are one of them, your final end will not be nice – that promise is clearly written in scripture (the bible).

The same happened with the injections where so many sheeple have been willing to wait for hours to get their death sentence – and many still run to get their next booster or even sacrifice their own children to the medial Moloch.
Oh, did I say death sentence?
Maybe not for all, but just a few days ago I spoke with an older sister I have not seen for a long time.
She said, she has never been to so many funerals in her entire life together as only in the last year alone.

And again, if all people would be aware of their right for true informed consent, things would have surely turned out differently.
Because to let the doctor explain each and every ingredient, possibly will take half a day, so, only 2 clients per day.
Okay, some of the leaflets are empty sheets (I have seen some short video clips where people were filming in a doctors office when they asked for it to see).
This is actually the most insane thing, to inject someone with something unknown, which is even a greater violation of the Nuremberg code.
Beside the shots, you are allowed to ask anyone of the swab and needle distributors to let them show you their medical license.
A crash course paper for the needle job is not a legitimate document.
But people are so stupid that they allow people who have not a proper medical education at all to do a medical procedure on them.
Yes, the majority may have some sort of medical experience, I don’t know exactly but definitely not all of them as I heard some specific testimonies, first hand from people I know.

But so it is when the propaganda machine of wicked men fill the people with fear.
What the Nazi Regime with Hitler, Göbbels, Himmler and Mengele did, was almost a walk in the park, compared to what the propaganda psychopaths and all the puppet players are doing today.

Let me give you a parable to that.
If you have a technical issue with the brakes on your car, would you go into a hair saloon and let a hair dresser do it, or ask the neighbors 6 year old boy repair it?
Even if one out of a thousand hairdresser might have some understanding what brakes are, you rather would bring it to a mechanic in a proper garage – or at least ask someone with proper knowledge and tools to do it – wouldn’t you?
To change an old rear window wiper would be a complete different level where you don’t have to worry about if it ‘s not repaired properly, yet with brakes…
But here, when it comes to our very own physical health, how many who performed the tests or even those who give or gave the shots have really a medical education?
And this is also mentioned as a violation of the Nuremberg code, which is (supposedly) international law (but who cares anyway about law anymore).

And on top, sadly a good amount of Christians even ran to get these Josef Mengele injection and some of the pastors even promote it from behind their pulpits, when they instead should preach the good news of salvation for eternal life.
But since gay weddings are meanwhile also now tolerated by many churches I am not wondering about anything anymore – somehow also in terms of a great falling away, but this is another can of worms I will not open here.
And as bad it can be even doctors who are Christians recommend the V19 snake venom.
How do I know?
I know at least two people whose doctor is a confessing Christian and he recommended them to take it.
I warned these two friends not to take it, but who listens to a goofball on the couch.

It says in Proverbs 1:7 The fear of Adonai is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.
Proverbs 9:10 says:
The fear of Adonai is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
And finally Psalms 111:10
The fear of Adonai is the beginning of wisdom. All who follow His precepts have good understanding. His praise endures forever!

What does it tell us?
If someone joins an experiment with unknown result or consequences surely lack a lot of wisdom.
Or worse than that, it appears that many doctors can’t even read.
Or else they would read the package insert and hesitate or say, oh, nothing in there, that can’t be.
Either they are blind or stupid… or… no…
I think, most are simply blinded by money and greed.
Again I say, even to this day I see people still go for this nonsense, the so-called test and also the next turbo injection.
Which gives a hint that they have neither wisdom nor knowledge nor understanding.
Every rock on the field have possibly more understanding.
Sounds strange, but look of what it is written in Luke 19:40
But answering, Yeshua said, “I tell you that if these keep silent, the stones will shout out!
This happened, when Yeshua was riding into Yerushalayim and some of the pharisees said to Him to rebuke his disciples as they were singing “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of Adonai!
Shalom in heaven and glory in the highest!”
And also, as written in Romans 8:22
For we know that the whole creation groans together and suffers birth pains until now.

