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Dream 2024/05/07 Another plague/ plandemic coming (!?)

Dream 2024-05-07 00:03 Another plague, another plandemic coming (!?)

A dream that reminded me very strong of the Covid 19 dream I had

I can’t say for certain it will be prophetic, but it was a very unusual dream and will explain a bit why I considered the possibility it to be prophetic.
Or prophetic in a sense not being only a personal prophetic dream.

Anyway, first I want to speak about the dream itself including some drawings for you to be able to follow a bit the location.
But in any case, please ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom.

Interpretation can vary, with many directions.
There is a reason I put the question mark at the end of the title.
Only time will tell if it was prophetic, and then it still depends on the interpretation like some of the biblical prophecy. Okay, some biblical prophecy, like the destruction of the temple in 70AD was very clear and Damascus will also be clear, but others might not be so easy to recognize.
Has it already happened or will it come in the future, or both, a double layer prophecy with both.

Beginning of dream:

I am coming from somewhere, walking along, towards a big building that has different sections, and I am about to enter.
It’s like a big compound that includes a residential area including something like a hospital inside or other stuff, some playgrounds and greenery around (outside of course), also some water on one side and whatever more.
I am able to see only a section of this compound.
I pass the side with the water that appeared to flow through a forest (partially and not very dense), and there I see a small gondola/ boat close by, maybe the size for two people and recognized the person who is in there was brutally murdered in an unknown way.
It could be this person got torn by a wild beast or eaten partially by a disease, I am not an expert on such things, but it looks very ugly.

I go inside the building without looking too close at this person nor do I take any time to make some more investigations because somehow I knew, and sense it by the feeling or the atmosphere, there is something very dangerous roaming around.
Whatever it is I don’t know.

So I go into the building to walk (or planning) to the other side of the compound, basically more or less a long corridor.
Actually as I enter, a woman comes along, she passes me and walks to the side where I came from.
It appears to me, or somehow I knew in the dream, in that area she has a room/apartment where she stays or lives.

Since the door I entered the building is still a bit open, she can see outside, and meanwhile I am already a bit further.
This is a door that slowly closes automatically.
And it is actually an elevator that is at the end of the corridor, and technically two doors, where of course both doors where still a bit open as I just passed.
People can use it to either go up or down in the elevator or simply pass through it and go outside or inside (the compound).
There, through the door she obviously sees outside and… I hear her screaming – a very petrified scream.
I did not turn but walk my way to the other side, because I know she sees this murdered person in the gondola.

Perhaps she will just call someone who can deal with the situation, but I don’t want to be in any way involved in any discussions or questions – enough for me of what I roughly saw.

But as I reached the opposite side of the building, I go outside.
This is an area with different levels, mostly covered with grass and plants or trees around.
Towards the building the levels are a bit higher and then, away from the building the levels getting lower, where one is an area there I see several animals/pets around.
There on one of the lower levels I realize some cats seek to go to the upper areas or higher, eventually inside the building.
And the next level where these cats were about to reach I see a bunch of other cats, 5 or 6 all of them dead.
Most of them are black. But they look very odd.
It’s like everything inside, including the bones were sucked out of them.
Basically the skin was left on the ground with all flesh and bones removed.
Looks like as if one draws the form of cats on the floor, but they were real.

I knew, they have not died because they starved to death, but something or someone sucked out everything (flesh, organs, even bones…) from inside the cats and remained the skin on the ground).
And the skins are not torn nor any hole in there and also clean and healthy skins.
I thought by myself: That’s very weird.
The cats who wanted to come to this upper level also all to have clean skins and look very healthy, like nice, well treated house cats (pets).

Then for some reason I go back inside, now with someone who needs assistance, and it appears as like I am in a hospital, or hospital area, but it’s in the same compound.
There I go back to the other side of the building where the elevator is at the end.
Maybe 10 meters before that, is a relatively big door with huge handles in golden color.
The door might be of metal and is red is like the red of firetrucks or so, perhaps it is a fire door, I don’t know, but it’s big.

There is also a doctor around us or nearby.
I think he is the one who opens the door and we go towards the elevator.
We wait a bit at the elevator and the door opens automatically.
The doors of the elevator are very dark gray, almost black, which makes it very dark.
Just as I wanted to go into the elevator I recognize, there is no light inside.
But more to it, the light in the corridor, which is also not a lot, does not shine into the elevator, as if the darkness in the elevator swallows the light.
When I come into the building through this elevator it didn’t appear as if there is such a darkness inside the elevator, but now it is very intense.

