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Message January 2022 – Stand…in the fire

Prophetic proclamation with Shofar recorded on January 6th 2022

The content is not available in written form – too much…
but you can watch it in the long video that is integrated – or linked, whatever you prefer.

Sorry for the bit cracking sound
I used a Lavalier Microphone, but unfortunately the position I placed it was not really good.
And as the Talit rubbed on the microphone – it that made it even worse.
I hope you understand the words anyway – though very much processed
The Sound of the Shofar is better as it got picked up by another microphone in the room
to get the nice acoustic of that place.

For the fire, read the story in the book of “Daniel Chapter 3”


Links to the Videos on different Platforms – you can decide which one you prefer:


Or view direct here the Video on Rumble