So the creation, the rocks have understanding, but men knows nothing (at least the majority).

So, who are the pharisees today?
Is it not all the ones who try by force or whatever means, to silence all the voices of wisdom and understanding?
And additionally, there are many other pharisees out there from the jab-worshiper, the climate religion priests and countless other types.

Okay… now, Nuremberg 1.0 was literally a joke to make the public believe about such a thing as righteous justice, which literally don’t exist.
And so the real big players never got hung, yet after a few years in jail (possibly first class hotel jail), they came back, entering the same positions as CEO’s in the chemical and other industry they had before and continued with their evil deeds.

There are attempts since quiet some time to bring in a Nuremberg 2.0 for crime against humanity or however they word it.
Well, I have some strong doubt that this will ever come to pass – I mean I would like to see that but the indications for it to happen are anything but strong.
Too many judges are corrupted to the core – and actually, the reason for Sodom and Gomorrah were actually corrupt judges.
So at least in the western world and Australia, all the higher courts are very likely already owned by the Schwab clan, the Wicked Evil Forum and other puppet players – and the small courts have anyway nothing to say.
Africa has it’s own issues with witchcraft and corruption, which is already out of control since decades.
Asia in the grip of the dragon and the middle east under the sword of Islam, Israel in Idolatry, prostituting with Hollywood ideas and the whore Babylon.

However, if Nuremberg 2.0 would go through, then many millions of the big ones will going to hang on the gallows – publicly.
To build wooden gallows I guess there is even not enough wood available in the world or enough trees in all forests.
And in jail where the ones go who just participate in that crime, there is surely not enough space for them all, besides the ordinary criminals that are already there.
The only solution might be to put them all on a lonely island somewhere far out in the middle of the pacific leave them there just without anything, and make sure no-one is able to go there and fetch them.
The main players of that crime are roughly all those of the Pharma Mafia, Vatican and their pedo-friends, all at the WHO (the Wicked Hell Organization), UN, Big Tech, the Kill Gates foundation, Secret Services, NATO and EU leaders, most politicians, at least those in higher ranks, definitely the people who work for the Lamestream Media, and whatever.
Then the (smaller) ones who are going to jail would be hundreds of millions of doctors, nurses, police, FBI and similar special or security forces and the list goes on and on.
So here’s my simple doubt, or better say my conviction with the question:
Will police arrests maybe half or more of their own fellows and lock themselves up for at least 10 or 20 years?
Personally I don’t see this will ever go anywhere – surely not by human effort.
Ask the frogs if they want to drain their own swamp.
The chance for that would be possibly thousands of times higher to happen than the application of Nuremberg 2.0 even to be considered to be accepted, and another thousand times to be accepted to come into a court case and another thousand times to be successful.
At least from a human point of view.

But truly said the prophet IsaYahu (Isaiah 5:20):
″Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who present darkness as light and light as darkness, who present bitter as sweet, and sweet as bitter!″

Anyway, all those mentioned above who does not repent will find themselves one day in a very bad position before Yeshua, the ultimate righteous judge.
He is not corrupt nor can’t He be bribed, even not with ALL the gold, silver, jewlery and money in this world.
He will anyway laugh of such an attempt – look at Psalm 2.
Just consider that He built a place for His beloved made of Streets in pure gold as written in Revelation 21:21 – so what is worthless money for Him?
But all those people above and especially those in law enforcement, whether police, military or all the diabolic sick agencies who simply follow orders from wicked leaders, may one day, have a choice between repentance and guillotine.
And finally if they don’t repent end up in the most horrible place.
And that destination is eternal torment which is worse than Nuremberg and Stalingrad 10.0 combined – it will be hell.
And hell is a real place, whether you or they believe it or not; it is real and it is forever.

So far about Nuremberg, and now to Stalingrad, which actually should be the other way around, with Stalingrad before Nuremberg from historical chronology.