I also realize that there is someone unknown outside of the building, basically on the opposite side of the elevator.
I knew or feel it even as the outer door is still closed.
But I also knew, this person or entity outside blocks the elevator from moving, and as soon someone is inside, the door towards the corridor would close and this thing (entity/ creature) outside would come into the elevator – when the door opens on the other side…

I have some kind of a stick in my hand and thinking, I might use this to fight and beat that entity.
But, not knowing what it is (it might be big), I decided to turn around and go back to the other side of the building where I just came from.
So as I look to the red door with the huge handles where I know, the doctor passed there to go somewhere else, along the corridor or wherever.
That door also is automatic and are just about to close, but still I can see the doctor a bit.
And then I realize, here this section between the red door and the elevator has also turned dark.
When I initially entered here, I knew it had some white or creme color walls, but now it all looks fuzzy dark – even not clear walls anymore.

Just before the door shut I shout after the doctor as he was not very far away, but he did not respond at all.
Somehow I knew he did not respond on purpose, not because he could not hear me.
I don’t know the reason why he would not respond, but somehow he was ignoring my call even though as I addressed him directly and personally.

I am not sure if the door locks by itself but with the big handles it appears to me there is hardly a way to open it by my own (my own strength).

But before I can reach the door the dream ended/ I woke up.

This image below is the drawing, to have a rough view about the environment (partially)
(Note: it is not true to scale and many details missing!)
Prophetic Dream 2024-05-07 another plague coming drawing

End of Dream, beginning of Interpretation.

Basically this building or the compound with all the surroundings represents the world.
And we are boxed into it where people do different things.

The most important aspect I would say is:
I woke up from that dream with absolutely exactly the same feeling as from the dream I had about the C19 plandemic some months before it arrived.
The basic elements were different in the other dream, but people were dying from an invisible enemy in two different places – as also here there are two different places. And this time the murdered person on one side and the strange dead cats on the other side. Where on the other dream were both people.
And also the person or entity where I felt like dangerous is similar from the feeling I Had, this invisible enemy. It was some type of person or entity that may or may not be human.

What’s new in the dream the doctor who did not respond.
An elevator without lights I could compare with the places in the other dream with a total mess and fuzzy atmosphere, very depressing.

Just thinking, when I entered this building there was still some light inside – but towards the end it got darker and darker.
It’s like when I was born there was still light in the world, some happiness or some whatever, but especially the last years it just gets darker by the day – insanity increasing.
Not sure, how dark the world will become but as like in the elevator when the darkness even swallows the little light that is left, wondering how dark everything will become one day, the closer we come to the end of our dream, our world, or history or nightmare

The woman in the gondola, could possibly represent that there is something dangerous in the waters – whatever it is I don’t want to know, enough to see the symptoms, something in the forest in the ″jungle″, even though in the dream the forest was not very dense, but a very light forest.

So I am wondering if there is something in the pipeline of what the elites are planning?
Of course their goal is always to kill as many as possible, just to leave half a billion.

We know the plans of the unelected terrorists of the WHO to take over health decisions in most countries by end of June or May (I don’t know) not sure on that.
And then once they have the control over peoples health they just create a disease out of numbers.
As like the money is created out of thin air, as we had with that fake test with 100% failure rate.
With fake statistics they can just declare a health crisis of international concern, even with only 10 people worldwide being sick, and then they decide what they want to do and you can (again) decide to die by perhaps another needle weapons, that is about to arrive, or to trust the Father in heaven to keep you under the shelter of His wings.

We can pray, this contract (of the WHO) will not come to pass, or at least postponed for some years, perhaps for the time when the Antichrist will reveal himself of who he is.
Also we can pray it will not be like the other dream and another evil plague with all the devastating effects or another forced needle therapy, trying to mark the rest of the population or at least trying to find a way to round them up.
They already found different ways for the believers… call it hate speech.

And as mentioned, I don’t claim it to be definitely a prophetic dream, but like in the C19 dream, I could point to something very evil that is on the horizon with many more people including animals dying.
Only time will tell.

Interpretation can also go to other directions, but in connection to how I woke up, which is the most important aspect of the dream (spiritually sensing) it makes me wonder if there is another plandemic waiting at the door to come into this world.

Important is anyway to be ready and prepared for anything.
Scripture is clear about these last days we are living in – the days of Noach or Sodom and Gomorrah, it will not be easy or a happy picnic in the park.
Cling unto Yeshua and disconnect from the wicked system of this world as much as possible, and then, whatever happens, you will be safe, especially when you make sure your name is written in the lambs book of life.
Our life on earth is anyway only a vapor but eternity is forever.
Be on the side of the sheep and not of the goats.

End of Interpretation

Note: there might be much more in the dream, if one looks closer, but as time is limited, this is all to share.

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