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Dream 2023-09-01 Fauchi, Island, funeral and death

Prophetic Dream 2023-09-01 Fauchi, Island, funeral and death

I don’t have an interpretation for this dream,
Some thoughts about it I have not written down, but it is in the video that is linked.
You can watch them or not and make your own conclusions.
So, ask for yourself the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you and perhaps He might give you some insight and an interpretation.

Beginning of Dream:
I was basically somewhere in the sky and looked down and saw something like and island.
That island had somehow an oval form, or more like in a lozenge shape (a bit stretched).

I knew in the dream there is a cemetery on that island or the whole island represents a cemetery.
And then Fauchi went to join that cemetery.
There was a funeral going on.
A good amount of people were there already, but I could not recognize one of them.
So, Fauchi went there and participated.
Then during the funeral Fauchi died.
He passed away with some sort of a heart attack or heart failure or a stroke or a combination of that.
But definitely one part was related to the heart.

End of dream:

As mentioned no interpretation and you are welcome to watch the video where I share some thoughts and let you feel free to pray into that for an interpretation, because that’s up to Adonai.

Links to the Videos on different Platforms – you can decide which one you prefer:


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