But also here; I will make first a journey through other things.
The reason I can speak about Stalingrad is not that I learned anything at school in history classes.
School don’t really teach history, they teach numbers, names and locations and all sort of other nonsense.
School, at least the ones driven by the state actually don’t teach much at all anything about real necessary things for life.
Or have you been taucht at School how to grow vegetable or the truth of the scripture/ bible, how to love your neighbor, to respect each person and things like that?
No, you only have to respect the narrative without questioning anything.
In these days of Sodomy and Gomorika it is not even permitted in many places anymore to question the gender nonsense.
And school would teach real history it would not repeat over and over so easy and quickly.
But as it is written: nothing new under the sun, what was will be again, over and over and over again…
However, I learned most from family history, where I have a colorful variety of viewpoints from many different corners that is connected to the Third Reich, and also related to Stalingrad.
Of course I learned also by life experience (even not being in war).
I will not go into details with family history because that would take hours, but will use it as a platform for this message.

Now, the question arise, how could it happen 1942 that so many people went to Stalingrad when the writings on the wall of the difficulties and defeat were already in big BIG letters?
I think there are many similarities to the question why so many people ran to get their injections and still go for it.
However, to explain it or understand is super simple on one side, but on the other side it’s somehow more complex, yet in some ways very straight.
The simple part is packed in one word and this is DECEPTION.

The other is actually not far away from it and shares some basics, which is: that most people listen more to men instead to the Word of Adonai.
Sounds also simple but the complex part is the understanding of scripture.
Scripture gives us actually all the necessary laws and information how to behave, act and live in peace and harmony in a society with all the social rules and borders and so on.

We can agree on that or reject it – where it’s obvious that most people reject or neglect it.
Some people less, some people more, but generally most live without considering Adonais commandments – yet rather according to the always changing mainstream narrative.
To live neutral is possibly not really possible, as Yeshua said, we can either for or against Him, which indicates that there can’t be anything between.

How many people have the proper fear of YHWH?
Talking about reverence, respect or awe and less this type of a scary fear.
And without fear of Adonai, how can anyone gain any wisdom at all – and from where?
Divine wisdom of what to do when there is heavy oppression or persecution arising or whatever you name it.
Logic doesn’t help against tyrants as their actions are simply unpredictable.

A few verses in scripture gives some more info’s about it.
Job 28:28
And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.
1 Corinthians 15:33
Do not be deceived! “Bad company corrupts good morals.”
Galatians 6:7
Do not be deceived—God is not mocked. For whatever a man sows, that he also shall reap.

All verses go hand in hand as well linked to the ones already mentioned before – were, actually the whole scripture in itself is woven together in a divine context as a beautiful garment.
Being in evil company will produce the seed for evil deeds and one day, the harvest of that will show the fruits.
We only need to look around in this world to see all the rotten fruit.
If you don’t see them, go to a drag show or something like that and you will know – you will see the depraved minds.

And yes, Deception is a key where scripture warns us about over and over.
Mostly I would say by propaganda, which is basically some form of mind control where people get deceived.
And then they do things that nobody with a clear consciousness and a little bit common sense and even only a tiny amount of human compassion and love would or could ever do.
Keep in mind, deception never comes like a flood but always sneaks in like a little water leakage which is often hard to find the source – and that’s the difficult part of it all.
I worked in construction for decades and from there I know that.
Matthew 24:24 makes it clear:
For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
False Christs or prophets don’t need to be connected to church or so.
New age, Media, Climate or other activists, Politicians or King Charles when in May he will get ″anointed″ in Jerusalem at his coronation – what a word in the corona world.

