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Word 2024/03/26 Ethnic and madnic cleansing

Prophetic Word, given on 2024-03-26 6:30am

Before reading or listening, please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this prophecy for wisdom and understanding in all pieces and to get the picture you need to know, as we prophesy in part.
It contains some sort of a word-creation, but I think you will know what it means.

Beginning of Prophecy :

We don’t need an ethnicity cleansing but a madnicity cleansing.
It will come and it will be completed.
But it will not be in a way most people think, desire or wish.
It will come My way.

I will not cleanse the world from mad psychopaths and tyrannical leaders for you to continue to go naked in your sinful ways.
All those who participate in the game of blasphemy, one day would desire never been born.

When evil will be released into this world without the restrainer, madness will explode exponentially.
And for those who refuse to repent, enjoy the little time you have left in midst moderate insanity.

Ethnic cleansing was and is the great hooray with America on the front-line.
After Europe have been roaming around in ancient days, they had to step down from the cleaners throne when America took over, but they are still continue under the command of mystery Babylon.
All other countries crammed together are far below on the third place.
Even Russia together with China, where the western media paint as monsters are no match against England and France alone and light years away from all ethnic cleansing under the hood of the USA.
You watch news which are no news at all but propaganda and lies, regardless from which direction you watch it.
All the real tribal conflicts in Africa is but a drop in the water in the bloody lake, caused by American influence.
So the waters turn into blood.

But the first cleansing starts in My house and (especially) in the buildings where the wolfs in sheep clothing label it as such.
Many of the CIA and other secret agencies have infiltrated many churches all across the world.
Those who attend these gatherings have been hypnotized since decades.
Not much time is left to leave these places and repent of supporting My enemy.

If not, one day you will find yourself in deep desperation, crying to the god they preach.
But he will not answer and care for you and he can’t save you from the flames of eternal damnation.
Their god is not able to dispatch any angels for your protection and provision, but only to steal, kill and destroy.

The only ones knocking at your door will be demons who love to torment you in your dreams and when you sleep.
Or zombies will knock at the door of your home.
Their knocking will smash the doors or if they can’t break it, they will find another way to enter.
Once they are in your home, you have a few minutes or seconds left to repent, before they will eat you alive and raid everything else in your home.
Whether it’s food you stored like a prepper or your older children, as you let them watch their daily porn or computer game.

If you truly love your children, you teach them My commandments, My ways, My love, grace and mercy, and pray for them daily.
When you bring them to Me and I can come into their hearts, so their love for Me will cause them the keep My commandments, then I will keep them from the hour of trial, that will come upon the entire world.

Rejoice My bride, rejoice exceedingly, even if you are surrounded by madnicity and insanity, because the hour is near for the fullness of My glory to strike you down, deep inside, to your very marrow.
In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye the explosion of glory and shame will detonate and separate the sheep and the goats.

All that can be shaken will be shaken and everything unshakable will remain.
The foundation of the world will shake under My word.
Those who have built on sand will be washed away, but those who have built their house on the rock of My salvation will remain standing.

Why do you argue about My commandments?
Did I not tell you to have no other gods beside Me and worship them?
Why do you worship church doctrines who claim that My commandments which they translate as Law is done away.
I did not came to remove the Law but to fulfill.
And you love lawlessness more than Me?
Marvel not when some of you will stand before Me and I will tell them I never knew them.
And don’t be surprised when I will vomit those who are lukewarm out of My mouth.

My commandments are not made to oppress you, like the leaders of this world do.
I have no need to secure my power like mortal beings who focus only on wealth and fame.
I only allow these leaders to enslave you so you can come to Me and I will set you free.
Their life is just like grass. Today it is green but tomorrow it is gone.
These ones, who cause all disasters are the true slaves in the hand of HaSatan.
And even if I would humble them and give them grass to eat like Nebuchadnezzar, most of them will continue to blaspheme My name.

But for you My beloved children, My commandments are made for your blessing.
Some argue as I am sovereign above everything and My power is absolute, that this is equal to enslavement.
But you have not understood My Kingdom.
If you love Me you will keep My commandments.
And once in My presence, in heaven, though I am King of all, you will never be enslaved.
My love will rain upon you like the strongest Monsoon you can ever imagine which will give you so much joy and peace, that there is nothing left as to love Me back.

I don’t force you to love Me, but My love for you burns deep inside Me – for every single person in this world.
Many have believed the lie of a boring and tyrannical God in heaven.
Yes, I discipline the ones that I love, who follow Me on earth.
If I would let you go, not one person would enter My kingdom.
And if someone suffers, it’s not always because of punishment… but some who suffer or being persecuted to death on earth I only let happen because these people have already fulfilled everything I have called them to do on earth, and I want them to be with Me as soon as possible. For the relatives of them it might be sad, but this is not the end.
It’s just the beginning of eternity.

All those before me will be from all peoples, tribes, tongues and ethnicity.
Ethnic cleansing is only temporarily on earth, but many of those who have been washed away by the money-lovers of this world will stand before Me. All dictators, leaders and their obedient servants in military and police, might have temporary disgusting pleasure during their operation of ethnic cleansing in abusing children and women, or simply killing them like they learned through computer games or other ways… but… together with the unrepentant and deceived ones they will have their eternal ″cleansing″ under fire and sulfur of hell.
And who are the deceived ones?
Those who believed, that fornication, idolatry, adultery, homosexuality, sodomy, abuse, theft, greed, drugs and alcohol, defamation, witchcraft and sorcery and all sort of lawlessness is something desirable.
You will reap what you have sown – the time is here for the reaper to come.

Only through honest repentance My blood can cleanse you from all sin. And I emphasize ALL.
But once I cleansed you, don’t look back like Lot’s wife.
Til this very day she stands there as a pillar of salt to be warning to all humanity.
Once saved, always saved will not spare you from hell’s fire if you give once your life to Me but then turn back to your vomit or never change your way of sin.
My word is the only word that is able to cleanse you from deep within.
If you listen only to preachers words, it might scratch a bit the surface, but it will never be a deep cleansing of your mind in the same way, as if you dive into My word, that was written for you as an instruction manual for life and in it you’ll find The life that is eternal.

End of Prophecy.

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