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Dream 2024/02/09 Thunder and Rapture

Thunder and Rapture, a Dream

In this post I want to share a dream I had some days ago.
Before you click away and think it’s just a dream, read to the end.
Also ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you though it.
I am not saying it is prophetic, but it has definitely some very interesting spiritual implications.

Also, it’s certainly not literally, but it includes something that surprised me, which I will explain after the dream.

Beginning of Dream:

So in this dream I was somewhere (wherever) together with a group of maybe 20 or 25 people in a room.
(Sorry, in the Video I mention 15 to 20 people, however it happened, but 20-25 is correct)
I don’t know the proper term but it was a gathering of believers for a time, possibly a weekend, extended weekend or so to have some good fellowship together.
We just finished our dinner before we would end the gathering and then everyone to go home soon after without a rush.
It was still daylight, maybe late afternoon.
At the end of the dinner we planned also to add a short game, some sort of a parlor game, perhaps a quiz or something similar.
Meanwhile the leader asked me if I can carry the plates towards the kitchen, which I did, not a big deal.
I carried a stack of about 20 plates and 2 bowls slowly into the kitchen to the place where they should be cleaned beside the dishwasher.
And then, while going into the kitchen there was a guy walking very close behind me who was very annoying, as he intentionally stepped several time on my heels, and by that he almost took off my shoes (possibly that was his purpose).
You know some people have such strange behavior and even if you tell them to stop they just continue until you make it very clear.
Actually I used to live maybe 15 years ago in a shared flat with I think 5 or 6 boys.
And one of them, I was wondering what he learned at IHOP those 7 years he has been there. He also did things that were very annoying (different to the things in the dream) even when I told him to stop certain things, he still continued (some people never learn).

Anyway, in the dream, further in the kitchen with this guy behind, I pretended to stumble while still carrying the whole stack in my hands – and this was real chinaware, not plastic or whatever crap made in China (real good ceramic stuff). And finally that made him to stop stepping on my heels, because it would surely be his fault and pointed out as the cause, if I would have dropped all the plates on the floor, and this clearly scared him.

After I put the plates beside the dishwasher, I went back into the good size main room.
And as I was somewhere in the middle, suddenly a violent storm approached, outside.
Through the many windows I could see what was going on.
It might have been possibly somewhere in central Europe from the types of trees – actually a lot of trees around, most of them with leaves but some coniferous trees between, just like a ordinary mixed forest.

The appearance of the trees with the leaves relatively fresh green, but the trees were already full, which means not early spring. So I would say middle to end of May.

When I saw the storm I was thinking by myself, oh no, I am here with my motorcycle a Kawasaki ZZR 1100, which I actually once owned, late 90’s or early 2000’s – I claimed it more a weapon with its roughly 150 horsepower and 180mph top speed.
However, in the dream I only had my leather suit with me and no rain clothing and during such a violent wind I was expecting heavy rain to follow.
Though I knew in the dream I live relatively close (guess only a couple of miles away) from that place here (wherever it was), but it would be enough to be soaking wet after a minute or two during heavy rain, and driving a motorcycle in rain is anyway not fun at all.
However, then the very central major event of the dream occurred.
Suddenly everyone could hear an extremely loud, long and strong thunder.

While it went on and on, during the rumbling, maybe somewhere in the middle of it, I was thinking, is this now the rapture?
I was almost in expectation of something… something special to happen…

All people were standing at the windows, staring outside, questioning of what is going on.
Another building across in perhaps 50 meter (150 feet) distance, which was possibly part of the complex, and there I saw also on all windows people staring outside.
Everyone was wondering about the duration and strength of the thunder.
But suddenly as it began it stopped and people were even more perplexed and no-one had an answer
″What was that?″.

End of Dream

But now listen to the audio I put together.
Since I recorded many thunders, I have a lot of material to chose from.
Yet the only thing is, my recordings were on different locations with different settings and microphones, so the character of the rumbling might sound a bit inconsistent and surely don’t represent it accurately, but at least you can get a little sense of it.
In the dream I could not hear the initial bang (or crash), nor could I see any lightning, it was simply a constant very loud rolling.
Okay, if you listen on the tinny speakers of the phone you may not hear much at all, especially the low frequencies.
But even with great huge speakers, it might not be possible to reflect the intensity and majesty of the thunder sound that spans over the whole sky, which is just magnificent – not scary, but just awesome.