But let’s look at the example of playing computer games – probably you already know that.
As much as it attracts I guess mostly young people.
By that, they lose somehow, little by little, contact to the real world, real life, and if it becomes too excessive – which very often it does, it turns into addiction.
And then they are usually completely lost in a different (virtual) world.
I personally actually never did really gaming – I have been playing occasionally a few computer games, but this was decades back on Commodore computers (possibly only older guys like me possibly know what I am talking about) – yet today games are quiet different and look incredibly real.
However, I know many are addicted to it, and a lot of the games are nothing but action or shooting.
Often there is no need to look at the games, the sounds alone speaks a clear language.
So it’s not a surprise that shooting on a computer screen (or with such a clumsy thing to strap around the eyes, whatever the name) sooner or later will simply compromise compassion in real life.

Socialist Media is another source to get spoiled and lose reality.
Just consider, how much of the conversations are just gross, nasty, filthy or evil, beside the bits and bots that are not real people, or pretend to be people they claim to be but they are not.
I know even nice people from church who are addicted to these toys.
Years ago a lady in church asked me about Fakebook, I think it was something technical or whatever and I said straight into her face: Fakebook is only for idiots.
You can imagine the response in her face, because I said it in real love but with a very convicting voice – of what a nonsense it is.
I think I said in a similar circumstance about something technical the same to a pastor – with no response.
But I don’t talk more about socialist media now, because this is not the main subject.
So nice it appears to many, it is from the root a tool of the devil, period.

So permanent diabolic deception through propaganda in various ways brings people into a place that they do things where normal humans with a undefiled conscious would never do.
Remember, at the end of the line it is always the devil who only want to kill, steal and destroy, but he use men, technology, AI and all these things.
Yes, we know, there are people out there who are simply evil to the core and guided more or less directly by the devil, so the source is almost identical with their whole being (of the devil).
They surely have been involved in Stalingrad 1.0 or in planning it. Very likely most of those in leading position.
But now their spiritual descendants playing again with Stalingrad 2.0, as like in the days of Noach their intentions are only evil (and we are in those days).
Another factor when people do things they would not do otherwise is by pressure and intimidation, basically out of fear.
And the last three years many people have been pushed into a corner.
Either lose their job, excluded from society and other things like that or…

I have a photograph of a scene of a small town in Serbia where my dad grew up.
For those who don’t know just as an info: Serbia joined Germany in World War 2.
It shows young men in a line ready to go to war.
Did they go Voluntarily?

Maybe some of them, but I spoke to an eye witness from that town when I was there for a visit.
He said: these men, accompanied by ″police″ had two choices:
Either go to war, most of them to Stalingrad or they and their entire family will get shot.
It is just criminal beyond measure (he said).
But how would you respond as a young or a bit older man in a similar situation?

I don’t need to tell you about the war in Ukraine – I don’t think this is very different now.
I am not taking any position or wave any flag, not for the one nor the other side.
People in Ukraine are as precious as people in Russia.
Yes, some people go to war with excitement, thinking they do something good.
But how many don’t want to go but can chose a similar ″treatment″ like the one example I mentioned from Serbia.
Not that they are forced necessarily into war in the same way (to get killed right away), yet the principle I think is not much different.

However, there is an Ukrainian dictator, this megalomaniac who force literally all NATO members to give him basically everything he wants – including billions of dollars for his own pleasure.
Actually I believe everything (not only the war) is anyway just a big big game, a distraction show or something like that.
I mean, the war itself is real, but the intentions behind it.
I could very much see that Ukraine, the US, Russia, China, Iran, Israel and the Evil Union and other nations are playing simply a show together where all of them already planned the outcome – at least those at the very top of leadership.
In other words, the plan is in their script, the game for population reduction and total control.
Scripture already says it plain and clear with war and rumors of war and in Revelation 6:4 with the red horse to take peace from the earth, people would slaughter one another.
And in Revelation 6:8 with the pale horse that a fourth of the earth will be killed by sword and by famine and by plague and by the wild beasts of the earth.

As I learned history of World War 2 through family (and not from school), it is astounding to see how Germany again is running straight into their next catastrophe.

