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Jer.10 Festival 2020

The Jeremia 10 feast is coming and many people run into the woods to cut a tree.
They decorate it with silver and gold, fasten it with hammers and nails so that it will not topple.
I am wondering why most christians have learned the ways of the Goyim (gentiles/nations) and forgot (or rejected) the ways of יהוה (Adonai).


Celebrating the traditional birth date of sun gods and gods with solar attributes. I don’t want to write any of their names here.
Debates are on it, some claim it is true others don’t.
Very clear is, that Jeremiah paints a picture how YHWH look at the festival where Chriszians celebrate as the birth of the Messiah. Though funnily many of them agree that this is not the correct date in cold wintertime. Shepherds were surely not on the field with the flocks anymore.

And it is definitely not a feast of peace.
However, now in 2020 it will doubtless be very, very different to all the years before. The NWO compliant gouvernemts of many countries separated the people with their tyrannical communist restrictions.

I am not celebrating this pegan tradition nor will join it in.
However, because of my living situation I will be tangled in it somehow but what can I do.
But I’m waiting in hope for a change and a real breakthrough.

Yes, people always argue with me about it saying: but, but this is such a great time to evengalize as people are open.
But I say: No, the better way is the other way around when you would not ccelebrate. Then the people will ask why we are not celebrating and we can open the scriptures and explain that YHWH wants us to be set apart from the world and obey HIS commandments. All across the scripture we find verses that explain how Adonai looks at the festivals and the traditions of the nations. And many times we can read about the result thereof.

Let’s see if I will have time or the mood to write again in 2020.

…by the way:

I mentioned last time about Black FryDay if I need something or looking forward to buy something. And I said: no, not really, but indeed I bought something.
It is a software that might help me with chord progression. I looked into that several months ago but it was too expensive for me. Now it came 90% off on Black FryDay and I thought, okay 9$ I can invest in hope to find easier strange chords.
Have not used it so much yet but time will tell if it is useful for me or if I still continue using my old fashioned hand writings on paper.
But 9$ at least will not break me the neck – maybe just 4 days or so, having food to eat.