ONE Name ONE Truth

Grooving Music with Lyrics pointing to the law

Title: LawLoLaYah

Full version

And also as a live version, which actually belongs to the Banana-Praise (Part 2).
I add it here as well, yet feel free to listen to the Banana Praise as well (once done).

Video of live version:

What the heck is this for a title?
Long ago I had an melody of a song and something like a refrain without lyrics, singing: lalalala…
one day I was speaking with someone about Torah and how man translated it very weak into Law.

He emphasized “LawLawLawLaw” in a way that had almost exactly the same rhythm like the idea I had on lalalala.

So, in that moment that song the subject of the song was born.

To explain a bit:
“Law” means what it says: simply Law (any kind of law).
“Lo” means “No” in Hebrew.
“La” you know the most common lyric in the world.
And finally “Yah” the short form of the name YHWH.

The same pronunciation as Yah in German is Ja, which means Yes.
And I for myself say Yes to Torah (Law). As a guideline for my life.

Weeks later I was watching these windmills turning from my balcony.
By that, the thoughts came according to the Book of Lamentation how everything is turning around and around and around.
(don’t worry, the song does not have an endless loop)

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One Name One Truth


The earth was spinning, in Beginning, turning round and round
As long the Spirit-Wind of God was blowing o’er the Land
The perfect Laws of Nature in Torah clearly expressed
In every detail marvelous we saw Creation blessed

Refrain 1
Law Law Law Law…

Now people turning on ourselves, are turning round and round
To us the Spirit-Wind of Love, it whispers not a sound
But fallen into slavery engraved in human laws
We cannot fly in freedom neither can we find the cause

Refrain 2
Lo Lo Lo Lo…

So on and on the turning turns, and on the spinning spins
Until the Spirit-Wind of Love moves on us deep within
The Song of Moses in our hearts discovered now to be
An ancient revelation of New Covenant and free,
and free, and free, be free, be free, be free !

Refrain 3
La La La La…

4. (YAH)
Now time is moving on and on and……………
quickly, round and round
Soon comes the day the Spirit-Wind shall lift us from this ground
All slavery of human law, of endless day and night
Are banished, and forevermore, in glory and delight

Refrain 4
Yah Yah Yah Yah….