Because German tanks rolling again towards the Russian border, that’s why I name it Stalingrad 2.0
These politricktians puppets truly think by sending more and more weapons to Ukraine they can win a war?
Beside the war against their own citizens by flooding the land with illegal migrants who don’t care about law and order.
And of course, the deeper reason for this war is, that the devil demands more and more blood as his thirst for human blood is basically unlimited.
Unlike Yeshua he will not sacrifice his own blood to save the human race, but wants to kill as many people as he can, from the unborn, the youngest to the oldest.

Some assume this Ukraine conflict will turn (possibly sooner than later) into World War 3.
Well, technically speaking not really.
As there is no peace treaty of all the nations involved in World War 2, it has never ended and it’s only some kind of a cease fire or unofficial peace agreement.
There are a lot of arguments with the definition but I think this is not so important.
According to the propaganda narrative we have peace – and of course, because the Evil Union even received the peace Nobel price (I name it rather the poop Nobel price).
But since Arafat it became clear that reward turned into a joke, a comedy show.

However, German people only get fooled and it is not a sovereign nation as it is officially claimed.
Bundesrepublik Deutschland is not more than an American company or even only a branch of the big Mafia corporation and the politicians of that land are simply some sort of managers, the chancellor is the CEO.
And all of them have at the end more or less nothing to say
Any suitable trained parrot could do the job as well, though that would look a bit too obvious and would make possibly too many people a bit suspicious.
Well, on the other hand, there does not truly exist even a single sovereign nation, because all is in the hand of Banksters and pedophile gangsters who are in bed with the hegemonic Mystery Babylon and Jezebel.
So this shows how mankind is controlled by the thing called money.
So, if there will be another war it would be technically speaking rather World War 2.2 or World war two-extended or something like that.
But let it be World War 3 as most people are used to that term.

I don’t know where Gog and Magog war fit in or if both might blend together but at least the last final war in human history according to scripture might be Armageddon according to theologians.
Or Gog and Magog is the last final battle the same as Armageddon, just in other wording.
Personally I have not enough insight and knowledge into that, so maybe only time will tell.

However, as far as I can see, NATO and the EU definitely wants war, regardless the cost – basically the cost of human blood.
Whether the Banksters with the Military Industrial complex and someone else of the other puppet players are the driving force behind, doesn’t matter.
Again; the root of it all, is the same source with all evil, which is the devil, straight from the pit of hell.

Despite the fact that we are already in a (C19) war let me point out to the real possibility of a military type world war with rockets and bombs and such things.

There are prophetic voices and people who had dreams and visions about it.
Some say, it will go nuclear, others say it will not, and some say it will be a chemical or biological warfare or a mix of everything.
We already have 3 years now in a war against the so-called overpopulation with this biological weapon that is camouflaged in a syringe.
The next (virus type war) is already announced – guess just a matter of time when it might get released.
How it will look like I don’t know, but the distractions are already on an all time high.
But… at the end… I think… it doesn’t matter so much anyway.

The current battle on earth we can see – or battles in plural.
Over 100 food production factories burning down in one year and all supposedly accidental or unknown cause, which says enough.
Trains suddenly forgot that they were designed to run on rail tracks.
Poisoning the sky with chemicals since decades – and the oceans as well.
War against free speech or basically all freedom in many different ways.
Beside that we have HAARP, 5G and other energy weapons the public even don’t know – like those who were covered in strange clouds like the one seen in Turkey before the devastating earthquakes hit.

However, Stalingrad was a turning point in world war 2 for Germany.
Wicked-pedia writes the battle of Stalingrad was from August 23 1942 til February the second 1943.
Not so easy to explain how my dad could have end up in Soviet prison in that battle on August 8th even before that battle started.
Well, here it is: Brittanica writes from July 17th 1942
Wherever the differences come from you can try to figure out on your own…
Anyway, I assume my dad knew this was an impossible mission and possibly decided just to run over into the hands of the Russians without firing even a single shot.
I think a reason he survived is, that he spoke Russian and a few other things (spiritually speaking not all were great).
Anyway, the approaching winter claimed by November was the literal turning point of the War, that’s why it is named the catastrophe of Stalingrad.
Just a matter of the viewpoint if it was a catastrophe or a relief or whatever.

