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Dream of war, 2021/01/12

Dream 2021/01/12 5:33am

I could not remember much at all of the dream.
And after the dream I fell asleep two times.
But then as I still could remember a good amount of the dream I thought to write it down.

The dream itself is in a battlefield.
But this is more like a war in times of hundreds or even thousands of years ago, where people fighting with swords, bow and arrow, lances, and whatever stuff.
And as usual in a war, there are two groups.

One of the groups has the majority of soldiers and is even much better armed.
I am in the group with less people and with hardly any weapons.
The group that attacks us has also horses, chariots and even elephants.
At one point we are at a place where there is no escape.
Whether there is the ocean or mountains as a natural border where we cannot pass.

Meanwhile the enemy is already very close.
The people in my group have a big question-mark of what to do.
Generally it is a hopeless situation.

The people ask me and it appears to me as I act prophetic like Jeremiah or Isaiah (in the dream I guess feels more like Jeremiah).
Now, there on 3 or 4 different places around I am writing something on the ground there.
These are short sentences.
Even the sentences were very short, plain and clear, I could not remember a single word.
(that was the reason I hesitated to write down the dream – like this might be the most important of the whole dream)

However, these sentences seem to be very important.
I only know I wrote them on the ground. I don’t know the words and what it means.
The other thing I do is to pray.
I lift up my hands towards the enemy and pray.
While praying we shoot a few arrows.
The few arrows but, are enough that the enemy is not able to slaughter us.

And we even manage to destroy the enemy with them.
Actually it is rather the prayer. As we are in permanent prayer while shooting the few arrows we have (every now and then).
The main focus are the elephants.
Because (somehow I know that in the dream) if we manage to destroy or expel the elephants it will be enough to win the battle.
On our side the Group where I join does not have any loss.