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Dream 2024/03/28 On the way to the Rapture, preparation and expectation

Prophetic dream 2024-03-28 around 4AM 4am

First I will share the dream and then give some thoughts, something like an interpretation. But this an vary, some is clear, others might have different levels.
It is not an absolute interpretation.
If you like to get more insight, you need to ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you and give your wisdom and understanding.

Beginning of dream:

in the dream I was in a car, someone else was driving – I don’t know the country nor the area we were around, just somewhere… or anywhere.
And actually, this guys’s driving was really horrible.

I have been driving with very bad drivers in the natural, man and woman,
Yes, some people are simply not gifted to be bus or taxi drivers, except they want people to pray like crazy, but this one in the dream definitely topped all that I experienced.

Back to the dream:
There were some 2 or 3 more people in the car (beside me and the driver), sitting in the back or somewhere .
Interestingly enough, the steering wheel was on the right side, like in UK, Japan, Uganda or so, but this country, we were driving was right-hand traffic, like in the US, Spain or Turkey.
But this guy was driving all over the place, often on the left lane and I told him several times he need to drive on the right side.
Not enough that he was driving on the left lane, but he was sometimes so far left that occasionally he was slightly beside the road – not the whole car but a piece, whether in grass, rocks or whatever.
The road itself was of decent quality, ordinary pavement, winding along mostly in the countryside, but fairly narrow, just enough space for let’s say, two medium size cars to pass, not for trucks or big busses.

Additionally to his bad driving, he was often too fast.
Some of the curves he made just by the skin of the teeth, and I was glad that there was no traffic coming from the other direction as he often used the whole width of the road.
Somehow I could remember this road and more or less also the direction we needed to travel, even as mentioned, having no clue about where we were.
However, I have been driving here before (in another dream) and so I knew roughly where we needed to go.
Then we approached then a sharp 90° right turn and I knew, with the current speed he would not be able to make it – and he seem to not realize even of driving too fast.
So before this turn I shouted really strong and loud ″Stop, stop, stop″ at least 3 times.

It was fairly frightening and I did not had much a desire to go down the cliffs or wherever this would end, but I was glad he was listening to my warning, just at the last second and was able to stop the car, just a few inches away from a very old and rusty fence that was beside the road.
Of course in order to get around the curve he needed to back up a little bit, but he made it and then we continued to go to the right.
Shortly after that, we arrived in a town, or perhaps more a village I would say.
There, after the entry of town was a fork.
I had to think a little bit, to remember, which way to go, because the last time I was here was quiet some long time ago.
I looked along the road that goes to the left, and it appeared in a very bad condition and the buildings there beside the road were very shabby, something I would compare to buildings in Africa in very unattractive areas.
When I saw this, I knew… no, this is not the correct way.
But as the driver stopped a few seconds, to make his own decision I went out of the car and walked my way which was the one road slightly to the right.
I don’t know if the guy drove to the left or also went the same right way like me.
Also I don’t know if the other people in the car were leaving or not.
But I was a bit relieved from his driving and walked my way, which was anyway only a couple of minutes more I continued to walk my way, which was the one road that goes to the right.
I don’t know if the guy drove to the left or also went the same right way like me.
Also I don’t know if the other people in the car were leaving, but it was a big relief from his driving and I walked my way and it was anyway only a couple of minutes further, as we were already in that village.

This area appeared to me more like a pedestrian section, because I couldn’t see any cars driving around even though there was a normal road there. Some benches, a few trees and houses around, just an ordinary village, yet somehow I knew, it was not.
The people around I would recognize from all different races.
Of what I understand they were all waiting as like on an airport.

So, not a bus st op, not a train station, but an airport, some with luggage, some perhaps not, but I did not pay attention to the last detail.
It was not very crowded, but hard to tell how many people all in all, because they were scattered around.
Though there was no literal airport with aircraft’s around, I knew, they were waiting for their flights.
And that actually explains all the different nationalities which of course is typical for airports.
As I was walking along the road, just passing a fair woman, possibly the age around 30 with brown hair, and, she started to sing.
And this was from the Christmas carol ″O Come, All Ye Faithful″
A strong emphasis of what I heard were the lines:
″Oh come let us adore Him″, sounded like a double portion of adoration.
I think she even changed the lyrics a bit to sing it personally to the Lord, saying ″I adore You″, or ″let us adore You″ yet it was definitely the same melody as I know, because I have been playing or singing it I don’t know how many times.
However, I thought, oh what a wonderful voice, and this from my perspective being a singer, I thought, wow, I would love to sing with her a duet.

End of dream:

Now my thoughts/ interpretation.

Strange enough as the car had the steering wheel on the right side (which means the gear stick on the left) but he had also to drive on the right side, very unusual.
And all the curves we had to go in the dream were right, right, right.
But I would see this rather metaphorical, like sheep and goats, right and left.
Which I would transcribe, that our journey of life should be on the right side (metaphorical speaking).
Also we need to have our heart on the right side and do what is right – of course according to Gods instructions.

The meaning of a narrow road is possibly not so hard to identify, but I knew there is a possibility that someone might come the other way against us, which luckily didn’t happen – with his driving style.
We know, not all people stay on the narrow road as the parable of the sower and the seed tells us in Matthew 13, Mark 4 or Luke 8.
Looks to me and in my experience in my walk in faith, most don’t stay on the narrow path for a long time, and in the dream we were already far, almost at the end.

But on that long winding journey I warned the driver over and over and it almost ended up in a horrible accident.
So the narrow road has truly it’s dangers and we should be very careful on our way.
From ancient days til today, how often have the prophets, men and women of Elohim given warning over warning and how little did people listen?
Oh I wish they would listen like the people in Nineveh – and repent.

The old rusty fence sits there possibly already since a very long time.
Just by the last sharp turn not far from the finishing line, seem to me the last very loud warning, like to say, you need to make it truly right with God, no compromises or it will end up in a disaster.
The fence itself might have given some protection if he would have been a little bit too fast, but he was way too fast – no playing games with sin.

Then with the destination even in sight, at the last minute so to say, one more decision to go left or right, or maybe that represents the last temptation, like to say, oh these people there in the shabby houses need our help. Could be for good intentions the temptation, but it might cause us to miss the target or metaphorical saying to miss the boat (of the flight, the rapture), when we are entangled in things we are not called to do.
All the way to the end we need to watch carefully with spiritual eyes of what is right and wrong.

So strange it is, without a runway or any airplanes, but people waiting for a flight gave me the indication, they are waiting for another flight, we can take the traditional word rapture, or Harpazo.

Wondering if the people sitting and standing there could mean these are like the virgins where Matthew 25 speaks about.
As it was not too crowded, that’s possibly indicates of what scripture says, only a few will enter the kingdom of Elohim.
I wish all would make it, but unfortunately this is not the case, this is not what the bible teaches us.

So, all of them waiting for the bridegroom to come, yet the only one singing praises and worship to Yeshua is the bride – who is she?
The singing woman might represent the bride.
Beautiful in natural appearance and a wonderful voice with an amazing character.
And this not only from her outside, but also something special inside her, just her whole being.

Now, that was all I could see, perhaps there is more,
But I am excited and prefer to sing praises and worship the Lord instead just sitting or standing around.

Yes, the word Rapture is controversial, and more together in combination with the word pre, mid or post.
There is no day and hour given in this dream, nor if it will be one of the three options.
But I rather be ready for every variation instead to miss it – Yeshua will come one day this is for certain – 100%.
When it will be? Could be tomorrow!

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