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Yom Truah/ Rosh HaShanah (Message 09/2022)

Message 09/2022

Yom Truah/ Rosh HaShanah

Most people focus only on Rosh HaShanah but forget Yom Truah (also transscribed as Yom T’ruah or Yom Teruah).
The funny thing is, that Rosh HaShanah is not a scriptural feast, or in other words: it does not exist in scripture!
Yom Truah literally means the Day of the Shofar sound, also named as the feast of the trumpets in english.

Message 09/2022


Rosh HaShanah on the other side derives from Judaism where they say this was the creation of Adam and Eve.
And by this they declare it as the head of the year (Rosh means head).

Well, biblically it is Yom Truah and it comes from Leviticus 23:24-25
You can find a lot of studies on that in all different directions.

Please note that I am not at teacher at all and the message may not have a red thread, so I simply added my personal touch regarding this day. Acually, I hope it is not too long winding or boring.

There are lot of loops and I switched around with a couple of different subjects but hopefully you will get the point.
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