May it become a bit boring with that length, though I think in the dream it was even a bit longer (as this audio example), but listen the whole thing and maybe close your eyes, and try really to imagine being somewhere in such a scenario or any other place or situation and hear that. Also try to imagine how you would feel about.
Something technically:
The high pitch noise in the background is my signature of the watermark I put in. You may hear it or not…(depends on your system)
After that I will share some thoughts – let’s go…

Before I mention something about it, there was a second dream the same night.

And actually interesting was, in that second dream a couple of hours later I was somewhere else with the same motorcycle, same Kawasaki – which is very unusual for my dreams. The rest of the second dream was different, where I was packing some stuff in bags. And I knew I didn’t had even enough space for all the things I wanted to carry. Some things I put in a big backpack, other stuff in a bag to put on the tank in front of me, and something to strap on the buddy seat, yet I had more to carry. So I would need to consider to leave something behind, or drive twice, though this location was not nearby like in the other dream, but quiet some distance away, was a balance to leave something behind or come back again for the rest. Though I don’t know how far I had to drive. But interestingly enough the same motorcycle.

Thoughts/ Interpretation:
But now some thoughts about the first dream with the thunder:
The thing I want to focus as some may assume is a hint to the rapture, without going into the theological discussions about the wording. Everyone knows to what the rapture refers.
And just to clarify, I am not a rapture fanatic, also don’t watch much at all dreams and visions of other people, nor do theological studies or discussions about the rapture. I simply don’t have the time and less the motivation for that.
Of course I wish it to happen rather today than tomorrow, but it comes when it comes.
I don’t set any dates or whatever speculations.

However, I shared the dream with a brother and he mentioned something very interesting about the rapture where I thought, that might be something interesting to consider.
He said it might be possible that we will be warned shortly before it will happen, which means it will not be a surprising sudden rapture out of nowhere.
May we will be given a minute or two before the event, to have a chance to repent.
Maybe the rumbling will come before the lightning, the lightning as described in Matthew 24:27 or the warning will be something individually or whatever.
And actually in the dream not one person disappeared even it was a gathering of true believers or Christians, disciples, or however you label them – also none in the neighbor building disappeared, where also believers were gathering (I simply knew that in the dream).

But now about why to repent when we are already saved (by grace).
We know how easy we can sin, just a few examples if you doubt…
Let someone drive in front of you, someone who might have shot his driver license in an amusement park and his style drives you nuts with unholy anger.
Or being at the beach where I don’t need to mention all the things you might see there with our thoughts spinning – in certain cities possibly not much different in certain areas.
Or at work, being bullied by a co-worker or squeezed for no reason by your boss. Or watching TV, seeing the insanity of politics and your emotions start cooking in rage or even hate. Or in your family filthy words slip out of your mouth against children, parents or spouse when something does not turn the way you expect.
Countless possibilities to sin, even if it’s only for a few seconds; and then… in that moment… of a sudden rapture? …that will be devastating
Bye bye, babies flying up without you, left behind so to say?
You can answer the question for yourself, how many if not the majority who would otherwise be caught up could be easily trapped in sin (only a few seconds).
But if we get a warning, at least those who are saved, and are fully aware of a Harpazo (Rapture) and believe in it will understand repentance in that moment is more important than anything else – and finally make it – and fly home.

Sure we should be always ready, but I’m wondering if this is truly possible?
Add your personal example of weaknesses, where you could fall into sin and imagine just in that second the clock strikes midnight.
Or in other metaphorically words, just in the moment a strong wind blows off the flickering flame of your lamp, and before you have kindled it again, the bridegroom comes, disappears and shut the door – within two seconds.

I mean, I’ve never thought about the idea, that there could be a warning, but… after he mentioned it… why not?
Just think about it and pray for yourself…

Though it might be as well something else in the dream – I’ll leave any interpretation up to you.
For those who live in the world, those who refuse to repent and accept Yeshua to be their Lord and savior, a pre-warning would be anyway not more than a noise or whatever.
If people don’t repent with clear warnings of spoken words, how will they repent if there is a certain noise as the final warning?

In John 12:29 we see the example where some people said that it had thundered while others were saying an Angel has spoken to Him, to Yeshua.
Job 36:33 is also interesting where it says:
His thunder declares His presence, the cattle also, about what is coming.
 יַגִּיד עָלָיו רֵעוֹ מִקְנֶה, אַף עַל-עוֹלֶה
Some versions translate thunder as noise, where the word Re-o means both, a noise (of war), but also a crash (of thunder), or a shout (of joy).
And interestingly the last word means also to ascent, to go up and a bunch of other things.

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