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Interesting times 2020/10/19

What’s next?

Well, we all know the selection on the US are at the door.
Yes, because of what I see is, that all is planned and staged ahead of time and the voting animals are just fooled to think they can change anything.

However, All media are ramping up and obviously point to Biden as the DemocRats are always their favourite side far on the left.
But what will happen?
Will Biden make it or will Trump run a second term?


I am not American, so I have no influence in that – I also don’t put myself on any side.
It has always been to me a very ridiculous then the American people basically can chose between two parties.
Throughout all the centuries there was never any other than these two – very poor situation for such a country.
Nevertheless, it might be a historical event and in my opinion whoever will win, very likely a lot of chaos and tumult will occur afterwards – in whatever way or form.
I hope it will not end up in a serious civil war that eventually lead into a big world war, when other nations will be blamed that they might have influenced the election.

It is almost certain, that here in the Evil Union many countries will go for another lockdown.
WHY? In my opinion, because the leaders are so scary that their wicked corruption get exposed. SO they try to distract their population as much as possible with their wichcraft called Covid 19.
AND… to install basically Communist-Nazi-Regimes.

Meanwhile, stay safe, meet with people in private as much as possible and have good fellowship with strong prayer.
One day we might see the truth and the house of the wicked that is built on sand (actually quicksand) tumble down even more devastating than Yericho some thousand of years ago.