I am wondering when the turning point of Stalingrad 2.0 will be and how it will look like.
Whether it will be again in the same area or somewhere else guess doesn’t matter so much.
Fact is that we are heading fast forwards to the risk of a massive world war – not only another cold war.
A hot war, VERY HOT!
Because the weapons today are definitely much more devastating as the ones back in 1942.
But the point of no return has already passed long ago.

And back a bit to the Nuremberg thing.
Yes, most people are very much asleep and as the PCR and V-needle-war is currently in something like a cease fire (at least in many countries).
A little shooting here and there but mainly it is relatively calm.
A lot of people, or possibly the majority might think the world will turn one day somehow back to normal (though the normal before was anything but normal according to biblical standards, yet more a Hollywood-normal or perverted normal).
When I look around, being in a tourist country, I clearly can confirm that, though the season has not yet started.

Now with the banking system starting to collapse, we will see where that will bring us and how it will end.
It is possible that all the big demonstrations are also planned from the same people to have more distractions.
I assume the new digital system, the cashless society with socialist credit might be coming soon (maybe summer).
Or everything comes altogether at the same time.
Sure is, this secular year will be very interesting.

Well, a bit a side view:
Several prophets – mainly the famous ones – speak about big revivals, blessings, turnarounds, wealth transfer, basically all the great things and so on… a lot of political changes will come with righteous leader to take over almost all nations, or at least America.
Also, they speak about many more years to go, even decades in a form of a ″normal″ life, or some claim it will be even better than ever before…
Well, of course the millennial reign of Yeshua will be better for some, but they don’t specify into that.
All they prophecy sounds like just human effort or things like that with a God who just does it without the people need to repent.
Perhaps you know or heard about that…
But maybe you heard also some other prophetic voices – mainly the small unknown village prophets – and they speak about the destruction of America – and that to happen because of the lack of repentance – additionally a lot of apocalyptic events all over the face of the earth because most or maybe even all other nations are not better.
Yet with America as a leading in wickedness have to face the big part.
And it indicates both scenarios will happen around the same time.

So, my question: how can that be?
Well, the source of destruction is clear, and so the source of blessings.
But if you go into scripture, how does it look like?
Which of these two scenarios might be the next?

When sin has reached a level of no return so to say – or in other words, sin have reached the heavens where the book of Revelation chapter 18:5 speaks about.
Can Adonai overlook sin forever? Will He overlook sin once and for all and forever?
I think there is a limit when Adonai will say: ″enough is enough″.
And I am sure, we are already at the threshold of that.
It’s not a question of the ″IF″ but just a matter of when!

You may replace Stalingrad 2.0 with World War 3
And Nuremberg 2.0 with Yeshua’s wrath.

Regardless what you name it, the only thing that keeps us away from all of these things is in our decision.
We can decide to live in sin and go with the world or decide for a holy life that is pleasing to Adonai.
We can’t serve two masters.
The last three years showed so clear that the love of money is the driving force for so many people.
And some of the people we even thought they will not do that – but they did.
1 Timothy 6:10 says it clear that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.
If Christians or pastors got for these things, what is their source, where is their faith connected to?

For those who are still entangled in the Babylon-system of this world, Adonai said: ″Come out of her, my people, lest you participate in her sins and receive her plagues!″ (Revelation 18:4)
And this indicates, if we step out and not participate, we will NOT receive the plagues. (that’s good news)
Let us disconnect from the world and connect to Yeshua and walk with Him like Chanoch did.
And what happened to him?
Adonai took him, Adonai raptured him.
May He will grant us favor and mercy and keep us from the hour of trial that is coming upon the whole world to test those who dwell on the earth.
I pray and hope it will be sooner than soon.

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