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Dream 2023-901-29 Two wedding dreams

Two Prophetic wedding Dreams 2023-01-29, 4:40am and 6:40am

As dreams can have multiple interpretations please ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and understanding.
I give you just one color of the picture at the end.

Beginning of the first dream (around 4:40am):

I am walking along a corridor somewhere in or into a building.
I don’t know where it is, in terms of country or specific location.
There is someone who walks with me, yet I could not see this person.
But I know, this person is like a guide to show me where to go.
So I went into a bigger room, maybe 30 by 30 meters (~ 90x90ft)
And there in this room are 5 or 6 rows of tables lined up with chairs on both sides.
Approximately 50% of the chairs are occupied, or maybe 60%, but definitely still a lot of space between.
This first row of tables where I pass by when I walk in is relatively full.
The further to the left the less people when looking from the direction of the door I enter.

First I see some people in wedding dress.
As I turn into the room to the left and there as I walk along the tables I realize, all people there are wearing a wedding dress.
I am wondering what is this and I myself don’t wear a wedding dress.
Each row of the table is maybe 15-20 people on each side (each row).
As I pass along, some people looking at me, others don’t, but it does not appears anyone is upset or offended that I don’t wear a wedding dress.

At the end of this row of tables I turn again to the left.
On the right side I see on top of a couple of tables fabric or pieces for wedding dress.
I walk all the way to the end of that room, and basically by the last row of tables I turn around 180° to look at the scene of what is going on.
There are a couple of people around the tables with the wedding dress who might be tailors or those sort of people to dress the new people that are coming in.
It looks like they start to look for the specified pieces of a wedding dress for me.
While they sort it out I watch the scene, where a woman draws my attention.
Looks like a hairdresser is working on her hair.
Appears to me she has whatever, maybe 20 pounds of black hair that are braided somehow.
I mean natural big strings of hair interwoven, not such artificial braided stuff that some girls put on their heads.
And this hairdresser cuts off one big string of the hair somewhere by the temple above her left eye.
I don’t understand why and what is this about, especially since here hair looks very healthy but I think to myself, I am not a woman, so I may not really understand what they are doing.
While standing beside the tables where they have the wedding dress stuff, I am just waiting for my wedding dress to be finished, or all the pieces collected together for me to be dressed in such a wedding garment.
And by the way, men and women all wearing white, unlike natural weddings where the women have this white fancy dress and men wearing often a dark suit and tie.
But here in this dream all people had some form of the same dress, more like robes or whatever the proper term.
And though all of the dress somehow identical.
I don’t know how to describe it but even for me as a non-fashion buy I can see a clear difference between the dress of men and women and for everyone, each individual person these dress are somehow unique and personalized.
Everyone has a different dress, a different style, different appearance that suits every personality yet but all somehow the same.
Yet besides this individual difference there is a clear difference between a men’s and a women’s dress.

Prophetic Dream 2023-01-29 two wedding dreams room

End of the first dream

Now this second dream is is also about a wedding, yet very different and not directly in the wedding but more outside.

Beginning of Dream #2 (around 6:40):

I am coming to a place where I know there is a wedding going on that I will join.
Near that building where the wedding takes place, there is a parking lot – just beside the building.
This is not so easy to describe.
It’s a parking outside yet it is inside like a parking garage at the same time.
And the space is for at least 20 or more cars.
As much as I know there are several sections like this, all around the building – or at least on this side.
I drive in with a car yet the car itself is somehow not visible.
I am not sure what kind of a car I have, but it could be very likely the Audi 200 I had once many years ago which was named as Teresa that has a very special story I explained in another video (of another dream).
But since this time the car is invisible I think that doesn’t matter so much.
Fact is, when I arrive, the parking lot is empty – completely empty.
So I look around for a while to think about where to park and decide then for a certain spot where I think it is convenient to park the car.
And as there is no marking on the ground of the whole area, on where and how to park – so I decide to park it sideways near to a wall, not so far away from the entrance, facing the front of the car towards the entrance.
It looks like the wall is more natural stone with plants in green covered.
As soon I parked and out of the car being ready to walk over to the wedding hall, suddenly a bunch of other people arrive and all of them want to park at the very same spot where I park – which are maybe 7 or 8 people.
It is for me a very annoying scrum (chaos) and I am wondering why does everybody want to park where I decided while there is so much space in this parking lot left completely free and empty – there is not one other car here beside me (and now this crowd).
But all of them came in together and want to park just here where I am.
However, now with the crowd around I am not able to move my vehicle anymore to another spot as they are basically blocking everything.
The discussions are not violent but there was a lot of arguing in words and some sort of quarrel.
And since this is near the entry, the bulk of people discussing with each other even block the entrance where other people want to come in.
So I am thinking to move my car to another section, but it is now just impossible.

Prophetic Dream 2023-01-29 two wedding dreams parking

End of second dream.

Note/ Interpretation:
Now these are two different dreams but both related to a wedding.
There are more possibilities of interpretation, Here some of my thoughts:

Naturally I would say the second dream should come before the first one.
But in biblical language, the book of revelation for example is also not chronological.

The first dream I could connect to Luke 14 where Yeshua describes a certain man who invited people for a large banquet, that also can refer to a wedding – the big wedding of the King of Kings.

This man who host the banquet desired to have his place filled.
When in my dream there is still so much space in the wedding I am wondering how much longer does it take to have it all filled?
50 to 60% filled means, there is quiet a lot of space for people to join the wedding.
And there are still a lot of fabric or pieces of wedding dress on the tables that can be given to people.
I assume there are just enough dress prepared for all chairs to be filled with people.

In Matthew 22:11 there is also one man who went into the wedding who was not dressed properly.
But there he was addressed right away and be cast out, yet in my dream nobody seem to be disturbed that I did not wear a dress and even later I received my garment.
So this scripture surely relates not to the dream.

The second dream:
The bulk of people blocking everything…

Spiritually speaking it reminded me of Romans 12 where Paul explains about the different parts of the body and their functions.
Seems like in the dream everybody wants to have the same position and function, so finally they block the entrance, so other people can’t come in.
As we speak about the way to the wedding it might be related to the last calling to invite people to the wedding.

I parked there symbolically as a prophetic voice to have a view to the inside and outside at the same time.
Yet with all these people I was thinking to get out of the crowd and park on another spot, even if I can’t see anything of what is going on anymore.
But I just wanted to get away from the quarrel and that other people might be able to come to the wedding, but apparently I could not move anymore because these people were blocking basically everything.
Romans 12 again:
There might be shepherds who block the way for the evangelists and the teachers who block the prophets and so on…
I have not given the gift of preaching or teaching and less as a shepherd.
If I go to another spot I might not be able to function anymore but if that helps more people to come to the wedding I will not hold on to my position.
And that can be transferred to any other person, gifting and calling.

And 1 Corinthians 12 also speaks about something similar with the spiritual gifts for the body.
All the gifts are by the same Ruach (same Spirit) which I would compare to the same parking lot.
When all people want to be at the same place, the body will not work properly and people can’t join the wedding.

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